Naruto: Rebirth of the Uzukage

Naruto runs away from Mizuki for his life as he leaves the village in fear he is saved by a whirlpool jutsu that transports him to an abandoned village. then a mysterious redhead claiming to be a kage and his mother shows up. what lays in store. NarutoxAmi

Chapter 4
Ami & Naruto Vs. The Kyuubi

Ami's forehead was drenched in sweat and her eyes tightly shut in concentration. Her hands and fingers flying through multiple hand signs at an alarming rate. To the left and right of her two large whirlpool shrunken, the whirlpool equivalent to a fumma started to glow as complex seals made their presence known on the shield-like shrunken.

"Alright Ami you can do it this time. Just like sensei said let the your chakra communicate with the seals and let them draw the proper elemental chakra from you." Thought Ami to herself

Her hands came to a abrupt stop and her eyes shot wide open

"Storm Dance of the Twin Dragons" yelled Ami

The seals of the two whirlpool shrunken wailed as Ami waited in anticipation for the two dragons to explode from the objects. The wailing grew louder and suddenly and without warning. A small stream of water with no more pressure than a water fountain shot out of one. On the other a stream of air that would be the envy of any hair dryer shot out. Ami fell backwards and looked up at the ceiling of the dojo for a few seconds before screaming in frustration. Through her screams she could hear clear laughter. She knew whose it was to.

"Shut up Sukoshi" yelled Ami

At one of the walls Naruto sat reading from a large scroll marked B-ranked Jutsu of the Whirlpool. On his shoulder sat what appeared to be a lizard but was in fact the summons that had sworn allegiance to the Uzumaki clan. The summon clan was known as the storm dragon clan due to there high abilities in water and wind attacks. Naruto had signed the contract shortly after Ami had started training with them and often when Kushina was working with Ami he would study jutsu scrolls and would summon Sukoshi who had a large knowledge of whirlpool jutsu to help him break drown the logistics. Unfortunately Sukoshi had taken to the pastime of pestering and bickering with Ami.

"Oh come on. that was funny, the look on your face was priceless. You so thought you had it and then boom a water fountain and a hair dryer, hah I love it." said Sukoshi

"Just shut your trap you god damn water lizard." yelled Ami

"What did you call me" Sukoshi retorted

"A god damn water lizard." replied Ami no guilt in her voice knowing full well where the conversation was going.

"How dare you compare me a dragon of the storm to such a lowly creature." yelled Sukoshi

"Well you're a reptile, you like swimming in the water, you better face facts you're a fucking water lizard." yelled Ami

"Such a disrespectful girl, what I don't get is why you're even trying to do that jutsu. It's an Uzumaki jutsu that only ones of Uzumaki blood can perform. didn't Kushina tell you that." retorted Sukoshi

Ami glared at the water dragon, she had spent the last month working on the jutsu hoping to get it to the destructive level that Naruto had with it, now only to find out that she'd been spending her time working on something she couldn't actually achieve. She immediately sat right up and gawked at Kushina who was still chuckling at the water lizard comment Ami had made.

"Kushina-sensei is what he saying true?" Asked Ami

"Yep, for the most part" Kushina replied nonchalantly

"Then why have you been making me do this stupid jutsu if I can't even perform it." yelled Ami

"Calm down I said for the most part. Certain criteria have to be in place for you to use it, one of them being the whirlpool shrunken you're using instead of Naruto's standard size and a few other things after that." said Kushina

"What are the other things?" Ami Asked

"I'll tell you them when you fulfill them." said Kushina

Ami merely pouted and got up to grab some water and take a break. By the way the girl sat down next to Naruto and drank from her canteen Kushina knew that the poor girl thought she was weak. Kushina however knew differently. Both Naruto and Ami had been training together for few months now and almost as if their lives depended on it. The problem was that was the two only had each other to compare to. So both thought they were no longer growing as they were at the beginning of their training. Kushina however knew why, she had the insight and knew that the two had reached a high level in a very short amount in time. Kushina looked at the two whirlpool shrunken that were still shooting out water and air. Although the look was not impressive the amount of the two elemental forces that were coming out of the shield-like shrunken could only be produced by someone that was not part of the Uzumaki clan if they had high Jonin level chakra reserves. The two teens had been training from sunrise to sunset everyday for the last three months and even though they didn't see the improvement Kushina did. She knew that all they needed was experience to truly see the fruit of their labors. Naruto was ready to handle the statue summoning. Ami was also ready to handle the hardships being a high level shinobi. There was only one obstacle in the way and Kushina decided that tomorrow would be the day that it would be tackled.

