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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Kingdom Hearts. Yes, that's right, Kingdom Hearts. Today, I'm going to tour the Castle That Never Was for a report that is due tomorrow for my Head Master. More than likely, he just wants my heart to be stolen. Oh well! So, here's a re-cap of what I have gone through so far:

I got in a fight with a mob of heartless and kicked their ass.

I got in a fight with Nobodies and kicked their ass.

I met up with Riku (Who looks great by the way) and he gave me some potions. And,

I fought with Roxas and got knocked out.

So without further interruptions, I'm going to start the show, as they say...

How We Met

"HEY!!! Let me out of here you jerks! I've got to be somewhere tomorrow or I'm dead!" I shouted. I was trapped. Well not exactly. I was imprisoned. The same people I worked so hard to meet had put me in a cell! Without any type of chair or bathroom facility! I had to get out, if only to go to the bathroom, but also to get this stupid report done. And on top of that, I had a major headache! "I swear to god, if I get out of here and make it back to the academy tomorrow, I'm going to shove my fist so far down that old asshole's mouth, that he's gonna need surgery by the time I'm finished with him!" I mumbled out loud to myself. Somewhere close by, I heard a chuckle. "Oh so you think this is funny?! Am I your comedian for the night?!" I questioned the chuckle, "Why don't you laugh in my face so I can-." I got cut off by a strict voice.

"Be quiet." I quieted, only because I would like to live longer than 14. "Thank you. I will let you out, only if you will stay quiet and do not say a word till I tell you so." The voice was masculine and had an accent. I couldn't really say anything because he told me to be quiet, so he came over to the door and let me out. He, I suppose I couldn't really tell with the hood over his face, was taller than my 5'4 and was slender. I couldn't tell if he was sizing me up or checking me out so I just gave him this stare that said "You mess with me and I will cut out your vital organs." He laughed at my expression and took off his hood. He had blonde hair, and a moustache beard thing that was blond. His eyes were blue and they seemed cunning. He had piercings on his ears, one of which was the insignia of the Nobodies of Organization XIII. I had to open my mouth.

"Hey! I have to interview you!"

He looked at me in surprise then in annoyance. "I said to keep your mouth shut."

"Actually you told me to stay quiet. But anyway-." Again, I got cut off.

"Luxord! Why did you let that little pest out!?" A shorter person came running over to us and glared at me. I could a sworn I recognized him from somewhere…

"Number XIII, it's not really any of your concern what I do with this child-." I cut him off mid sentence.

"I'm not a child. I could be older than him for all you know," I stated, "And shorty over here shouldn't be yelling in my ear." Number XIII as Luxord called him, seemed pissed off. At me.

"I'm not short! I'm taller than you. And I kicked your ass!" he yelled at me. It was all coming back now. I fought him, and I lost! The last thing I remember his him dragging me into a black thing and that was it.

"YOU'RE THE JERK THAT PUT ME IN HERE?!" I screamed at him. I was beyond pissed off now. My head hurt like crap and I still had to use the bathroom and I had to be at school tomorrow or I would be expelled. I couldn't take it anymore! I tackled him without warning and started to punch his face. Luxord tried to pull me off of him, but I elbowed him in the face. Somehow, Number XIII kicked me in the stomach. I rolled off of him and he jumped on me and started to pound my face in. I swear it went on like this for five minutes and by then, we drew a crowd and people where cheering for me, the new kid, or him, Roxas. And by then, someone was pulling me off of him. I didn't have too many bruises, and neither did he. We were evenly matched and still ticked off with one another. I wanted to rip him a new one but someone cut in before I could get myself free of my captor.

"Number Thirteen!" A man with long silver hair and very brown skin came and stood in front of me. "I did not expect you to get into a squabble with a child, and disobey an order of a superior. I will deal with you later. Leave." He commanded. Mind you he looked like the leader type and Roxas high tailed it out of there. As for the crowd they left as well because there wasn't anything to watch. Well, almost everyone left. A blue haired man with a 'X' scar across his face stayed in the background. Luxord was still holding me. "Number Ten. Since you let this little annoyance out of her prison, you get to keep an eye on her till I can figure out what to do with her." And with that, he stepped into a black portal thing and left. The same goes for the blue haired guy. Luxord let go of me and sighed heavily.

"Bloody hell!" He glared at me and sighed again. "Great. Now I'm a bloody babysitter to some snot nosed child!" He opened one of those portal things and took a step in it. I stepped back. "Well come on. It's not going to eat you alive." He joked and I took another step back. "Oh for Kingdom Hearts sake, would you grow a spine and get in the damn thing!" He grabbed for my hand and I jerk back and ran.

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