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Chapter 5


Renesmee Carlie Cullen.


My Niece

Right now it didn't matter how many times I said it, it didn't feel real. I sat in Carlisle's study with her in my arms, rocking her gently. Edward sat in front of us, holding Bella's hand, as she shuffled restlessly. She had been unconscious for a day now, and Edward had never left her side.

Every now and then he would ask us to bring Renesmee to him, and he would sit with her, telling her stories about him and Bella. They way he held her, the way he spoke to her, showed how much he loved her. She was part of him and part of Bella, a result of their love. How could he not love her?

However some part of me, deep inside, felt resentful towards him. He had not wanted her, he was willing to destroy her when she so innocent, but now he felt nothing but love?

I felt as if he only wanted the good parts of this. When the going got tough he wanted to take the easy option, but now it was all working out he was playing the part of the doting father. I could not help but resent him for it.

"I know" he whispered. Sometimes when he was sat with Bella, it was easy to forget that he could hear all my thoughts. I sighed. Renesmee looked up at me, pressing her hand to my neck, asking what he meant. I shook my head and smiled.

"I don't blame you. Not really. I can kind of understand." I tried to reassure him. It was true, I had had many nights filled of images of what the baby could have been like. It didn't deter me though. Through all of these nights I promised myself, no matter what the baby turned out to be like, I would love it.

Edward nodded to me and smiled weakly. He held his arms out to me and I passed Renesmee to him. I knew the dog was waiting downstairs for her and relished in the idea of having him have to ask Edward for her.

I left the room smiling and turned to enter Alice's room. I knocked on the door and waited, trying to ignore the sounds of clothes being readjusted and bed springs lurching. A moment later a dishelmed Jasper opened the door. He smiled at me before walking out into the hallway, Smirking, I called after him, "Jazz ! Your flies undone !".

I heard a weak 'Damn!' as I entered their room. I laughed and turned to face Alice.

"Having fun midget gem?" I teased

"I was," you gotta love Alice's knack for the truth, "Anyway, what can I do for you?" my grin grew bigger as I remembered why I needed to see her.

"Well, know everything's calmed down a bit, I think we have a wedding to plan!" Alice's face lit up exceptionally as she pulled out a large folder from her nightstand. Inside, it held fabric cuttings and notes on the entire ceremony.

"well your dress is finished and the tailors are waiting for Emmett to have his final fitting. After that I think we can start looking into decorations. You've already picked our flowers and the bridesmaids dresses are done, so all that left is the seating plan and the reception." she looked up at me, her smile even more prominent.

Then for a moment, her eyes glazed over and her expression became vacant. She was having a vision.

"Oh never mind!" she exclaimed when she returned, "Seating plan and reception sorted" I smiled, It really did come in handy having a psychic sister. I leaned out across the bed looking towards her, "well now that's sorted, I think it's time we had a chat" her eyebrows shot up as her vision glazed over again. Another vision.

"Rose, come on, Emmett was bad enough!"

You know that bit where I said I liked having a psychic sister,

Yeah, I take it back.

"Alice," I sighed, she didn't honestly think I was going to give her the talk like Emmett. "I'm not here to give you that talk. Ugh that's just weird ! No I think its time we started talking about you and Jasper!"

"huh? Rose your making no sense."

"Alice, you realise in the many decades we've been sisters me and you have never really talked about your relationship." not in the sense I thought she needed to anyway.

"Yes we have. I talk to you about me and Jasper all the time."

I was true. We talked for hours about their relationship. We would discuss their conversations, their arguments, everything. Apart from one thing.


She and I talked all about Me and Emmett; especially when it came to sex, but she never told me about her own experiences.

"Alice, I mean your relationship." I knew she knew what I was talking about. She had seen it for Christ's sake !




"go on"

"ugh" she laid her head down next to me and grimaced. "I don't know what to say! Its private." I snorted, nothing in this house is private.

"Well for starters, how is it? I mean come on he's from the army ! Trust me, I know what its like to have a man in uniform." she raised a questioning eyebrow at me, "Emmett's got a thing for dress up, you should see him around Halloween." I saw her visibly shudder. Maybe I should keep the revelations to a minimum for the moment.

"Well, Jasper is very….enthusiastic. .." now we were getting somewhere.

"I'm listening."

"so am I" I turned my head to see Emmett standing at the door with a smirk, "please Alice continue!"

"No way - Jazz still hasn't forgiven you for the last time you teased him about it. I'm no-" she broke off again, her vision clouding over once more.

"Bella" she breathed before she danced out of the room.

"I guess she's coming around" Emmett looked at me and grinned again, "why don't you go get Renesmee before the dog does?" I leapt, eager to have a chance to be with my niece again. I ran out the door, but paused to face my husband,

"I love you" I cooed before pulling him down for a kiss. I ran my hands through his hair, twisting them in his curls. He growled deeply, pulling me closer, gripping me round my waist. I giggled softly, pulling away.

"Save it for later solider" I winked before leaving him standing in the doorway.

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