"Naruto, Ami, can you come over here." said Kushina

The two young shinobi walked over to the women and sat down in front of her attentively. The two had learned very quickly that despite all of the teasing and tricks the women could pull she was a very knowledgeable person and her wisdom always had great insight.

"You two are to take the next twenty-four hours off relax and enjoy yourselves. Do not do anything that will require chakra. So no recreational training at all and that is an order got it." said Kushina

"Why mom, I was hoping to tackle the whirlpool shunshin today." whined Naruto

"Because tomorrow we're doing an exercise that well require your reserves to be at their fullest, so take your lunch, relax for the rest of the day, have a big breakfast and lunch tomorrow, and come here and not a moment sooner." said Kushina

"Fine, fine whatever" said Naruto and Ami as they got up

"I am serious if you guys don't have full reserves tomorrow the exercise will kill you got it." said Kushina with a little more force.

Ami and Naruto looked back and saw the serious look on the women's face and knew instantly that whatever tomorrow held in store for them was going to be intense. The two then exited the dojo and headed to the main hall of the compound to eat and figure out how to kill the day leaving Kushina and Sukoshi in the dojo.

"Sukoshi, is Naruto still having problems summoning your keen." asked Kushina

"Yes I'm afraid so, with so much of his tenants chakra flowing through him and my clans incompatibility with the Bijuu. His chakra keeps getting masked by fox's chakra and he can only summon me and eggs which sucks because guess who has to explain to the mothers why their unborn keep disappearing on them." replied Sukoshi.

"Sorry for the trouble, I appreciate everything you've done." Said Kushina

"Not a problem we have been friends of your family for generations and your son shows nothing but respect to me and even makes sure the eggs are safe until I can return them. he'll make a fine summoner." said Sukoshi

"Good, well I guess we need to get started then. Sukoshi I need you to set up the seals we discussed." said Kushina

Sukoshi eyes widen to an almost comical size. There had been only one set of seals that she could be talking about and he now grew very concerned.

"Are you sure he is ready for that. That's an ungodly amount of pressure you're putting him under." said Sukoshi

"No worry Ami is going to help." responded Kushina

"What are you kidding me. That girl won't have the self-esteem to face this. What makes you think she'll be able to help." yelled Sukoshi

"Simple, She loves him and when he needs her she'll step up to the plate." said Kushina

"I'll give you that she and the boy have feelings for each other but they haven't even gotten to the flirting stages yet." said Sukoshi

"Yeah, but I think a day with nothing to do and the events that will happen tomorrow. It will push them to where they need to be." said Kushina

"I see. You've had this all planned out haven't you. that's the reason you've had her learn the twin dragons." said Sukoshi with a smirk

"Those two were made for each other I did nothing to push them" said Kushina

Sukoshi only stared at Kushina accusingly waiting for her to take back the statement.

"I didn't push them too hard, nothing that gives you a reason to glare at me like that." said Kushina finally faltering under the small dragons stare.

"Fine I believe that." said Sukoshi

"Well we need those seals set up by tomorrow so lets get going." said Kushina

Sukoshi ran down the spiral staircase into the clans jutsu vault and bought up brushes and ink along with other supplies to prepare for the day ahead.

Off in the main hall of the compound Naruto and Ami were just about done with their meals. The two usually talked up a storm during their lunch. Talking about everything from jutsu to stories they've heard over the years but today was silent. The two knew something big was going to happen but they didn't know what. The two thought of everything they could to explain the serious tone of Kushina but nothing seemed to fit.

"Well, what do we do now. I don't fell like being lazy and doing nothing for the rest of the day and it's too early to hit the hot spring." said Ami

"Well we could always wander around the village since you haven't seen it yet." said Naruto

"Yeah some whirlpool ninja I am. I don't even know the layout of the village." she said chuckling

"And some Uzukage I am. Other then some rummaging trips I haven't seen very much of it either." said Naruto

The two chuckled lightly at each others self lampooning and made their way out of the compound. As the two walked thru the forest side by side they wondered what should be seen first on their "great whirlpool tour".

