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Kazahaya yawned, mumbling as he stood over his older friend. He didn't know how long he had slept for, but he had certainly missed his first shift this morning.

He rubbed his eyes, red and sore from the events of last night, not to mention his throat felt torn to shreds. He yawned again, fighting the urge to just go back to bed; if Kakei wasn't mad now he'd certainly kill them if they missed anymore work today.

"Rikuo get up," he frowned; he had tried to raise his voice but it had come out as nothing more than a strained whisper. "Oi baka, we're late."

Still Rikuo made no sign of waking. Kazahaya groaned kicking the side of the bed. Is he ever going to wake up!? Sleeping like this...who does he think he is waking me up so violently when HE, the damn bastard, sleeps in!? Well lets just fix that.

Kazahaya grinned wickedly, staring down at the taller boy as revenge set in his mind. He had never been in this position before, and now he was about to pay his dear roommate back for all the rude awakenings he'd received.

Kazahaya left the room chuckling darkly, well as much as his throat would allow, leaving the unsuspecting Rikuo sleeping peacefully. A few moments later, after some chaos in the kitchen; with cupboards and the occasional yelp of pain, Kazahaya returned to the bedroom grinning like the Cheshire Cat himself.

In his hands he held a large bucket of water; ice cubes bobbed along the surface as he struggled to hold it up. If only I had a camera this would be perfect, he thought deviously. The bucket was shaking in his arms, straining to hold the weight of the water, much to his chagrin.

Deciding he had spent long enough gloating to himself Kazahaya lent to tip the bucket over, what he considered the bane of his existence, when a sudden thought stopped him.

The memory of strong arms supporting him; holding him protectively and keeping him safe. Last night... Kazahaya remembered; his eyes turned downcast and tearful. Memories of the nightmare and the moments after were flashing quickly through his mind.

He chocked back a sob and bit down on his lip. It was just a dream, get over it, he scolded himself. But it was so real...it hurt; I've never felt so cold or alone...or so scared. Kami it was horrible.

"What are you doing?"

"Eh?" Kazahaya's eyes regained focus as he looked down into the open eyes of his friend. He gulped quickly remembering the bucket in his hands, as his words tumbled over his tongue in a tangled mess to get out. "Rikuyouawak- Eh, ah NOTHING! Nothing at al—woah...woAH!"

Rikuo watched on in amusement as Kazahaya tried to explain himself, shout and keep his balance all at the same time. The result varied as his voice cracked, and after all the strain on them, his arms gave out beneath the weight of the bucket.

With one failed swoop, Kazahaya found himself on his back soaked with ice cold water. He shivered, teeth chattering insanely. Rikuo didn't even try to stifle the laughter or the smirk he so tauntingly wore, looking down at the boy.

"Idiot," he laughed, getting up and stepping over the wet boy.

"T-t-teme!" Kazahaya croaked/chattered. Rikuo only laughed more. "Sh-shut up! B-bastard."

"You always wake me up so evilly idiot," Kazahaya hissed, grumbling as he walked -still wet- into the kitchen. "...don't see why I can't do the same."

"You kept me up all night long calling my name, Kazahaya," Rikuo whispered lustily into his ear. Kazahaya jumped, face glowing crimson. How can a big lug like that sneak around so quietly?!

"Shut up! Why would I ever want to call your name!" he -barely- shouted, cheeks burning brightly.

"How could I get any sleep hearing you call my name so desperately," Rikuo smirked, breathing across the younger's ear softly. "That's why you voice had gone."




Rikuo covered his ears from the onslaught of curses now being thrown at him and made his way back to the oven, where he was preparing lunch. "Go get dressed before you catch a cold."

"- AND IF YOU THINK FOR ONE SEC- Huh?" Kazahaya stopped mid rant and looked downwards, only just remembering his current state. He coughed holding his throat and groaned; shouting had just about killed it completely.

"Idiot," Rikuo smirked.

"Bastar- cough cough!"


"So you're finally awake Boy?" Saiga grinned, snaking an arm around Kazahaya's waist.

