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Chapter Two

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, the thought of dying never crossed my mind until today. As we drove down the road to Edwards's house I had a vision. I was lying limp in someone's arms. The person's tears were dripping onto my pale face. My pulse started racing, was this my fate? What had I done? Images of my past flashed before me, right, I thought. I did deserve this; it is too late to turn back. Could I even turn back if I was given a second chance? Yes I would turn back. Life is a gift and it can be easily taken away.

I could feel Edward's gaze on my face, I couldn't will myself to look at him. Every time I look into his eyes I feel immense guilt. I closed my eyes and leaned against the window, I tried to ignore the image in my head. I didn't want to see it, but if it's the only way to keep people safe than I will accept my fate.

My life has caused so much sorrow in the world. My heart breaks every time I hear the screams and knowing it's my fault makes me want to die. I was too selfish to do it though, but now I see another path and I'm taking it. Edward cleared his throat, I looked up and he was staring at me with a puzzled expression.

"Um were here, do you want to stay in the car or are you going in?" he asked, I felt like an idiot. A blush started to creep onto my face. What is wrong with me, this man, a stranger, has actually gotten through some of my barriers.

"I think we should go in, in less you want to stay" I said, he smiled a crooked smiled and opened his door. I did the same and stepped out of the car in one fluid movement. Even though I'm human I posses powers that most dream of acquiring. If they understood what it really meant they would never wish for such a curse as this.

As I followed him up the steps to the front door, I couldn't help but feel uneasiness, like something bad was in this house. This is the same feeling I have around Zebor. Just thinking about him made my spine crawl.

"I'm here" Edward said walking into the main room. My uneasiness began to grow.

A tall man with blonde hair had his arm around a smaller woman with brown hair, they smiled kindly at me. Next to them was a large man with brown hair, he looked like a body builder. His arm was draped around a blonde woman, she was glaring at me. The last couple was another tall blonde man and he was holding a pixie like girl in front of him. The pixie was squealing and jumping on the balls of her feet.

I noticed three things about this family. One, they all had strange honey colored eyes, except Edward, two, they all were pale white and last, they were all inhumanly beautiful. The first man cleared his throat and smiled at me.

"Hello I'm Carlisle" he said, I was stunned; his voice was amazing I've never heard anything like it. "This is my wife, Esme and our family. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice and I assume you already know Edward" he continued while pointing out each person. I could feel someone glaring at me, but I chose to ignore them. I smiled and shook his out stretched hand. I jumped in surprise when our hands came in contact. His skin was iced cold, it actually burned my hand. I raised my hand to my face and stared at it in awe, I knew I must look like an idiot, but this was weird.

I heard Carlisle shift uncomfortably in front of me, I looked up and saw everyone staring at me with worry in their eyes. Alice walked over to Carlisle and whispered in his ear, he nodded and turned back to me.

"Do you have a place to stay or would you like to stay at one of our houses?" he asked, I stared at him in shock, he just met me and he was offering me a place to stay, is everyone in this family insane? I don't want to say yes, but I can't go back, if I do Zebor will kill me.

"Um I would like that, thank you" I whispered, I know Zebor wants me dead. He will kill me just like the last person. My mind started to wander when I was suddenly pulled out by a squeal. My head shot up in Alice's direction, she was jumping up and down.

"Alice?" Jasper said. His voice was so low I was sure a normal human was capable of it.

"She's going to stay for a while" she whispered back clapping her hands.

"NO!" Rosalie yelled "I don't want a human to stay with us. Look at her, there is obviously something wrong with her" she said human as if she wasn't one herself. I narrowed my eyes at her and crossed my arms. Everyone turned to me and raised their eyebrows. I shrugged and shifted my eyes to the couch, might as well be comfortable, I thought as I moved towards it. The wind shifted in front of me and I was suddenly stopped by an out stretched hand. I looked up and was met with a glare from Rosalie.

"You're not welcome here" she sneered; I raised an eyebrow at her. She didn't scare me I have met a lot of scary things in my life. Whatever she was, she wouldn't intimidate me. I turned a saw seven pairs of eyes were watching my every move with… hunger in their eyes.