"What do you think we should see first Naruto." asked Ami

"Well how about the kage tower since you told me you wanted to be the head of security of the village why don't we go see what you have to deal with." said Naruto

"Wow show me the mind numbing job I will be doing what a great set-up for a date." said Ami sarcastically

"A date?" said Naruto nervously

Sensing the nervousness from the boy next to her Ami started blushing realizing how awkward the joke made them both feel

"I was joking, I would actually like to see how the village is keep secured since it will be my job." said Ami

"Yeah us on a date that would be weird wouldn't it" said Naruto

"Yeah beside you can't have a girlfriend. you need to keep yourself open so when you save some princess as the Uzukage you can marry her." chuckled Ami

"Yeah your right. unfortunately I don't think they'll be half as fun to save as you were." said Naruto with a smirk

The two chuckled as they entered the residential area of the village. The two continued inward heading to the kage tower. They were both silent and if any onlookers were present they would see the two teen snatching glances of each other. Neither probably had noticed the interaction between them but they felt very comfortable around each other until anything involving them as an item was brought up.

"I wish he really thought of me like that but every time it even gets remotely brought up he tries to act like it's a joke. Maybe he just doesn't fell that way and he is just trying to be nice." Thought Ami

Unknown to Ami however very similar ideas were going through the blondes own mind.

Despite the awkward moment the rest of the day went very well. Once they made it to the Kage tower they found out how to move the whirlpools at the hubs and basic protocol when it came to border patrols. After that they saw all the various fountains and reflecting pools that dotted the landscape of the village. As the day came to a close they walked up to the statutes and admired the size and the power each one possessed.

Night had finally came to the abandoned village and with it the slightly chilly air that made it perfect for the hot spring. It created the steamy fog that was very useful for both the teens to sit and relax without having fear of seeing each other nude.

The two sat on opposite sides of the spring once again wondering what made Kushina act so serious. Ami submerged deeper into the spring but winced as her shoulder hit the water. She clasped her hand over the a large gash that she had received a few days ago when she removed one of the whirlpool shrunken to quickly. She had hidden the wound with excessive bandages from both Naruto and Kushina hoping that it would heal on its own. However the wound had yet to close up and telling anyone now would only make her a hindrance to them in her eyes.

"Hey Ami?" asked Naruto

"Yes Naruto." replied Ami being brought out of her deep thinking.

"You're being pretty quiet tonight any reason?" asked Naruto

"Just thinking about tomorrow that's all." said Ami.

"Yeah it sounds like tomorrow is going to be an intense session." said Naruto

"It sounds dangerous to I hope I can make it through." said Ami

"Don't you mean we make it through." said Naruto

"You'll make it through no problem, but me" said Ami

"Come on, I thought we got you away from that train of thought months ago." Naruto replied

"Yeah but I still can't do the Storm Dance of the Twin Dragons. Then I learn only Uzumakis can do it, so I just feel like I wasted a lot of time." said Ami

"Don't worry it takes a while to learn a jutsu I mean I started learning the Rasengan two months ago and I just got it down." siad Naruto

"Really, you finally got it down, but how come I didn't see it" said Ami

"You were to busy with the Storm Dance of the Twin Dragons to notice. Tomorrow after the training I'll show you it and the first step to learning it." said Naruto.

"Really, thank you" said Ami happily

"Well its getting late we should get to bed." said Naruto

The two got out and started covering themselves with towels. As Naruto took another towel and started rub his hair with it he heard Ami's footsteps walk away from him at a fast past. The last few days Ami had been doing this. Naruto knew something was up because beforehand they had always walked to compound together. Determined to find out the change in behavior from his purple haired companion Naruto picked up his own pace and caught up to Ami who was just about to make it into the compound.

"Ami." called Naruto

Ami froze with her back facing the boy. She knew that he would see the wound and yell at her for being weak, just like her last friends.

"Ami your bleeding, what happened?" said Naruto as he got closer to the girl

"Nothing just a training accident." said Ami weakly

"I see you pulled the whirlpool shrunken off your back holster too fast didn't you." said Naruto

Ami could only nod, her eyes looking at the ground as Naruto come closer to her to get a better look at the wound.

"This is a pretty large gash, it will need some stitches. How come you didn't tell me or mom about this." said Naruto

"I didn't want to be a burden and make you think I was weak." said Ami as she stared at the ground eyes watering waiting for the backlash to come.

Naruto walked calmly to stand in front of the girl and lifted her chin softly so he could look into her eyes. Earth brown meet ocean blue as Ami continued to tear up thinking that another Kasumi and Nori incident was upon her. Naruto knew what the poor girl was thinking. So he placed his forehead softly on hers causing both to slightly bush at the intimate contact.

