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So without further ado, or something to that effect, I present the prolog to this possibly short lived tale of Raven.

Something Small Pt. One:


Like all things wondrous and worth spinning yarn about, it starts out small. Minute. An insignificant detail usually lost or disregarded by those unaffected. For some it is the brush of a hand; others a coy smile of immediate attraction across a room. But for Raven, mysterious half demon and member of the crime fighting super hero group called the Teen Titans, it fell upon a simple morning ritual. One that had been religiously executed since she was able to reach a stove top.


A tea cup to be more precise.

Like every other morning before this particular Saturday, Raven Roth walked through the empty kitchen of the T-Tower. Her body carried out the routine of filling the kettle, lighting the burner, and plucking out a chamomile tea bag with conversant ease allowing her mind to revel in the rare silence that settled upon the crime fighting strong hold. It was difficult to find a small moment to herself now a days. With Robin's oppressive concern hovering over her shoulder and the other's sickeningly friendly antics in front, she barely found the time to meditate let alone pee without some form of comforting glance, bone-crunching hug, and or invitation to Stank Ball.

They mean well....

Raven sighed, sitting down at the small island counter that ran parallel with the white washed cabinets and sink. The chair groaned in subtle protest as she shifted against the cool wood grains. She watched as the steam began to lazily curl from the small hole of the black kettle, her thoughts returning to the fiasco of a mission last night.

Red-X had slipped through their finger's once again. Leaving behind a broken display case, pride-pounded leader, and one confused sorceress in his wake.

'Look at her, Sunshine. Forever trapped in that shell of impenetrable glass, begging to be set free. So beautiful and yet so alone. Only to be adored from afar.....But you know, I never was one for 'Look but don't touch'....'

The thief's robotic intonation, changed by the voice distorter embedded in the skull mask he sported, echoed in her mind. Repeating over and over like a mantra.

'Forever trapped....So alone.....Look but don't touch.....'

The shrill whistle, signaling her morning source of sustenance snapped her mind back to the present. Mentally whispering the chant taught to her all those years ago,

Azarath. Metreon. Zinthos.

Raven flicked her wrist and reclined back, waiting for the black umbra to coil from her person and reach out to make her tea.




Raven sat up a little straighter, her brow furrowing in minor confusion. The kettle remained singing away on the stove burner, slowly rising to a new frequency of annoying in pitch.


She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to try again, putting a tad more emphasis on her words.

Azarath. Metreon. Zinthos.



I'm probably just not concentrating hard enough....


She watched in relief as the familiar pull of darkness swept down her arms and snaked off her finger tips in ebony trendils. Nodding in hesitated satisfaction, she allowed herself to recline once more, offhandedly listening for any sign that the others had awoken to her unprecedented noi-

Something in her mind flickered; magic, pulsating from her core slipped off center.

The light shatter of glass followed by the dull thunk's of dripping liquid bolted her upright. Raven pushed back her chair and tentatively walked around the island where she looked upon the broken splinter's of what was once her favorite cup. Porcelain shards winked in the dim stretch of early morning sun while the barely tinted water pooled at the center of the kitchen tile floor. The soft swish of the electric door leading from the upper floors into the open expanse of the living room, caused the half demon to jump. Raven quickly grabbed a towel and began to mop up the evidence of something mildly disconcerting.

Just as a pair of black boots,


stepped out onto the pale white linoleum, Raven tossed the tea-soaked, glass-riddled towel into the trash and bolted up right. Ignoring the questioning gaze of her leader, Raven gracefully scrambled for the door, not trusting her powers of teleportation at the moment. The last thing she needed right now was a tea-repeat and end up stuck halfway in the bathroom floor just as Beast Boy exited the shower.

Raven shuddered in disgust at the colorful image accompanying the unnerving thought. She pulled her cloak tighter around her body as if to stave off the traumatizing mental picture.

I just need to meditate....

One week and four tea cups later, Raven sat on her bed; legs curled beneath her as determined violet eyes gazed upon the reflection in her small hand mirror. Meditation did nothing to repel the small magic lapses that had been randomly transpiring the last seven days. It took a lot to upset the dark enchantress of the T-Tower. Ever since the defeat of her father, Trigon, she had become more comfortable in her skin, more attuned to her powers and senses. The fact that she was losing control unsettled her. The chanting and lotus position were slowly becoming defective against her rampant emotions.

Something was up in Nevermore.

And I intend to find out what it is......

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