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Moment of Fear

Ducky, Tony, and McGee were sitting at an outdoor café for lunch. Their current topic of discussion was the many faces of Gibbs and what each one meant. Even Ducky was finding it rather amusing. Of course, he already knew how to decipher the different Gibbs' glares. It was fun for him to listen to Tony and McGee try to figure them out.

"I wonder if he ever gets terrified," said McGee.

"Ha! I doubt he has a frightened face, let alone a terrified one!" Tony said.

Ducky held up his fork and finished chewing. "That's not true," he said then took a sip of his iced tea. "Contrary to what you all believe, Jethro is a human being with human emotions."

"But have you ever seen him afraid?" McGee asked.

"One instance sticks out in my mind, yes," said Ducky without further explanation.

Tony and McGee waited for him to elaborate, but he didn't. They thought this was strange since they usually can't talk about anything without Ducky being reminded of a 10 minute story. "Are you going to tell us about it?" McGee asked, curiosity getting the best of him.

Ducky sighed, contemplating the question. It wasn't as if it were a huge secret; it just happened a while ago. He wasn't sure how Gibbs would feel about the story being told. But he also didn't see any real reason why Gibbs would be upset. Deciding to keep a few details to himself, he finally agreed.

"This was a while ago. A couple of years before you joined NCIS, Tony. Jethro was in an interrogation room. The one that is now painted a darker shade of gray than the others-."

"The one on the end?" asked McGee, eyes widened. "He never goes in there."

"Yeah, I don't think I have ever seen him in there either. He'll interrogate a suspect at his desk before he goes in there," said Tony.

"He wouldn't go back in there after what happened," said Ducky, building the suspense.

"Its haunted, isn't it, Ducky?" Tony inquired. "Gibbs was in there when the walls started bleeding and telling him to get out, right?"

Ducky laughed. "No, nothing like that. Not really. I mean, there was some blood on the wall that the cleaners couldn't scrub off completely. That's why the room is painted darker than the others."

"But what happened?" Now Tony's curiosity was getting the best of him.

"Jethro was in the interrogation room talking with a young woman-."

"How young is young?" asked Tony.

"Late 20s. Now do you want to hear the rest of the story?"


"Anyway, I hear she got very upset. Hysterical, even. Jethro tried to calm her down, but she fought with him. He told me he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her up against the wall to try to subdue her. She suddenly went limp and looked as though she had fainted. He started sliding her down the wall to gently lay her down. Then he noticed the blood smeared on the wall. He pulled her away from and saw the back of her head was matted with blood and her hair. I guess he started screaming for someone to call 911. One of the other agents called for me to come up and examine her until the ambulance got there.

"When I walked into the room there was a couple of agents standing around. Gibbs was sitting on the floor with the woman's head in his lap. The poor girl was losing a lot of blood by the looks of it. And Gibbs was covered in it. All over the front of him. He told me he couldn't tell if she were breathing or not. That was when I saw that terrified look on his face. He thought he had killed her." Ducky didn't see a need to tell Tony and McGee that Gibbs was nearly hysterical himself.

"Wow," said McGee. "Gibbs roughed up a suspect."

"And a woman," Tony added.

"He didn't mean to hurt her. He was very upset about it."

"What happened to her, Ducky?"

"Well, Timothy, she ended up being alright. She was unconscious until the next morning. When she woke up, there was about 10 minutes when she couldn't remember anything, including her name. But it all came back to her and everything was fine."

"And she didn't sue Gibbs for assault?"

"She's probably in prison, Probie. What good would that have done?"

"She never went after Jethro in anyway. And she's not in prison. She didn't do anything. And it would undoubtedly be best if you didn't mention this to him. Or anyone else for that matter. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it to you two."

Tony and McGee agreed. The next 5 minutes they finished their lunch. The agents noticed they were going to be late and just couldn't wait to see Gibbs' furious face! Ducky told them lunch was on him. They thanked him and left. Ducky paid the bill and finished his tea. He knows he should trust the two young agents, but he still wondered if they would keep quiet.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Hello…I'm just about to head back…Actually, wanted to tell you something. I told Tony and McGee about what happened in that interrogation room…The accident between you and Jethro…Don't worry about that. They don't know its you. They think he was interrogating a suspect…Yeah…Are you really alright with this? I told them not to say anything but you know how they get. In fact, they will probably come to you first…Alright…I'll see you in a few minutes…Bye, Abby."

~The End~

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