"Ami, I'm not Kasumi and Nori and I never will be alright. If you ever need help even something as simple as a few amateur stitches I'll help, I look after you just as you look after me wasn't that something you said the first night we walked down this path." said Naruto softly emitting comfort with the tone of his voice

"I said Don't expect to save my ass again, in fact expect it the other way around." replied Ami

"They're the same thing in my book. now lets go to the kitchen there's a first aid center in the pantry area that has what we need." said Naruto

Naruto grabbed her hand and slowly lead her to the kitchen and had her sit down in a chair at a small breakfast nook. He then rummaged through the pantry and found a medical needle and thread along with some alcohol to clean the wound. Naruto was by no means a medical expert but with all the shadow clone training and studying he had learned to field dress wounds with stitches. He cleaned the area and soon needle was digging into flesh closing up the gash. Unfortunately for Ami even though Naruto knew how to perform a stitching. he did not know the subtle art to perform it without tugging at skin.

"Ouch that hurts" Ami winced

"I'm sorry, you're the first person that I've done this on while their awake." said Naruto

"I can tell" said Ami

"I would've done it on myself but my wounds never stay open." said Naruto

"Yeah seems the damn fox is good for something." said Ami

After hearing the comment Ami heard a sigh escape Naruto's lips. She knew that the fox was a sore subject but she had made comments like that only to have Naruto agree with her.

"What's wrong." asked Ami

"Nothing I just think that the fox has more cons then pros." siad Naruto

"Well of course healing and resilient chakra is not worth what you had to go through but that part of your life is over." said Ami

"It's not that." said Naruto

"Then what is." asked Ami

"I think the fox is inhibiting me." said Naruto

"How?" replied Ami

"Have you noticed I can only summon Sukoshi or eggs." said Naruto.

"Yeah so what does that have anything to do with it." said Ami

"Well I got frustrated at one point and asked Sukoshi about it and he said I need to have more chakra control." said Naruto

"How, you've got the Rasengan down and that is nothing but control, plus from what I've read the more chakra you pump into a summon the larger it should be, you almost need no control, just force." said Ami

"Yeah but I have to put a large amount of control into just summoning Sukoshi and when I do I feel just my chakra but every time I try to put a large amount I feel this chaotic energy that could only be the foxes cover my own then I summon an egg." said Naruto

"You think it's because of the foxes chakra." said Ami

"Yep" said Naruto

"Well isn't that dandy. life just likes to shit on you doesn't it" said Ami

"It's not all bad I got mom and you." said Naruto

Ami was glad that Naruto was focused on her back because her face had a nice scarlet hue to it.

"Alright here is the final thread and knot." said Naruto as he finished the final stitch and tied it off

"Thank you" said Ami

"No prob, you cook pancakes tomorrow and we'll call it even ok." said Naruto

"I swear if it isn't ramen it's pancakes with you." said Ami

"No I've had pancakes before and to tell you the truth I didn't like them but what ever you do to yours puts them on a whole new level." said Naruto

"Oh please the cook can't make that much of a difference." said Ami

"This coming from the girl who didn't like steak until she tried mine." said Naruto with a smirk

"Fine you got me. tomorrow for breakfast pancakes by me and lunch will be your steaks. how does that sound." said Ami

"Great" said Naruto

Ami and Naruto now done headed to their rooms and retired for the night hoping that tomorrow would not be as bad as it sounded. Unknown to them however tomorrow would be the start to one of the most influential weeks in both their lives.

The next mourning Naruto was greeted to the smell of pancakes and had quickly starting to inhale the confections as soon as it hit his plate with Ami still unsure where the pancakes were actually going. After a mourning of light reading in the compound common area the roles reversed. Ami munching Naruto's grilled steak while Naruto gawked at the site wondering how the petite girl avoided stomach rupture let alone showing no signs of stomach expansion.

After finishing the meal the two made there way to the dojo. As they approached the entrances they saw something that made their eyebrows shoot up in surprise. There hanging on the closed door were two outfits. Dark navy ninja pants that were reinforced with Kevlar and pockets built in that eliminated the need for shrunken and kunai holsters. Two dark green muscle t-shirts one male one female. On the right sleeve the white Uzu swirl with it's string and bead hanging beneath it. two dark teal flack jackets with pockets meant for scrolls, exploding tags ,and smoke bombs on the front and on the back written in dark red, the kanji for Uzu. And finally two open front trench coats in a slight darker shade of teal from the flack jackets. On the back of them the Uzumaki clan symbol of the two dragons coming from the top and bottom and meeting in the middle in a swirling pattern. Clipped to one outfit was a note that Naruto promptly unclipped.

