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Chapter 1 - Two Years.

It was a sunny Saturday, a day kids everywhere cherished. No school, no curfews, no bed-times and an unlimited candy supply! But the best thing was that no adults to tell them what to do, thanks to the Kids Next Door! Especially Sector V. Sector V had changed over the last two years, the team was nearing their teenage years and it was a sad and unspoken thought throughout the whole KND.

Nigel Harry Uno had grown slightly taller in the two years. At 12 years old he was the oldest out of the five. On any normal day he usually wore beige baggy combats, his red turtle neck jumper, with his class sneaker with red stripes, obviously. Though a little of the ten year old still lived in him. Numbuh 1 kept his trademark sunglasses, even in dark rooms and miraculously had grown some brown, jaggy hair that was just naturally messy. He was still a British, bossy, natural born leader but was a bit more logical… and was still scared of flies.

Hoagie Pennywhistle Gillian Jr. had grown as well, being the second tallest in the group. The 12 year old 2x4 technology inventor had lost all the baby fat and was reasonably slim. He wore beige baggy combats, with white sneakers with blue stripes on them and a white long-sleeved T-shirt under a open blue short-sleeved shirt. Though, like Numbuh 1, a bit of the tubby, American ten year old still lived through him. Numbuh 2 was still a little geeky, loved chilli dogs and still wore his yellow pilot goggles, but he had ditched his aviator hat for a brown cap and seemed to come to his senses about Cree and dropped the crush… and he still told lame jokes.

Kuki Diana Sanban had become the smallest, (and youngest), member in the team. At 12 the perky, optimist was still herself. She still wore her far-too-large green jumper but now it was just slightly too big, barely covering her hands. She had ditched the leggings and instead wore black skinny jeans with green converse trainers. The Japanese girl had changed the least when it came to personality. Numbuh 3 still loved rainbow monkeys, was nearly always optimistic and girly but sometimes she went quiet and just thought about girly stuff… or so she said.

Wallabee Gregory Beatles had, ironically, become the tallest member of Sector V. At 12 years old he still wore baggy, dark blue jeans with white sneakers and orange stripes but instead of an orange jumper, he wore an orange short sleeved T-shirt on top of a long-sleeved white T-shirt. The Australian had smartened up slightly over the years becoming an average 'B-' student but was still the most stupid. Though the ten year old "tough-guy" was still there too. Numbuh 4 still loved to fight and was still dense, though he did have his moments, still often acted before thinking… and still had his slight crush on Kuki.

Abigail Louisiana Lincoln was the tallest female in Sector V. At 12 years old she still wore her famous red hat and gold hoop earrings but she had probably changed most in style. The French girl wore a dark blue, hooded, zip-up jumper, with a white stripe down the sides. She wore black boot cut jeans, with white sneakers with dark blue stripes. Her hair, she wore in a low ponytail, her cap often rammed on her head slightly angled. Yet, like her team-mates, the ten year old shined through too. Numbuh 5 still talked in third person and was still as calm, logical and cool as ever… but her new found ability was reading people's body language - after all she was a top spy.

Sector V were the best of the best. 'Legendary' was only one of the few phrases to describe them. They pretty much rocked.

Numbuh 1 through 5 were currently walking through the corridors of the moon base on their way to a debriefing about Father with Numbuh's 86, 60 and the soophreme leader herself, Numbuh 362.

"Ahh! Where's Numbuh 5's Ipod?"

"Gimme…that…chilli dog…"

"Numbuh 3! GIMME MAH COMIC!"



"Now, now team. Settle down!"

"Numbuh 5 won't give you yo' chili dog unless yooz'll help Numbuh 5 find her Ipod!"

"Mmm… chilli dog!"



Numbuh 362 smirked to herself as she heard Sector V coming, rather nosily, down the corridor. Placing a blonde hair behind her ear, she smiled and turned towards Numbuh 86 and Numbuh 60, waiting for the door to swing open revealing the team.

As predicted the door swung open revealing Numbuh 1 slapping his forehead, followed by Numbuh 2 greedily inhaling a chilli dog, Numbuh 5 bobbing her head listening to her MP3 and…


…Numbuh 4, red with anger chasing a laughing Numbuh 3, who had his comic.

Numbuh 362 smirked again, raising a quizzical eyebrow, "Sector V?"

