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The dark haired boy turned and look across the darkened room to his room mate's bed. He waited a few moments as he watched the shorter boy shifting in his sleep, he could have sworn he was asleep.


He waited once again, hearing his name called a second time from the boy's bed. This time it had been louder and more dragged out. Curious, if only slightly, Rikuo stepped away from his own bed and made his way across the room to his partners.

"Oi, Kazahaya," he said in a low voice. The younger boy did not answer.

His face was screwed up and he looked hot, his bed was a mess from the constant moving, and now that he was closer, Rikuo could plainly hear the sounds of distress coming from the sleeping boy.

"Help…Help me," Kazahaya mumbled breathlessly. He was almost gasping for air; his hair was tangled and matted to his face from sweat.

"Kazahaya wake up," Rikuo ordered, raising his voice. He lent down and touched his friends, removing his hand suddenly as he felt just how hot he actually was. "Oi, wake up. It's just a dream."

Kazahaya was crying out as he writhed beneath the sheets, tears were now streaking down his flushed cheeks. "Rikuo, help me!"

Rikuo, now extremely worried, took hold of the boy and shook him gently, trying to rouse him from his nightmare. What the hell is he dreaming about? He wondered, sitting next to the fitful Kazahaya. The boy was shaking and struggling, his cries only getting louder until he was practically shouting.

Rikuo had had enough. Holding him by his waist and shoulders, Rikuo pulled Kazahaya up roughly, jerking his body to sit up. Kazahaya's breath caught in his throat as he was tugged up to sit against Rikuo.

"Please...Help me…" he begged, his eyes fluttering open as he woke.

His vision was clouded by tears and he panted heavily. Blinking several times he looked up into a pair of concerned eyes. His voice was hoarse and his throat was sore, he stared for a moment tightening his grip on the older boy's top.

"R-Rikuo…" he whispered, still in a disorientated daze.

He couldn't help it, he couldn't have stopped it even if he tried; Kazahaya's words caught in his throat and he lent his head into Rikuo's chest, crying heavily, as hard as he could, and holding onto him as if he would disappear if he didn't.

Rikuo looked down, startled by the younger boy's actions, but Kazahaya didn't seem to care. It didn't matter if Rikuo teased him mercilessly afterward; he was just too happy that none of that had been real. He felt safe in Rikuo's arms, and his tears came even heavier.

Rikuo inwardly sighed; he sat up with Kazahaya so he wouldn't loose his balance and fall off the edge of the bed, which he had been awkwardly sitting on.

He held onto his friend protectively and rubbed his hand down his back, in some attempt to comfort him. He didn't know what had just happened, or what could have scared Kazahaya so profoundly. The thing was; it hadn't just scared Kazahaya, it had terrified him. He'd never tell the kid, but he was worried. This wasn't normal.

After nearly half an hour Kazahaya finally began to settle down, his breathing slowed and the tears all but stopped. He lent against Rikuo as he tried to catch his breath.

Not once had he let go of the guy holding him holding him, even as his composure returned; he wouldn't let go.

Rikuo, noticing how Kazahaya had calmed down, brought a hand up to the younger's face, gently moving the strands of light brown hair that the tears had stuck to his cheek. He looked down into those scared eyes; wide and frightened, yet apologetic as they stared back up.

Sighing he asked the boy what had been in his mind for some time now. "Kazahaya, what happened?"

The brunette blinked, breathing in a wearily as his eyes began to slowly close.

"Rikuo," he whispered, before his body gave way to exhaustion. He slumped against Rikuo who held him securely, the older gently moving him until he was lying down once again, and pulled the covers over, tucking him in.

He'll explain in the morning, Rikuo thought, still concerned. He reluctantly returned to his own bed, and was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.


In the office of the Green Drug store a man slept, sprawled out on the sofa like a beached whale. He was still in his clothes and for some reason slept with his sunglasses still on. He took up the entire sofa with his tall and broad body; his clothes taking up most of the room though.

Across from him stood a man with a much more feminine frame to his body, he was the owner of the store. His fair hair fell softly across his cheek as he stared out of the office door to the stores windows.

His eyes watched somberly through his glasses, their gaze never moving as he stared at the night sky. He sighed before turning and making his way to the sofa, walking gracefully…no, purposefully towards his partner.

He knelt down so he was level with his chest and his sad eyes now took on a more serious tone.

"It has to get worse before it can get better," he warned his partner, leaning into his hand that now cupped his pale cheek. "This is only the beginning."

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