"Dear Ami and Naruto, today will be a full battle gear training session so we have provided you with full whirlpool Jonin ninja outfits that members of our clan wear. They are fully stocked with shrunken and kunai. Once you place these on consider yourself Jonin of the hidden whirlpool village. Now get dressed and get ready for an intense day. Sincerely, Kushina & Sukoshi." Naruto read out loud

"Consider us Jonin, isn't your mother overestimating us. And what makes her think I should wear your clans emblem." said Ami with a little bit of uncertainty.

"Who knows its my mother, lets get dressed and get going." said Naruto.

The two gave each other a little privacy as they geared up. The two were surprised by the comfort that the outfits gave compared to the tattered clothes that had been their training out fits. Their old clothes had often limited their movement, but even adding on the trench coats that hung down to the middle of their calves. They felt as if the clothes moved with them and not against them. As Ami strapped the two whirlpool shrunken to back she noticed that there no Hitai-ites to put on.

"Hey Naruto how come we don't have hitai-ite. We're apparently Jonin now so why don't we have hitai-ite" said Ami

"We are wearing our hitai-ites Ami." answered Naruto

"Where?" said Ami

Naruto showed her his right shoulder and pointed to the white swirl on his sleeve.

"Whirlpool ninja don't wear the traditional hitai-ite. apparently they thought a shimmering piece of metal made it to easy for someone to spot so instead they wore this. They called it the whirlpool war emblem." said Naruto.

Ami caress the symbol on her sleeve and gave a million watt smile. It was now official she was a shinobi and was ready to prove that she had earned the war emblem she now wore.

"Cool, so lets head in and get this thing over with" said Ami proudly

Naruto nodded in agreement and the two entered the dojo. They were then greeted by a sight of elaborate seals placed all over the dojo floor. Towards the center right in front of the pendant sat two meditation mats both with seals of swirls and kanji heavily placed on them. on the pedant itself sat Sukoshi and Kushina looking attentively at the two teens.

"Alright you two come here and sit on the mats in a meditative position. Naruto you sit on the right and Ami you sit on the left." said Kushina

The two sat down upon the mats wondering what was going on.

"Now Sukoshi." said Kushina

The tiny water dragon flew through some hand seals and suddenly Naruto and Ami found themselves unable to move. After a few moments of struggling with no results the two finally calmed down.

"What's going on why can't we move." said Naruto

"Because today you two are going to face something that's on the level of the devil himself and I need to explain everything so I need you two to listen and not back out of this." said Kushina

The two teens went wide eyed. for her to go to such extremes to just keep them there and prevent them from running off told the two that whatever they were doing was on a totally different level then they imagined.

"Now you two may not know it but you are a level now that most regular Jonin and maybe even the elites would kill for. Ami you may not feel like it but if you were back in Konoha with this strength. there would be few if any that could take you on. And Naruto you are just one step away from being able to perform the statue sealing. And after today you two well either be ready or you will be dead; one of the two" said Kushina

"What how come the last step is so dangerous what's so different now that will be changed by tomorrow." yelled Naruto

"The statue sealing has one stipulation and it is that the chakra put into it must be completely human if you say, put in the chakra of a Bijuu. It would conflict with the chakra of the other statues and cause of collapse of the very whirlpool above, drowning the entire village. So today you two are going to do something not even the fourth Hokage could do. Kill the Kyuubi." said Kushina

All color that was present on Naruto and Ami faded till it was sheet white. The two desperately tried to read Kushinas face to see if she was just joking with them but the stone cold serious face gave no hope to the teens.

"Don't worry if I didn't think you two were up for this I wouldn't be doing it. Now the way we are going to do this is simple at least when I explain it. The seals beneath you serve two purposes; the first is they will draw ninety-eight percent of your chakra, the most before it kills you into Naruto's mindscape where the Kyuubi resides. There you two are going to fight and hopefully kill the demon. The second thing the seal does is while doing this demonic chakra is going to be leaking out of Naruto profusely and the seals will aid the stone in neutralizing the demonic chakra and also help it dissipate it as if it was regular chakra. Now before we begin any questions." said Kushina.

"Are you crazy we can't do this." yelled Ami

"Calm down as I said before you if you two weren't capable of doing this I wouldn't put you through it. So lets get started and get through this and celebrate the demise of one of the most destructive and dangerous forces ever to walk this earth. Sukoshi get started." said Kushina

Before the teens could retort Sukoshi slammed a claw on the ground causing all of the seals to illuminate and causing both teens eyes to close shut as chakra from Ami started to become visible and made its way towards Naruto's body.

