Chapter One: I Miss You

"Please don't ever forget me, okay?" Myra looked into his eyes, almost feeling the heavy emotion of sadness filling her heart and nervous about what the man in front of her would say.

"Well…no danger in that." Steve answered, as the two of them said their goodbyes and Myra began her exit from Amore's.

Lying on her angel white hammock in her backyard, the one and only Myra Boutros Boutros Monkhouse sighed with a slight tremble in her breath and a quiver of her lips from remembering that conversation she had with Steve Urkel. The sun had decided to hide its' bright, shining face hours ago and the only lights available came from the few streetlights scattered around on the other side of the fence to her left and the lights illuminating from the living room window in front of her. Myra softly sighed again and felt a wave of sadness crash heavily against her heart. A tear decided to escape Myra's eye and slide down her cheek as she heard a few cars pass by with a loud roar. By now, it had been a few hours after the "disaster" of crashing Steve and her enemy Laura Winslow's date at Amore's and involving the police about Laura "stealing" her watch, only to find out that her "Stevie" decided to be with Laura Winslow and let Myra go. Not to mention that she had regretted telling Steve that she wanted to end their relationship before he revealed that he was going to tell her the same. Sitting with her "rival" Laura and Steve, Myra felt that even if she was no match for Laura in Steve's eyes that she would give it a try anyway. All of her life, she was taught by her mother that if you wanted something, you give it your best shot no matter what. If you don't succeed, try and try again until you get what it is that you want. A quiet mouth does not get fed. The squeakiest wheel gets the oil. Those sentiments rang through Ms. Monkhouse's mind to try to get her to relax, but the image of Steve telling her his true feelings snatched away any good feelings that tried to surface and placed them back into the hidden depths from which they came. She regretted putting a hidden camera into his eyeglasses, but it was the only thing she could do in order to rid the anxiety and pain that comes from knowing the man you desire is with another woman; especially a woman who is NOT RIGHT FOR HIM. She couldn't believe that she had behaved in that way toward Steve. it was as if her envy and jealousy of Laura being around Steve had clouded her judgment, and she deeply regretted it.

Myra figured that a car stopped by the front of her house, due to the sound of the engine running. Myra closed her eyes and felt more tears fall down her face as she suddenly heard the lyrics of a familiar song echo from the car's radio loudly playing even at this time of night.

"Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross your mind anytime?
I miss you…"

-Brian McKnight, "Anytime"

"I need you Steven…I want you…" Myra whispered after hearing the lyrics as the song faded, the effect of the car driving down the street to the next stoplight. Looking into the numerous, bright stars that were floating within the darkness above Myra wiped the tears from under her eyes and closed her eyes. "You're the whipped cream on my sweet potato pie. You're the great star that lights my night sky. I love you Steven Q. Urkel. I'd do anything for you…you don't need that Laura. I need you, and you need me." Myra finished with a sigh.

"I do?" A familiar voice cut its way through the small moment of silence that appeared after Myra had completed her soliloquy.

"STEVEN!" Myra almost fell out of her hammock as she slid out of it and landed on her feet. Looking around, she saw Steve standing in front of her back yard door still dressed in his silver suit that he had worn on the date he had with Laura. "What are you doing here, my strawberry cupcake?"

"Well, my little strawberry muffin…I did some thinking, and…" Steve looked down, afraid to see Myra's face after he would spill out what he had to say. Hearing Myra's footsteps get closer, he looked up to see that she was only a few feet apart from him. "I realized that the woman I love is Laura Winslow."

"That evil witch…" Myra huffed, crossing her arms and pouting.

"But…I remembered what you said a few years ago, Myra; about wanting to love me whether I still had feelings for Laura or not."

"Yes, that's right."

"Well…after my date with Laura, I did some thinking."

"Yes, snuggle buns?"

"I like you a lot, Myra…please believe me when I say that I do," Steve started, seeing Myra smile which motivated him to continue. "But I like Laura a lot too." Steve knew he should pause after seeing Myra's mad face appear back on her face.

"Well…remember this, Mr. Steven Q. Urkel," Myra got even closer to Steve so that she was only six inches apart from him. "I love you for who you are, and nobody else will. And I'll continue to love you, no matter what happens." She said with a tap of her finger on his chest before each sentence.

"Thanks Myra, but…I'd better get going. I need time to think about this," Steve turned around and walked toward the back door thinking that it was open only to bump into it with a loud thud. Stumbling backwards for a few seconds, he rubbed his nose and adjusted his glasses to regain his composure. Opening the door and smiling nervously at Myra as if to say 'I'm okay', he made his exit without seeing that Myra's smile had faded and was replaced with a frown.

Why should he have time to think about this? I'm a lot better than that Laura! I've got more beauty, brains, and pep than she'll ever have! I just hope Steven makes the right decision: me! She finished her thought with a nod and a smile and walked back inside her house, ready to go to sleep in hopes that tomorrow Mr. Steven Q. Urkel would make the right decision of who he would choose: Myra or Laura.

To Be Continued…