Sector V paused in mid action. Numbuh 1 glanced up, a large red handprint on his forehead. Numbuh 2 looked up and slowly wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Numbuh 3 stopped laughing and blushed, as she realized Numbuh 4 had caught her around the waist. Numbuh 4, realizing their position, hastily let go, then wrenched his comic from Numbuh 3's hands, whilst turning red. Numbuh 5 coolly removed her earphones from her ears and placed her Ipod into her pocket.

"Ready for debriefing, Numbuh 362." said Nigel. They casually saluted and walked towards their seats, Numbuh 4 glaring at Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 3 sticking her tongue out at him.

Numbuh 1 took his seat first, closest to Numbuh 362 and observed his surroundings.

Numbuh 362 was sitting next to him, roughly collecting her files from the stack of paper in front of her. At 12, Rachel Emily McKenzie was soophreme leader of the KND. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was usually kept back with her famous helmet. She wore dark blue flare jeans, white sneaker with yellow stripes and an aqua top underneath her orange jumper with black stripes on the sides. He smiled suddenly for no reason before turning his gaze onto Numbuh 60.

Numbuh 60 was leaning casually back on his chair playing with a toothpick. 12 year old Patton Ian Drilovsky was commander of the artic base. He wore dark blue baggy jeans and white sneakers with black stripes. He wore a dark forest green zip-up jumper and his jet-black hair was kept in place by an orange baseball cap always worn backwards.

Numbuh 1 finally looked at Numbuh 86. At 12 Francine Fulbright was still the scary, Irish, hot-head she was when she was ten. Though during two years she had ditched the stupid helmet and instead let her just-longer-than-shoulder length hair tumble down her back. Her hair was surprisingly straight and her red bangs usually covered her eyes. She wore a green jumper with an orange top underneath and dark blue flare jeans, with white sneakers.

By the time Numbuh 1 had looked around, everyone was ready for debriefing. The whole point on the meeting was to discuss how to stop Father's and The Delightful Children From Down The Lane's next attempt to sabotage and takeover the moon base.

"Right." Began Rachel. "We all know Father is going to attempt to attack the moon base sooner or later, his activity has been quite… quiet lately."

Rachel glanced around. Nigel, Hoagie, Kuki, Abby, Fanny and Patton were all paying attention but Wally wasn't. His gaze was focused on something at the end of the room, his eyebrows were furrowed and he was frowning.

Rachel sighed, "Numbuh 4."

Wally turned his head towards Rachel but his eyes were still on the other side of the room, "Yeah?"

Rachel bit her cheek and noticed he frowned deeper at whatever he was looking at. "Will you please pay attention?"

"Oi will." said Wally, looking her in the eye. "When you tell me woit that thing is."

All operative's followed Wally's finger which was pointing at the end of the room. Kuki gasped. Floating in mid-air at the end of the room was a small blue sphere. The orb seemed to be pulsing and gradually began moving towards the kids.

Abby glared at the sphere full of suspicion and curiosity, "What is that?"

"That…" said Hoagie, still staring at the orb. "Is a good question…"

The orb had reached the middle of the table, positioning itself so that the kids had it surrounded below.

Patton looked at it quizzically, his eyebrows furrowing, "Is it- Is it getting bigger?"

The orb had began to swell slowly but it was pulsing more rapidly than before.


The operative's surrounding the sphere jumped backwards as an Australian accented voice came from the orb.

"NUMBUH 43!"








The kids stared at the orb which began growing in size. There was voices coming out of the orb. Fanny was shocked - what the crud was going on? Was this one of Father's tricks? That voice was so familiar though…

Abby glanced round the table, Hoagie was standing beside her staring at the orb wearing a mask of half- utter astonishment, half-excitement. Trust Hoagie. Abby smiled before realizing were she was, she looked around the room again. Nigel was looking at Rachel, as if awaiting instruction and Rachel was looking back helplessly. Fanny and Patton were staring at the orb fearfully and Kuki was hiding behind Wally who was staring at the orb, as if daring it to do it's worse.

"WHAT DO WE DO! WHAT DO WE DO!" The voices from the box thing was getting louder and clearer.





Kids Next Door? Rachel frowned. Was that Kids Next Door operative's voices? If so… why where they coming from a weird, pulsing orb?

