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Ok, the muse for this is taken from Twilight the book, with Edward's 'charms' and Bella's 'reactions'. Even a few of the lines belong to either Edward or one of the Twilight Characters.





(Scene/POV Changes)


(John's POV)

I don't know what it was, but ever since our last mission, I've found I've been having a hard time sleeping. It didn't make any sense, and I didn't even try to pretend to understand it. I'd do my usual routine of showering, changing and heading to bed, and had no trouble dozing off, but more often than not, I'd find myself awakened and I never understood why.

This is the third night and my eyes felt like lead as I slowly sat up and looked around in confusion. I never understood what it was that kept waking me up. "'Hello?" I muttered to myself in irritation when I got no answer, and rubbed at my eyes. Blinking a little, I slowly got up and walked over to the light switch, turning on the lights. "Huh, nothing." No one was there, as usual. "This is getting really annoying."

I hesitated by the lights, not sure if I wanted to go back to bed and try to get more sleep, though somehow I knew it wouldn't work, or if I wanted to go to the infirmary. I had my hand raised, and all I had to do was swipe it over the control to turn off the lights, but I frowned and sighed noisily before turning and slipping on my socks and shoes, making my way out of the room and to the infirmary.

As I walked down the hall, I noticed how quiet it was, and frowned, wondering where the night watch was. Sure, there were only a skeleton crew on during the nights, but as I walked down the halls and took the transporters to the infirmary, I still couldn't help feel like something was wrong when I didn't even pass one person. I made my way past the jumper bay, but suddenly froze. Frowning, I turned my head to the open door and hesitated. What…? I didn't know what it was, but I had a sudden urge to go in. I knew there was nothing really in there, other than the jumpers, including the one we took on our last mission.

For a brief moment, my mind flashed back to a strange sarcophagus we found in some ancient stone ruins on our mission, a few days ago. Had the team had time to unload it? Rodney would have insisted, despite how late it was. If it was too late, though, and no one thought of it…

"Maybe I should…" Walking inside, I went straight to the jumper and stepped into the back. That's when I noticed two things. First, there were two bodies on the ground. I recognized them as two of the night watch. Second, there was a third person in the jumper, another marine of the night watch, and she was standing next to the glowing sarcophagus. I froze.

Not something I usually do.

Smiling at me, she carefully stepped over the bodies and approached me. Stepping up to me, she reached out, and her eyes glowed. "Thank you for finally coming." Her words were so quiet, and yet I heard them so clearly. As I studied her face, I couldn't help but notice just how beautiful she was. Her eyes were such a light green, they almost seemed to glow, and her skin was tanned and smooth.

I couldn't help but reach out to touch her face, part of me wondering if she was even real. My hand skimmed over her cheek, and to her hair before running through the length of it as I admired the chocolate silk.

"Finally. I've been waiting for four days. Five days is all I have." She breathed out a sigh and leaned her face into my touch, closing her eyes and finishing the journey with her hand, to touch my face. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to come." That's when I realized how cold she was. As she touched my face, I watched her smile and lean in against me. "Hold me…?"

Part of my mind was screaming no. There was something seriously wrong here, and I knew it, yet I couldn't help but give her what she wanted. I felt powerless to resist her amazing beauty and soft voice. Wrapping my arms around her shoulders, I closed my eyes and relaxed. That's when the painful jolt ran through me. My eyes shot open and I felt my mouth open to scream, but nothing came out. The pain intensified quickly before fading, and everything turned black.

(The Next Morning, Normal POV)

"What caused this?" Elizabeth was looking over two reports in front of her, and frowned. "Three bodies, you're sure?" She shook her head. "But the CCTV wasn't working, and you didn't see anything?" She looked to a marine standing in front of her, three members of Sheppard's team behind him, as she'd called them upon hearing they had murders. Looking past the marine, she frowned for a moment. Where's John?

The marine nodded. "Yes ma'am. We're not entirely sure what happened, Dr. Beckett's examining the bodies now. It looks like they were drained of their life, though, kind of like what happens with the Wraith." He shuddered.

Elizabeth's eyes widened in horror and her face spun to Teyla's. "Do you sense anything?"

Teyla shook her head. "I do not."

With a relieved nod, Elizabeth dismissed the marine and turned to the reports, seemingly looking over them a moment. It was only a minute later that John came jogging into the room, out of breath.

"Sorry, I was on the other side of Atlantis." He shrugged apologetically, gesturing to his jogging pants and t-shirt. He was a little sweaty, but he'd never looked better, and Elizabeth found herself blushing at the thought.