"Eh! ah, Saiga-san," Kazahaya jumped, startled as he piled on his work apron. "Sorry we're down here so late."

Saiga raised an eyebrow tightening his hold on the uncomfortable boy. "Where's your voice gone Boy?"

"Ah-uh...some where?" Kazahaya muttered, trying to ease his way out of the older mans grip, unsuccessfully.

"Perhaps Kudou-kun is coming down with something, Saiga," came the calm voice of the store owner.

"Kakei-san," the younger boy sighed, relieved that Saiga had shifted his hold onto Kakei, leaving him alone.

"Hm, I thought it was from all his yelling last night," Saiga smirked teasingly. "Didn't think you had it in you, aye Boy?"

Kazahaya blinked, blushing furiously as it dawned on him what he had just implied. "Eh! What the hell are you thi- cough cough- thinking, per -cough- vert!"

"Heh heh, I'd rest that throat if I was you boy," Saiga replied, walking towards the cash register and leaning on the counter. His gaze traveled to leer at the the drugstore owner suggestively.

Rikuo rolled his eyes and walked away, sorting out some of the shelving and ignoring the still ranting boy behind him as he got on with work.

Behind him Kazahaya fumed and stalked off to pick up a box, mumbling and cursing as he walked around one of the aisles, cutting it open once he placed it back on the ground.

Already everyone seemed to be out to get him, and he hadn't even been working more than five minutes he hissed.

With and angry sigh he began placing the items onto the shelf in front of him, replacing the old stock with the new as he thought about the night before.

Blank images and memories flitted through his vision sending chills down his spine, causing him to shudder. His stomach turned. He just couldn't understand what had taken place that night; it had seemed so real and he had never felt so much loneliness and pain, or something so cold it made him feel sick.

Kazahaya shivered holding a bottle of aspirin in mid air, eyes glazed over. He couldn't remember a single part of his nightmare, just the frightening feeling of absolute terror that sent his mind reeling. His throat closed up with the urge to whimper.

His grip tightened on the bottle until the lid popped off and clattered next to him. Jumping, he dropped the bottle and the small white tablets scattered noisily along the floor, rolling away.

"Clean that up baka," came Rikuo's voice as he looked around the corner, waiting for Kazahaya's oncoming outburst.

The older boy raised his eyebrows a fraction, seeing Kazahaya's shocked and pale face, his arm still reaching out towards the shelf. "Oi Kazahaya!"

The shorter boy jumped again and threw his gaze to Rikuo before noticing the mess on the floor.

"I-I'll clean that up," he replied in a shaky voice.

Rikuo watched with some confusion as Kazahaya stumbled off unsteadily to get the broom from the cupboard. Kazahaya was autopilot, he was sure of it, seeing the way the dazed boy's mind was somewhere else completely while his body just carried on as normal.

Rikuo turned around, going back to his work and trying to dismiss his flatmate's strange behaviour. He couldn't help wondering though about the nights events, he was certain they were the cause behind this. His specualtion grew stronger as the day progressed, as through both shifts and break Kazahaya seemed to be completely in a world of his own, frowning as if he he couldn't quite get something, or to be more accurate; he coudn't remember.


Inside of his office Kakei sighed and rubbed his temples, running a hand through his fair hair in aggravation. He hadn't seen a thing; not yesterday or last night as his employee screamed through the night, or even now as he sat up on the couch, no dream or vision in sight.

The door clicked open and the welcome sight of his partner cam into view, the giant taking only a few steps before he stood by his lovers side with a supportive hand on his shoulder, massaging it comfortingly.

"Rikuo's out front looking after the kid," he spoke, dropping into the free space next to him.

"He may need to do more than that," Kakei started, leaning on his hand. "With what's about to transpire..."

Saiga hummed and leaned forward. "A vision?"

"No," Kakei shook his head. "Kudou-kun continues to show up blank lately. It's unusual; nothing like Tsukiko but blank none the less."

"I see," Saiga grumbled. "Another one."

"Hm, I wouldn't say that," Kakei mused, smiling coyly. "I did get something..."

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