Thrill of the Chase


Acrid smoke billowed darkly into the air from what was left of the ship.

Once a noble three-masted vessel of great power and dignity, she foundered upon the waves with a gaping hole in her midsection and sections of her deck, bulwark and rails strewn about her like so much wooden confetti.

James Norrington frowned heavily as he watched from the deck of the Dauntless, knowing that the catastrophe that lay in front of him was the work of pirates.

Again, blasted pirates!

The few survivors spoke fearfully of an ebony ship with sails of tattered midnight canvas that emerged from the cover of darkness and fog and ravaged their ship with practiced ease.

The rest of the crew had fallen victim to the futile attempt at resistance, and those that were lucky enough to get off the ill-fated ship were doubly fortunate to escape unnoticed.

They had to be stopped, these pirates.

Norrington knew all about pirates. They lived by the cutlass and the pistol and took what they could by force; stealing, pilfering and looting in order to survive.

Except for these pirates.

The captain of the notorious Black Pearl took a ship such as the one sinking before him not only because of the promise of wealth and riches, Norrington knew.

No, that pirate also plundered an innocent ship just for the sheer enjoyment of it...