"At this time of the morning?" Elizabeth frowned at him before shaking her head. "Never mind. We have a problem, it looks like there were three murders last night." She noted how John's expression turned distant a moment before he frowned. She hesitated, staring into his green eyes, finding herself losing track of what she was saying as she got lost in them. Then she shook her head and focused. "We're not sure what happened, but it looks like they were…." She shrugged. "Drained of life, left as lifeless mummies." She gestured to her report. "All three of them were marines, members of the night watch, and their bodies were found in the back of the jumper you guys used a few days ago."

Rodney suddenly sat up straight, his eyes wide. "Wait, was there any damage to the sarcophagus?" He noticed Elizabeth's confused frown and sighed in exasperation. "We brought back a strange sarcophagus from the planet, and it was too late to get anyone to drag it to the lab, so we left it in the jumper for the night." He raised his hand. "Not that I didn't try to get it moved." He frowned for a moment. "Did anyone ever go back to move it??"

"Rodney…" Elizabeth seemed to scan the reports again. "There was nothing unusual in the back of the jumper, and no mentions of a sarcophagus." Her eyes flashed to John, who looked more confused than she felt he should have, given the situation. He also looked pale and tired and she made a mental note to talk with him as soon as she had a moment. "Also, it looks like the CCTV might have been tampered with. There were no feeds last night. Rodney, do you think you can take a look and see if you can get something?"

He nodded and grabbed his computer tablet, beginning to type furiously.

"Alright, you're dismissed, but I want everyone to stay on guard. Oh, and John? Can I have a word with you, please?" She watched as annoyance seemed to flicker across his face for a moment before disappearing and he nodded as the others left. For a moment, she was a little hurt. She was worried about him, and he was annoyed with her? Is he ok? "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, just a little tired." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"You were out running, at this time in the morning?" It was pretty early. "Did you have more trouble sleeping last night?"

"I had a little trouble earlier in the night, but later I just slept right through. I just woke up early, that's all." He stared hard at her, his eyes clearly telling her he didn't want to talk.

Focusing on him, Elizabeth felt her breath catch in her throat. It was strangely almost like his eyes were glowing. She knew better, of course, but she never really noticed all the colors that seemed to shimmer within them. "Um…" She was confused. She'd never been so flustered with John. She usually felt comfortable around him, this was very strange. "Maybe you should see Carson. You're a little pale." Or maybe I should be the one to go see him. This isn't right.

His eyes narrowed and he frowned. "I'm fine, really."

Fighting back a shiver at his tone, she watched as his eyes lightened and he threw a smirk her way, making her blush. She'd never really noticed how his crooked smirk could make him seem younger and more handsome. "John."

His eyes narrowed even more. "Elizabeth…" She shivered at his tone as he said her name. "I'm really ok. I probably just need a little more sleep, that's all."

Nodding hesitantly, Elizabeth reluctantly allowed herself to accept that. "Alright. Dismissed…?" She didn't mean for it to come out as a question, but it was quite unnerving, the reactions she felt around him. Watching as he nodded, grinned at her and left, she put her head in her hands and took several deep breaths, only now noticing how fast her heart was pumping. What was that?!

When she'd gotten her heart rate and blushing under control, she turned her attention to the reports and frowned. They included pictures of the bodies, and each one did indeed remind her of a dried up mummy. As she looked, she noticed they were fallen around a wide area. Almost as if there was something in the middle of that jumper, at one time.

With a frown, she called for Major Evan Lorne. It didn't take him long to get to her room, telling her he must have been close by.

"Major, come here." She beckoned him over. Showing him the full image of the back of the jumper with the three bodies, she frowned. "Is it me, or does it look like something belongs there?"

He frowned at the image. "Huh, it does, doesn't it?"

With a nod, she put down the papers and recalled what Rodney had said. "When Sheppard's team returned from their last mission, they brought with them a strange alien sarcophagus, right?" And no one had thought to move it in the days after?

Evan nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, I saw it. It wasn't very impressive." He shrugged. "But then, that's probably why I'm a marine and Dr. McKay's the scientist."

Elizabeth couldn't help her grin as she nodded. "True." Sobering up, she sighed, her mind flashing back to the odd behaviour of John. "I'd like you to arrange search teams and see if you can't find this sarcophagus."

"Shouldn't Colonel Sheppard do that, ma'am?"

She shook her head. "Colonel Sheppard's…." Hot, gorgeous, unbelievably sexy, a god… Forcing her mind to stop helpfully supplying images and words, she frowned. "Not well. I don't see any reason you can't do it." She turned to him. "And maybe you can put something in the network. A description of the sarcophagus?"

"Do we mention the murders?"

She shook her head again. "No, I think it'll only cause unnecessary risk." She stood up slowly, grabbing the reports before turning to him. "You have your orders." Though they were more requests. "Dismissed."

With a nod and salute, Evan headed out, grabbing a couple of marines as he went.


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