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Love Rachel.

Chapter 6

"Oh my god." The orange-clad and green-clad pair broke apart and spun around in surprise to see a younger operative at the end of the hall, staring at them in awe. "You just kissed her."

The smaller blonde operative turned and ran, before the pair had time to register the incident.

Kuki squeaked, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in shock. Wally's throat felt uneasily dry. "Shit."

She placed her hand in the middle of their 'circle'. Stacy and Daniel placed their hands on top of hers, one by one.

"Operation: Dark Future…" They drew up there hands and let them fall back to there sides. Natasha's eyes narrowed. "Activated."

"Will you stop that!"

Kayla eyed the small boy next to her, idly chewing on her lip. Rikki appeared to be having extreme abdominal discomfort.

"You look constapa-"


The blonde blinked as her hair settled around her face. Rikki still breathing heavily in front of her. "Woah. Chill, dude."

"Then stop biting your lip, you're gonna' muck up your teeth!"

"How could biting my lip do that?"

The boy stared at her, a blank look upon his face. The blonde's eyebrows furrowed. "What?"

The boy let his head fall onto the table, accompanied with a loud bang. "…Ow."

Kayla rolled her eyes. "Well that was a bit silly, wasn't it?"


Nigel turned just in time to watch a blonde object dart past the doorway, the scream fading away as quickly as it had pierced the silence. "Well that was weird."

Rachel nodded her head. "Noted."

Kayla's eyes returned to her daydream, quickly bored of the distraction to her argument, staring at the wall. Rikki watched teeth grinding as her saw her lip move slowly between her teeth-


Nigel and Rachel sat opposite the bickering pair, torn between confusion and laughter. The two were just plain strange in comparison to their friends. While Kayla and Rikki seemed to play the role of the oblivious nature, Rachel couldn't help but notice the sharp but oh-so-quick glances out of the corner of the pairs eyes to the space they sensed their friends.

Talk of the devil, the other three were making their way, almost cautiously, over. Natasha's eyes appeared too wide, showing the hyper-awareness of herself to her surroundings. Stacy radiated calmness to the untrained eye but the slight twitch of her index finger on her left hand indicated nervousness. Danny's frown just seemed more sinister than usual.

The supreme leader of the KND couldn't help but feel a sense of unease as the trio advanced towards them.

Reaching their table, Stacy adjusted her hat before clearing her throat and indicating to Rachel. "May I have a word?

Abby couldn't quite recall the last time Hoagie had been so clueless. She'd broken the chaste kiss shyly only to see him gawking at her.

She shifted, uncomfortable. "Hoagie?"

"You- I- Please tell me that-"


"Please tell me you didn't just do that because they're here?"

Abby wasn't sure what made her advert her gaze from the pilot. The crack in his voice? The sheer number of emotions that ran across his face within that split second, ranging from anger to confusion to hurt to hope? Or the fact that she has a small suspicion that his inquiry was correct?

The shame grasped at her chest as she forced eye contact. She pulled away from him and spoke in whispers. "Ab- Abby thinks we should be getting back."

She stood sharply and turned away from him, hearing him slowly make his way to his own two feet. A grip on her arm forced her to turn and stare him in the eye.

He was frowning. The guilt once again stabbed within her chest as noticed the un-Hoagie trait.


The pair broke eye contact, knocked out of their intense consequence of their actions, as they watched the little blonde manoeuvre her way into the canteen hall, around several operatives and out of the hall at the opposite end to which she entered within several heartbeats.

Hoagie let her go quickly, clenching his fists at his sides, a very 'angry-Wally' characteristic she noted. "Let's go."

Somewhere in the crowd of stilled food-fighting participators, one blissfully unaware of the tension between two team-mates, commented on the little lightening bolt. "Damn, that girl can move."

Fanny stared at the screen, narrowing her eyes. Father's mansion seemed deserted.

Appeared abandoned.

Looked empty.

No one was home.

No matter what way the Irish red-head phrased the fact she simply could not believe it.

"Numbuh 86, you're gonna screw up your eyes if you keep squinting like that."

Fanny spared Patton a small glance out of the corner of her eye accompanied with a brief smile. "Shut up."

Turning her attention back to the screen and ignoring her company's rambling, her eyes focused on one small, seemingly insignificant detail.

"And you don't want to end up wearing glasses, Numbuh 86! I mean-"

"Numbuh 60."

"-you'd get the reputation for being a nerd within seconds! And not to mention-"

"Numbuh 60."

"-that would completely spoil this whole 'angry lady' image you got going on. Which to be honest, I find quite ho-"


"What? It was a compliment!"

The boy finally gave the time of day to turn his gaze towards the red-head. One quick glance told him everything he needed to know.

"We better get a hold of Rachel now."


Eyebrows raised underneath the ushanka as Numbuh 84 turned round to see a wide-eyed blonde running towards him.


"LEE!" The small blonde clutched at the material that draped over the boys shoulders. Eyes wide with the image of the green and orange pair. "You will not BELIEVE what I just saw!"