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The tall, dark haired man sighed as he finally turned the key to the room he and his team had rented for the duration of their missions. It had taken him some time to outwit the electronic security systems his target had used in his office building, but a few henge had taken care of that. He had the information the Hokage had wanted and he had destroyed any data that even hinted at the existence of a "hidden" continent.

Not that there had been much to destroy, mostly a collection of old books that had no business to be in the possession of a foreigner anyway. This country was still pure enough, the spirit of the people still strong enough that no tainted children were born in its lands.

The first thing he noticed, when he entered the room, was the silence. While the little Uchiha heir never talked unless it was required, he sometimes feared that his other two Genin would one day cause his ears to fall off to save his sanity.

Two heads swivelled in his direction and shortly after two Genin looked up into his face with pleading eyes.

"I'm so glad that you're back, Kaoru-Sensei!" sobbed Maya, her lips trembling in remembered fear.

Kaoru raised his eyebrows questioningly. Before he could inquire as to the cause of her distress, the other Genin had locked his arms around Kaoru's torso.

"You have to help us, sensei." Hibari whispered despairingly.

"What do you mean he has to help us? Sensei, you have to save the poor child!" Maya rebuked her teammate.

"Alright, that's enough out of you two. What did you do and where is Itachi?" Kaoru said, prying Hibari's arms off.

"He's in the other room." Hibari answered, pointing at the closed door to their right.

"And what did you do that requires my help?"

"Well, all we did was tell him that he couldn't actually keep the child even if he paid for it." This time it was Maya who replied in a quiet voice, hoping that Itachi wouldn't hear her.

Kaoru blinked and went over the answers in his mind again. No, they still didn't make any sense. But what else did he expect from those two? Those two were scared of Itachi and tried to hide it behind loud laughter and silly little pranks and arguments.

Sighing loudly, he asked: "Did you destroy anything?"

The Genin shook their heads.

"Has anyone seen you make use of your shinobi skills?"

Again the two shook their heads.

"Then I don't want to know. Go and pack your things, we're leaving." He ordered them sternly.

"But, sensei, Itachi...." Hibari tried to protest.

"Go and pack your things, I will go and fetch Itachi myself." He interrupted sharply. Their irrational fear of their teammate was getting old, fast and it was getting on his nerves.

Not three seconds later he would deeply regret not having listened to his students more closely.

Opening the door to the second bedroom, he watched speechlessly as a small, green-eyed child greeted him with a cheerful smile, holding a bowl of rice in his hands.

Itachi turned around and greeted Kaoru with an emotionless: "Welcome back, sensei."

There was a fierce look in Itachi's usually dull obsidian eyes and Kaoru just knew that this wouldn't end well.


"Hai, sensei?"

"Who is that child? And why is it here?"

Suddenly Itachi smiled, it was a small smile, but it was more than Kaoru had ever seen before. An ice-cold shudder ran down his spine.

"This is Harri-chan. She is here because she is my wife." Itachi replied excitedly.

"Your wife?" Kaoru stuttered weakly.

"Hai. I made her family and honourable offer and they accepted. Don't worry, Kaoru-sensei, I remembered to have them sign a contract, too."

Taking another look at the child, Kaoru took in the sight of big, round eyes, pale skin, black curled hair and the way the look of total incomprehension on its small, delicate face and groaned loudly.

"Itachi, this child is an Outsider. Worse, it is a foreigner. The child can't understand a word we're saying." Kaoru pointed out.

"I know, sensei. But after seeing Harry-chan's shining green eyes and warm smile I knew she was the right choice for me. She is even the right age." Obviously the child had improved Itachi's mood enough to make him converse for once instead of answering in one-syllable words. Kaoru wasn't sure that was a good thing.

"Right age?" he hated himself for asking, but it was his job as Itachi's sensei to get to the ground of this.

"Hai. Since you are here I take it we are leaving for Konoha soon?" Itachi inquired, watching as Harri happily ate his second bowl of rice.

"Itachi, please show me the contract. You know I can't just let you take a foreigner with you to Konoha."

Itachi quickly took a scroll out of his vest and gave it to Kaoru.

Kaoru studied the scroll for fifteen minutes, and then gave up with a groan. There was nothing more he or anyone else for that matter could do. Itachi was irrevocably married to a foreign little child that couldn't even speak Japanese.

And while it certainly wasn't a nice thought, it still warmed his heart, as Kaoru imagined what Uchiha Fugaku would have to say about the fact that green eyes and a smile were all it took to destroy all his carefully crafted plans for his heir.




Itachi smiled at Harri as he wrapped him into one of his spare shirts to keep him warm for the journey. The holy gate that led into the heart of Fire country was located at a nearby shrine. It was night and he didn't want his little wife to freeze.

The shrine was owned by one of the seven families that had been chosen by the gods to guard the gates to the Hidden Lands. It was an unbroken line and while the family itself could not use chakra in order that they couldn't be forced to open the way by enemies, the gods gifted them with a special sight and great occult powers that allowed them to ward their shrines and homes.

Harri smiled thankfully up at him and Itachi felt the warmth of that smile to the deepest part of his heart. It hadn't even been a whole day and he could already feel that the old ninja had been right.

He steadfastly ignored his goggling teammates and the resigned and slightly amused mien of his sensei and took Harri's small hand in his.

"We are ready to go, sensei." He informed the Jounin.

"Then let's go. It's getting late and the miko will have to prepare Harri-chan for the journey before we can walk through the gate." Kaoru replied resignedly.

