Based upon Legend of the Seeker, based upon Sword of Truth

Author's Note: Once again, I am reminding everyone that I am a big fan of the Sword of Truth series and am basing this story on a mix of SoT and LotS. That being said, I also welcome questions about the books/series and will be more than happy to respond to you as long as you leave me some way to contact you.

Takes place between episodes 6 (Elixir) and 7 (Identity)

- - TRUTH - -

At first he was just some boy she found in the woods. He saved her life, but she was the Mother Confessor, so that didn't really matter. Where she came from, people were obligated to save her life. Where she was from, she was used to ignoring people unless they needed her services as a Confessor, or she, as a Confessor, needed their services.

But, Richard was different.

She was unaccustomed to having a friend. All she had ever had was her sister and her sister confessors. The rest feared her. They respected her, but feared her.

So he was her first real friend, and she valued that more than almost anything else.

So, then he was just a friend . . . and the Seeker, of course. That was pretty important. He was the Seeker and it was her job, as the Mother Confessor, to protect him.

She protected him because he was her friend, too.

But, then things changed. Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with her.

And the worst part was that she was in love with him too.

Well, she thought she was, but she would not let herself believe it. The sight of him made her heart smile, and she never enjoyed being around anyone as much as she did Richard, except maybe her sister. But her sister was dead now and Richard and Zedd were all she had.

Zedd. Zedd would not approve of this.

Zedd was right.

She was the Mother Confessor for goodness sake!

She shouldn't be getting all giddy inside for some boy, whether he is the Seeker or not. Whether he is exceptionally handsome or not. Whether he makes her smile, makes her heart warm, or makes her feel special or not.

She stopped herself once again. She could not let this happen. She could not let herself be in love with Richard.

Her love would destroy him, whether she touched him or not. If he knew that she had feelings for him it would crush him because he loved her too. Even if he didn't, it would ruin him because he was so caring, and responsible, and loving, and considerate . . . But if she did let herself get carried away, all those things would disappear behind magic.

Her magic, her vile magic.

No, her magic was a gift and a responsibility which she was trusted with. It was only vile if used for the wrong reasons. She was a good person.

She did not love Richard.

They were friends and she was simply there to protect and assist the Seeker in his quest.

At least, that was what she told herself.

- - - - FIN - - - -