"I still think you were a little rash about this." said Sukoshi

"Come on at least I didn't push them off a cliff or something, besides Minato only sealed half of the Kyuubis chakra into Naruto while the Shinigami got the other half. Two A-ranked shinobi can handle that" said Kushina

"You think they're that high of a caliber." said Sukoshi

"I don't think it, I know it and if what I think is going to happen after this occurs their chakra reserves are going to push S-ranked." said Kushina

The dragon and the aberration now grew silent and stared at the two teens waiting for the results of the battle that would soon be raged in Naruto's mind.

Naruto and Ami after a short spell of unconsciousness were woken by a large tremor. The two sat up to find that they were laying in a sheet of water one inch deep in what looked like a sewer.

"Is this your mindscape?" said Ami

"I guess so, although I would've thought it would've been more festive, you know like I am" said Naruto with a foxy smirk

"Would you quit making jokes, we need to get out of here, I don't know what your mom was smoking, but there is no way we'll be able to take on the Kyuubi." said Ami fear evident in her voice.

"Well how do we get out." said Naruto

"I don't know its your mind." replied Ami

Suddenly another tremor shook the tunnel violently cause pipes to break shooting steam in all directions. Deciding that it would be better to move then wait for the degraded tunnel to collapse Naruto and Ami ran down one of the corridors in an attempt to get out and hoping to avoid the Kyuubi. After a few more tremors that grew in length and strength the pair soon saw what appeared to be sunlight and made a beeline for it. As they came closer they saw a large stairway that led to the surface the two slowly made their way up the grand stairway. As they shielded their eyes to allow them to adjust to the light they saw that the surface was nothing but a barren wasteland. No rocks, withered trees, large crevasses nothing that gave the land any true definition. only cracked barren earth under a crimson red sky. The two walked into the wasteland with hopes of finding something that could help them.

"Well that was a bust nothing's here." said Naruto

"At least nothing can sneak up on us." said Ami

As soon as Ami had muttered those words a tremor with strength that put the previous ones to shame occurred. Accompanying the quake large gashes appeared splitting the two teens apart. As Ami tried to make to the same side of the gash Naruto watched in horror as the ground fell out from beneath her. Then unfortunately for the blonde as Ami fell into the hole the cause of it was shooting out. Crimson fur, claws and teeth baring in front of crimson eyes.

"Don't worry about your puny mate monkey as soon as I am done devouring you I make sure you have reunion with her." said the monstrosity his teeth curled in a sinister grin.

"Shut up you god damn fox…" said Naruto

Before the boy could retort any further one of the massive paws of the fox shot towards him forcing him away from the hole. After the escape from the attack Naruto tried to make his way to the hole to help his purple haired friend only to be cut off by the fox.

"Like I said before you pathetic little monkey kill you first then your mate." said the Kyuubi

One of the massive tails whipped its way toward Naruto forcing him back away from the hole.

"I can't get to Ami I guess I just got to hope she's ok. I would never forgive myself if she died." thought Naruto

Naruto locked eyes with the fox. He knew that if he was to help Ami he had to go through the fox. Unfortunately he had no idea how to fight the thing. Pulling out two small shrunken with elaborate seals on them he threw them to each of his side and a few hand signs later two dragons one of wind and water shot out.

"Storm Dance of the Twin Dragons." Yelled Naruto as he teleported to the space in-between the heads speeding towards the demon fox.

Ami continued to fall into the darkness. Then without any warning she splashed into a large body of water. However she was unable to float or swim in the water and was now being pulled by some unseen force into the dark depths. As she sunk deeper she calmed down and realized where she was. she was literally floating around in Naruto's memories. She also felt every emotion and heard every thought that came with them and she was not liking it.

"Get away from my children you little monster!" one villager said

"Look at that trash how can we still let that thing live." said another

"Loser, your nothing but a failure." said some academy students

"Stop it please! someone make it stop!" thought Ami only to have the thoughts of Naruto bombard her mind

"Why do they hate me. I wish I wasn't so alone, I wish I knew why they hate me. Please someone pay attention to me" said a voice of a young Naruto

The thoughts of the blond brought tears to the young girls eyes now wishing she could escape this nightmare.

