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I Entered the bathroom that adjoined with mine and my husbands bedroom, quickly and quietly as if to make sure that he did not hear me, although I knew my efforts were fruitless. He heard Everything.

The day had been long but the wedding had run as smoothly as any of us could have hoped for, apart from the interruption from that Mangy little mutt.

The bride had looked as stunning as Alice as her assured her she would. Even I had to admit that she was the most beautiful in the room, not an easy thing to be with me in the vicinity. The thought of her with Edward, soon to be part of our kind, did not make my hands burn like they had when my family had first voted in her favour. Now I was more silently wishing she would have a change of heart, even though I knew it was unlikely.

But the love they shared for each other was unmistakable even to myself. I could kind of relate to that type of love. When I found Emmett in the mountains in Tennessee, I saw in him all the things that I had wanted in my previous life. He was, to me, evidence that I could be happy in this life. And he had made me happy. He took every part of me in, and allowed me to be free and be myself. He was my other half, my world. To every other person outside of our family, it must seem like I love to be the center of attention, and for the most part it is true. But with my Emmett, its like I only exist to be with him, I would follow him to the edges of the earth, to the Volturi to face my death, rather than face an eternity without him.

And finally today I realised that me and Bella were the same in that respect. Each of us would die for our other half. Though I know this didn't mean that we would be as close as her and Alice, or have the same relationship her and Esme had, we were closer now. Nearly on the same level.

I sighed and pulled the pins that kept my hair in place, out and placed the ornate clips on the side. My reflection was as perfect as always and I cold not help but grin. At least I could always count on that. And tonight I was counting on this to help me win over Emmett again.

The fuss about the nuptials between Edward and Bella had brought back memories of the amazing occasions held in mine and Emmett's honour so many times. I was beginning to feel the need to relive those feelings again. But this time I would want a different type of ceremony, something I had not done before.

I didn't now what that would be yet, but I was hoping Alice and Esme would help me out with it.

But first to get around Emmett. This would not be as hard as it was for Edward to get Bella to agree, No, but there would be few challenges. My Emmett was always looking out fro everyone else's feelings and I knew the only objection to another ceremony would be that it was to close to their Brother's and new sister's. I understood his point of view, I didn't want them to feel like we were trying to out-do them, but how soon was too soon? Normally we would wait until we had been around a place for a good few years and then move into a long engagement, before using the marriage as a reason to leave a town and have our own newlywed bliss. But now I was growing impatient about the whole thing.

I wouldn't mid waiting for the service itself, but the act of preparing it all, deciding on the colours, the design, the theme, it all made me giddy and almost childlike. If my heart could beat it would burst through my chest at just the thought of spending all those hours looking through the magazines and in the bridal shops with my sister and Mother. However now I realised that I would have another sister to take with me and help me, even though I knew Bella hated thing's like this. But maybe if the attention wasn't on her she might take a bigger part in the organisation . It was something for me to consider.

But right now I needed to convince Emmett that there is no such thing as too soon .

Turning to my closet, I pulled out a black lace negligee that Alice had assured me would win my darling husband over.

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