Nigel flinched as a computerized voice spoke instead of a human voice, "KIDS NEXT DOOR J.U.M.P.E.R HAS BEEN ACTIVATED. PREPARE TO JUMP IN 5-"












The sphere of light began pulsing, twisting and grew brighter at an alarming rate. The kids surrounding the orb ducked, fear of being caught in the strange light.

Suddenly as it had appeared the orb stopped pulsing and grew duller. Wally glared at the orb which had now reached the size of a small set of drawers. The voices and screaming, Nigel noted, had stopped.


"Numbuh 362-" began Numbuh 1.


Five kids suddenly fell out of the blue sphere landing onto of the table, causing it to crack with the weight. After the last kid fell, the orb twisted and pulsed… then vanished. Silence took over the KND operative's as they looked at the five kids lying on the table.

After about a minute, a girl with sunglasses lying crookedly on her nose sat up, unaware of the KND's presence began rubbing her temples and sighed. The girl closed to her eyes and began to speak, "Numbuh 25-"

A dark-skinned girl jumped upright on the table and glared at another blonde girl, who was dizzily sitting up, and pointed an accusing finger at her, "NUMBUH 25'S GONNA KILL YAH!"

The blonde narrowly escaped and slid off the table as the dark-skinned girl launched herself at her. Glaring at the girl she retaliated, "AH DIDNAE MEAN TO TOUCH THE CRUDDY BUTTON!"

The dark-skinned girl roughly grabbed a tattered red hat she had dropped when she fell and rammed it on her head, before jumping of the table and chasing the tall blonde girl, who began running at a surprisingly fast pace. As the two random girls chased each other back and forth, throwing insults at each other, the other three kids groggily stood up and helped each other off the table.

Sector V and Numbuh's 362, 86 and 60 stood, unnoticed and stunned at the events before them. They stared at the two girls running amok and the two boys who stood besides the girl with the sunglasses.

A small black-haired boy glared at the two girls running riot before asking, "Shall I stop them?"

The girl rubbed her temples again and replied wearily, "Please."

"Right." The black haired boy turned towards the girls and sucked in a deep breath. "NUMBUH 25 AND NUMBUH 43, STOP RIGHT NOW!"

The two girls stared at the black-haired boy, who glared back before slowly walking back towards the two boys and girl before them. The girl with the sunglasses fixed her glasses so they weren't crooked but sitting straight, before turning to her team-mates, "Okay team, we first need to figure out where we are and-"

"Your at the Kids Next Door moon base." informed Hoagie, finding his voice.

The five kids turned, stunned as they steadily took in there surroundings. Nigel looked at the kids. They defiantly seemed younger than them, around ten or eleven years old.

Kuki looked at the tall blonde girl, who had been chased seconds earlier. She was easily the tallest of the kids and had straight waist-length blonde hair and blonde bangs, which acted as a fringe blocking her eyes from view. She wore an orange long sleeved zip-up hoodie which was too big for her, baggy dark blue jeans and white sneakers with orange and green stripes.

Abby looked at the smallest girl of the group, who had chased the blonde girl earlier. She was dark-skinned and wore her tattered red hat at an angle like Abby. Her jet-black hair was pulled into two low bunches at the base of her neck and her eyes was hidden due to her hat. She wore a light blue, short sleeved zip-up hoodie on top of a white long-sleeved top, light blue flare jeans and white sneakers with dark blue stripes.

Hoagie looked at the small black-haired boy who had stopped the girls fight earlier. He was obviously the smallest of the kids and his black bowl cut hair reminded him of a ten-year old Wally. His black bangs hid his eyes from view and he was smirking mischievously. He wore a baggy green hoodie and black baggy jeans, with white sneakers with orange stripes.

Wally looked at the other boy. He wasn't the tallest but he wasn't the smallest either. He had a messy blonde hair that stuck up in all the wrong places and bright piecing blue eyes. He wore a black zip-up hoodie with aqua slashes along the sides. An orange top was peeking out the bottom of the hoodie, overlapping his dark blue baggy jeans and white sneaker with red stripes.

Patton looked at the girl with the sunglasses. She was tall and had long brown hair that reached her waist, but no fringe as a red hair-band constricted her hair back off her face. She wore a red short-sleeved top on top of a black long sleeved top, light blue jeans and white sneakers with yellow stripes.

The brown haired girl looked slightly dense as the astonishment of the KND's presence was still sinking in, "Oh."

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