*If she gets any colser i might not be able to restrain myself,* Ginny thought. Ginny and Luna were in the library studying history. Luna was extremly close to Ginny, their arms nearly touching on the table. Luna was looking at Ginny expectantly. "What did you say?" Ginny asked smiling sheepishly. "Lost in the world of thought?" Luna asked smiling in that dreamy way. "Yeah, I guess," Ginny said. They studied for a few more hours finishing the essay that had been assigned. "So what now?" Ginny asked standing up and stretching. "We need to work on potions still," Luna replied. "Ugh, why did you remind me?" Ginny groaned even though Potions was one of her best subjects. Luna smiled,"You asked what now, so i told you."

"So cruel you are," Ginny sighed. "Really you think so?" Luna asked. "No, I was only joking," Ginny said smiling. "Hmm," Luna said and they finished their homework. When they were done They collected their books and got up. "You had said you wanted to talk to me after we were done with the homework, what was it?" Ginny asked. "Oh that, nevermind," Luna said waving her hand dissmissivly and starting to walk away. With a slight growl Ginny put her books back on the table and grabbed Luna by the arms and spun her around. "What were you wanting to talk about?" Ginny asked. "It was nothing important really," Luna said. Ginny let go and said,"Anything you have to say is important," Ginny said softly.

What Ginny last said made her mind up. Taking a deep breath Luna said,"Ginny i think i love you." Ginny stood there a moment processing the information while Luna stood there seemingly in her own little world as was normal. Ginny hugged Luna tightly. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Ginny asked. "I...I didn't want to distract you," Luna replied. "So thoughtful, though you should've just told me," Ginny said. "Do you feel the same as i do?" she asked. Instead of answering Ginny kissed Luna full on the lips. Luna smiled into the kiss and returned it. When the came apart Ginny was smiling. "You're beautiful," Ginny said glad she could finally say that without fear. Luna smiled and rested her head on Ginny's shoulder. Smiling Ginny Wrapped and arm around her waist and picked up her books. They left like that smiling .