"How does he live with all of this. I know I couldn't handle this." thought Ami to herself

Then flashes of Naruto meeting Kushina flooded her mind slowly easing the pain Ami was feeling.

"I have a mother and she loves me. I will live up to her and dad. I'll make them proud." were the thoughts of the blond.

Even though the sadness had subsided although it still had a significant presence. Then came a memory a very fresh one not even twenty-four hours old.

Ami and Naruto walking down the roads towards the Uzukage tower each stealing glances at each other.

"I wish she felt the same way I do but how could she love something like me." Naruto's thoughts said

Then came a flood of memories of Ami and Naruto training, eating, cooking, sitting in the hot springs, joking, and finally came the memories of last night. As Naruto placed his forehead against hers telling how they would watch each others back.

"I know that you will never love me but as long as you're watching my back I'll be happy" Naruto thought.

Ami's eyes shot open ignoring the emotions that still flooded her mind. She kicked with all her might upwards determined to make it to the surface. Tears not of sadness but of joy leaking into the waters around her.

"You're wrong Naruto I do love you and its about time I prove it and make good on my promise to be the one that saves you." thought Ami

With that thought she broke the surface of the water. Trying her hardest not to be forced back down into the depths. As she got her bearings she saw a light off in the distance. She propelled herself towards it hoping it was an exit. When she got closer to the light she saw that in front of it were giant bars and behind them the sewers that they had started in.

"This must've have been where the Kyuubi was sealed before Kushina-sensei messed with the seal." said Ami

She squeezed through the bars and was glad that the water on the other side was the one inch depth of the other areas of the sewers. She quickly caught her breath and ran into the maze of sewer lines in hope of finding the exit before it was to late.

"Please hold on Naruto, I'll be there as soon as I can." thought Ami quickly turning the corner and running hoping to find the way to the surface.

On the surface Naruto was dodging strikes for the foxes tails and paws left and right. The wasteland no longer flat but full of craters. Naruto backpedaled away from the beast trying to figure out what to do next. The Storm Dance of the Twin Dragons he quickly learned only gave him one close range teleportation before the fox would slash the dragons ending the jutsu. he learned very quickly that close range was ineffective with the beast. Then every long range attack he tried came with similar results. With three-fourths of his chakra depleted and each attack of the fox getting closer and closer he was quickly running out of options. To the horror of the blond another paw came sweeping in missing him by mere inches. The backlash of rumble of the paw hitting the ground causing Naruto to be flung across the waste land.

"God dammit" screamed the blond

Before the blond could rebound from the strike the fox threw another slash in attempt to finally finish off his jailer. His evil smirk grew as he would finally be rid of the young shinobi and free to roam the world once again.

"Enjoy death you little monkey." yelled the Kyuubi

The massive fox paw proceeded downward towards Naruto. The Kyuubi laughing, enjoying every moment of pain that was to come to his former jailer. Naruto could only watch and accept the fate that had been given to him.

"Looks like my dreams and life end here, I just hope Ami can get out of here." thought Naruto

Naruto closed his eyes and waited for death to embrace him. As the foxes paw grew closer and closer to the blond a whizzing sound emanated followed by the sound of something embedding into flesh.

"How dare you try to kill someone I love you god damn fox." yelled a feminine voice

After the comment a yelp and angry roar came from the fox who was clearly in pain. Naruto shot his eyes open to find Ami standing in front of him and a small distance away the Kyuubi trying desperately to scratch off a whirlpool shrunken that was now embedded in his eye.

"Ami?!" said Naruto

"You miss me." said Ami in a sing sung voice.

Naruto rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Here he was being saved by Ami just like she promised. Not only that but he could've sworn he heard her say she loved him. Deciding to put those thoughts on temporary hold he looked at the fox who still was trying to remove the shrunken. This confused him more. he had asked his mother on what the battle with the Kyuubi was like. Although Kushina hadn't been on the front lines she did tell him that any type of kunai and shrunken would simply bounce off the monster even if it hit something like the eye. So why did Ami's shrunken cause damage. Naruto quickly search any info in his mind that would answer. Then he remembered what his mother said. the seal would create two chakra beings that would be fighting the fox. It all made sense now why they were asked to be in full battle gear why ninety-eight percent of the chakra was being put into the mindscape. Kushina wanted them to go in an all out attack and use their combined chakra to literally decimate the beast. Naruto put on a foxy grin and looked at his purple haired partner.

