Fandom : House M.D.

Rating : T

Title : Trapped

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Pairing : HousexForeman

Side Pairings : Mentioned HousexStacy

Warnings : Slash, MxM, Lang, MxF, Het

Summary : On either side of the quarantine room wall, Foreman and House share a moment. HouseForeman. Set During Euphoria I.

Dedication : momsboys, who said she thought i could do it. So i gave it a shot.

Date : 12-09-08

Set in the middle of 'Euphoria Part One', during when Foreman finds out that the pain from the policeman came from the pain center of brain.

Foreman wobbled over to the policeman, holding his IV, and watched the EKG monitor, wincing as he noticed the man was still in pain, even though he was in a coma.

He sighed, and walked dejectedly over to his bed, looking at the picture in the book that house had smuggled in here. Cameron had taken it, and she had caught himself and Greg kissing in the office, and snapped a picture.

Greg had thrown his cane at her, and Foreman had chased her down, trying to get the camera, but she put it down her shirt, and Foreman shivered.

He wasn't even going anywhere close to that area. That was why he was gay, so he didn't have to do that outside a medical situation.

They had finally given up, and a week later a envelope had appeared on House's desk, and in his briefcase. A double print of the picture.

Foreman loved it. House actually looked like he enjoyed what they were doing, and he himself looked the same way.

The looked like a real couple.

Foreman sometimes doubted Greg. He wondered if he was just a stand-in for Stacy, or for some other slut.

But then House would kiss him, and he simply…wouldn't care anymore.

Because he would realize that while he may indeed be a stand-in, he was the one that with him now, and not someone else.

It was him that House kissed, and confessed love for. Well…a deep affection for. Not someone else.

Foreman growled to himself. House was his.

Stacy could kiss his black ass.