Not wanting his sensei to carry his wife, Itachi declined his offer and carried Harri on his own back. A genjutsu ensured no one saw the group of four run through the streets.

When they entered the grounds of the shrine, the wards washed over them in a gust of wind, alerting the miko to their presence.

The miko was young and waited for them in front of a simple wooden gate, consisting of three timber beams. It was located in her private gardens, so that no visitor may come upon it by chance and witness its activation.

"Welcome back, shinobi. You brought a guest." The miko greeted them serenely.

Kaoru bowed respectfully and pointing at Itachi replied: "This is Harri-chan, Uchiha Itachi's bride by contract."

The miko smiled gently down at Itachi. "Congratulations, Itachi-kun, Harri-chan."

Setting Harri down on the ground, but keeping one of her hands in his, Itachi bowed in thanks.

"If you want to take her with you, she will have to go through a ritual of purification. Since she will be reborn, she will need a new name. That name will have to be written on her chest, directly over her heart. I will need both of your blood to write her name, since it is her who will be reborn and it is you who invited her into the Hidden Lands." She explained gently.

At Itachi's nod, she continued: "First Harri-chan will have to be bathed in pure well water. Come, I'll take you to the purification chamber. Be warned, the water will be quite cold, since it comes fresh out of the well."

Leading the two children into her house, she quickly turned to the rest of Itachi's team and said: "Please wait here, it won't take long."

While they followed the kind miko inside, Itachi was already thinking about what kind of name he would give to Harri-chan. It shouldn't be a long name, since Harri was a short name and Itachi didn't want the child to have to get used to too many new things. Yet, it had to fit his Harri-chan's nature, too. It also should fit together with Uchiha well; he didn't want Harri-chan to get mocked by other kids.

Well, he still had a little time to think about it, but he really liked the names Atsuko and Yuu so far.

They entered a big room with a tiled basin let into the floor in the middle of it. A wooden well stood right next to it. Itachi raised an eyebrow. He had never heard of an inside well before.

"Now, Harri-chan, please take off your clothes and stand in the middle on the basin. I will pour buckets of water over your head till the water has freed you of any and all taints, spells or curses. The water will be cold, but please bear it. Since you are a child it shouldn't take more than three buckets."

Knowing that Harri wouldn't understand her instructions, Itachi turned to strip Harri off his clothes. The child docilely let him do so, till Itachi reached for the undergarments. Two small hands clutched at the far too big underpants and looked accusingly up at Itachi.

Itachi sighed, then pointed with his hand first at Harri, then at the basin and then at the buckets of water.

"You want me to take a bath?" Harri asked head questioningly bend to one side.

Of course Itachi didn't understand a word Harri said, but he hoped the child had gotten the meaning as quickly as he had with everything else before.

Hesitatingly Harri took his underpants off and walked to the basin, leaving a surprised Itachi behind.

As the miko began to pour the first bucket of water over Harri's head, Itachi decided that sadly the name Atsuko was out of question now. It was a very feminine name and he didn't want his Harri to be mocked because he was named like a girl when he was in fact, a boy.

After the sixth bucket Harri was shivering uncontrollably and Itachi glared accusingly at the miko.

The woman frowned, pulling another bucket of water up of the well. "I'm sorry, Itachi-kun, but there seem to be three very powerful spells on Harri-chan. It will take at least three more buckets."

Harri had to endure twelve more buckets, before the miko was finally satisfied. Tucking Harri into a white, thick, fluffy towel, the miko smiled tiredly at Itachi. "It is a very good thing that you have brought Harri-chan to me, Itachi-kun. Who knows what would have happened to him if those three spells had stayed."

Itachi bowed once more in thanks, then helped Harri to dry off and put on pants and trousers. The shirt would need to stay off till they went through the gate, since the miko still had to write Harri's new name above his heart.

The miko left them for a short time and returned with a ritual silver knife and wooden bowl. Two quick cuts later, she mixed the boys blood gracefully with a paintbrush. "Just be glad that I'm actually good at calligraphy or Harri-chan would have to live with a very ugly tattoo on his chest."

Harri's dead weight leaned against Itachi's side and he kept an arm around the younger boy to keep him steady. The deep breathing told Itachi that his spouse was deep asleep.

"Now, what shall his new name be?" the miko asked Itachi with a smile.

"His name shall be Uchiha Yuu. Yuu with the Kanji for gentleness, please."

"Then Uchiha Yuu it shall be."

The blood dried quickly and Itachi carried Harri back outside to the gate, where his team was impatiently waiting for him.

"Itachi-kun." The miko stopped him a last time, "Going through the gate will change Harri's, I mean Yuu's, inner energy system, so he might be a little sick for up to two weeks after."

Itachi nodded, thankful for the information and hoping Harri, no Yuu, would not get sick. He wanted his little spouse to be happy. That was his duty as Yuu's husband, now.

He watched as Kaoru-sensei went through a long string of hand seals and then laid a hand on one of the wooden beams. Itachi activated his Sharingan and watched fascinated as chakra ran through all three wooden beams, causing runes and seals that had been invisible before to shine in an intense blue light, one after the other.

When all runes and seals shone with chakra, a blue, opaque wall of chakra suddenly replaced the empty space in the gate. Hibari and Maya went through it without hesitation, glad to finally be on their way home.

Kaoru-sensei motioned Itachi to go through before him. Itachi bowed his head a last time in thanks to the miko and then took Yuu with him through the gate, to the Hidden Lands. As soon as the chakra touched Yuu, the bloody Kanji on his chest glowed once brightly and then went inky black.