"Ami I got an idea." said Naruto

"Well spill the beans the fox will probably get that shrunken out soon." said Ami

"I want to put all the chakra we both have into one bad ass attack namely the Rasengan." Naruto replied

Naruto then explained what he figured out to Ami and soon Ami's grin reflected Naruto's. The two then came closer and started channeling chakra into Naruto's palm. the seed of a Rasengan forming and slowly growing.

"Alright Ami I want you to put everything you got into the Rasengan I'll do the rest ok." said Naruto

Ami nodded and started to focus everything onto Naruto's palm. As the flow of Ami's chakra made itself known Naruto started to think about the comment that Ami had made earlier. He decided that the question on his mind couldn't wait any longer.

"Ami, is what you said earlier about loving me true." said Naruto softly with hopeful eyes.

Ami's eyes looked up and the earth brown and ocean blue eyes once again met. Ami took her unused hand and placed it on the back of Naruto's head and pulled his face to hers. She quickly placed her lips onto Naruto's in a sloppy kiss. Naruto slightly surprised nearly lost control of the Rasengan but held on and soon wrapped his own unused arm around to small of Ami's back and pulled her towards him only having the Rasengan separating them from a full embrace. Ami reluctantly broke the kiss but kept her forehead placed on Naruto's.

"Does that answer your question." whispered Ami seductively

Naruto merely nodded dumbly still struck by the affection he was receiving. Ami's body started to glow a deep blue meaning that all her chakra was about to manifest into the Rasengan.

"Go get him tiger." Ami whispered

And with those last words of Ami being said an explosion of her chakra came into play as it began to form a Rasengan of mammoth proportions. Naruto now alone on the battle field raised swirling mass of chakra above his head continuing to give it as much chakra as he could, leaving only enough to move. Seeing the Kyuubi was still messing with his eye gave Naruto the opening he needed to vanquish to monster.

"I'll have to thank Ami for getting the shrunken embedded so deep that he can't get it out." thought Naruto

Naruto used the remaining chakra he had to jump as high as he could. He flew through the air with great height with a Rasengan now the size of the fox itself above him. He then pulled the massive ball of chakra beneath him and started his decent. As he did the fox finally got the shrunken out of his eye. He then started to look around to find the two that had caused him pain. Hearing a sound of a strong wind above him, he looked up and gave a look of horror, probably for the first time in his existence as the Rasengan came down upon him.

"What the hell is this you little monkey." yelled the beast

"This is what happens when you mess with the future Uzukage of the village hidden in the whirlpool and don't you forget it." yelled back Naruto.

The Rasengan met the flesh of the Kyuubi and dug into the demon fox. One more roar of pain from the fox was the last sound anyone would hear of the fox as the Rasengan devoured the beast. As the fox was blown out of existence a giant shockwave of it's chakra rang out from the attack.

In the world outside of Naruto mindscape Sukoshi and Kushina looked as a large amount of the foxes tainted chakra blew out of Naruto. The last remnants of the chakra soon wrapped itself around Naruto and Ami causing both to thrash violently even in their unconscious state.

"Good thing you had me place those chakra filtration seal on those mats." said Sukoshi

"I had a feeling that the Kyuubi wouldn't go quietly so I turn the problem into a perk. with all that chakra now safely going through them their chakra coils will expand giving them even higher chakra capacities." said Kushina in a matter of fact tone.

"So that's why you said they could be S-ranked shinobi after this." said Sukoshi

"Yep, and guess who was right about them killing the Kyuubi. It's a shame I didn't bet on them I would've won." said Kushina

"Like I would bet against you. Every Uzumaki I've every met has more luck then a rabbits foot, lucky horseshoe and a four leaf clover combined." said Sukoshi.

Kushina chuckled at her friends comment and looked down on the two shinobi at her feet. Pride was clearly written on her face as she looked at the two.

"You're very lucky you two have each other because you two are going to need each other very soon." thought Kushina.

She looked over to Sukoshi who now was checking Ami and Naruto to see how they were doing. He felt over both of their stomachs trying to feel their chakra and his eyes widen in surprise.

"Kushina their coils have at least doubled in size." said Sukoshi

"Good do you think you could move them to a more comfortable place like the couches in the living room." said Kushina

"Yeah but it well require dragging them." said Sukoshi

"That's fine, move them and me there. when they wake up I'll have Naruto perform the statue summoning and both of them perform the Uzumaki Engumi seal." said Kushina

Sukoshi merely nodded and grab one of the young shinobi and started to softly drag them to the living room for some well deserved rest. Rest that would be needed for the days to come.