"Um are you guys okay?" I asked, Edward's head snapped up. He looked at the rest of his family as if they were going to attack me.

"Carlisle what were you saying about the house" Edward said, Carlisle instantly snapped out of his trance and looked at me with kindness, no with remorse. I smiled to show him I wasn't harmed. He looked at the rest of his family and turned back to me.

"Snap out of it, we don't want to break the treaty." he whispered, I was sure there was something weird about this family.

"Well, Bella right, anyway we would love it if you stayed at our house in forks" Carlisle said, but as soon as he said the word Forks my body froze, my head started to ache and my heart beat sped up.

Carlisle's eyes got wide, as if he knew my body was reacting to his words. Edward rushed to my side and put me on the couch. They all shared worried looks except Rosalie, she was smirking.

"Shh relax Bella, its okay" Edward soothed; I then realized I was saying forks repeatedly.

"Carlisle do something, she's having a breakdown" Alice shouted

"Yeah on OUR couch" Rosalie said, the bear-like man, Emmett walked up to her and tried to calm her. Jasper was clutching his head, pain was written across his face. Alice was looking at him with a worried expression. Esme gave me a sympathetic look, Carlisle was trying to get my body to stop moving and Edward was being Edward.

He had a weird Expression on his face; he was sitting on the end of the couch I'm on. I continued to clutch my head and shake in pain. The pain in my head was increasing; it was running through my body like an electric current.

Images of home flashed before my eyes, I felt the need to go back, an unnatural need. My vision started to blur, I looked up and saw Carlisle holding something. My world started spinning, my eyes started to drop. I tried to stay awake, but my body fought against me. The room got blurry I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I gave in, my eye lids dropped and I went to la-la-land.

I walked through rows and rows of people. I felt myself being pulled in the opposite direction, I followed it. At the end of the pathway was a dark castle. I tried to stop walking, but my body wouldn't listen. I walked up the old creaky steps to the metal door.

I raised my hand to knock, but the door opened under my fist. I stepped through and walked past the door grand staircase. I walked to the basement door and walked down the creaky steps. I moved forward and stood in the middle of the room.

A grunt came from the shadows, my head shot up and my eyes searched in the direction the noise came from. I could see an outline of a figure, I stepped closer. The figure shot out of the darkness and held me by my neck.

"You disappoint me you foolish human" I know that voice, it's Zebor. This realization made my spine crawl. I gulped and squired in his grasp.

"Now it's time you get what you deserve" he leaned into my neck, I let out a scream and sat up on the couch. I raised my hand to my face and tried to calm myself. I was gasping for breath; I put my hand on my neck.

The dream felt so real. I looked up to see everyone staring at me. They looked worried yet nervous, I felt like it was my entire fault, even though it is.

"Um right" I tried to stand, but my legs gave out on me. I braced myself for the fall, but it never came, instead I was in someone's arms, I looked up and Edward smiled down at me.

"I…I'm sorry" I stuttered as I struggled out of his grasp.

"No it's fine, so what was your dream about that caused so much pain?" he asked, a crooked smile appeared on his lips. I bit my lip and looked down at me hands; I looked up and saw everyone staring at me expectantly.

"Nothing… so um why did I fall sleep anyway?" I asked looking at Carlisle, I already knew what he did, I just don't understand why it worked. My blood should have repelled the sleeping medicine.

"I used a sleeping medicine I use on Emmett when he gets too excited about football and pretty much everything else" he said while shrugging his shoulders to show his innocence. I turned to Emmett and inspected him to see why Carlisle used such strong dosages. A big cheesy grin appeared on his face; he stood from his seat and did a circle in front of me.

I laughed and pushed him back into his seat. Rosalie's glare depended as I did this.

"So Bella will you be staying in our house?" Esme asked, I turned in my seat to face her.

"I think I will, thank you very much for the offer" I said sweetly, Edward stood up from his spot next to me and held out his hand.

"Then I shall take you there" he said, I smiled and took his hand. He led me out of the house and to his silver Volvo. I opened the door and got in, he got into his seat and started driving to my new home.

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