Chapter Two: The Verdict

Harshly hanging up her phone out of disappointment, Myra Boutros Boutros Monkhouse exhaled and closed her eyes to escape the real world and submerge into her thoughts. It had been the third time she had attempted to call Steven Q. Urkel not only at the Winslow's home but also at his phone he kept in his laboratory, and received nothing but the phone ringing for what seemed to be an eternity on each try. Opening her eyes, she stared at herself at the mirror and began putting on a little bit of makeup. Soon after she applied some red lipstick carefully onto her lips to lift her esteem just a smidgen before fixing her breakfast of mung bean juice and trout with a few aerobic exercises to finish her morning ritual.

This is unlike Steven to not be up at 5:30 am! On Saturday he's usually up as soon as the sun begins to rise! I feel something's wrong… Myra rubbed her chin with her thumb and index finger, contemplating what could have happened to Steve. Even the patient Myra Boutros Boutros Monkhouse can be excited and cannot wait long about a decision that needs to be made as soon as possible. Still holding onto the question of what her "Stevie" could be doing, she almost felt like wanting to place a camera in his glasses again to relax her nerves. Shuddering at the thought of becoming a stalker again, Myra undid her ponytail and ran her hands through her black, shiny hair with a pink towel a few times so that she could finish drying her hair from the shower she had recently taken. Dressed in her black pants, white blouse and gray vest, Myra walked over to where her small, brown leather boots were sitting on the floor at the end of her bed. She suddenly gasped as something nostalgic about seeing her shoes lit a light bulb in her mind. She remembered that these were the same clothes she had worn on the day Steve had asked her to go steady and wear his science club pin when they were on Paradise Bluff. It was also the same day that Myra and Steve were almost plunged down the cliff while inside the Isetta, and luckily Steve was there to help them get out of the car. It was hanging off the edge due to accidentally putting the car in drive instead of reverse. After getting Myra out, he climbed out and soon after the Isetta slowly but surely began to tumble down the rocky slope. Myra smiled and got a little teary eyed after remembering how Steve handed her the science club pin and let her do the honors of putting it on. She knew Steve was afraid that he would accidentally touch or even hurt her in that certain area that he was supposed to place the pin. Even Myra herself felt a little nervous about him doing it even when she wanted their relationship to shift into second gear. Myra wished their "relationship" could have lasted longer than those few short days before he eventually started shifting his feelings back to his neighbor Laura Winslow, who Myra knew was only taking advantage of him and not reciprocating his feelings that he had for her.

I tried to tell Stevie…but I hope he sees that he was right the first time in choosing me. Laura, that she-devil…she wouldn't know a wonderful man if he was right there in her face with a "Hi, I'm Mr. Perfect" sign on his chest! Myra muttered in her mind as she sat at the edge of her bed. She had already slipped on her boots in-between her thoughts and was now sitting with her legs crossed as well as her arms in nervousness. She couldn't believe that that Laura Winslow was using and abusing "her Steven", but using her temper to begin arguing with Laura or follow her around to see if she was with Steve wouldn't work. Myra knew that she had to just wait until Steve called her or by chance he would answer when she called in order to find out his decision. Myra felt that they had known each other for four years now, and there needed to be some closure about whether or not they would go steady and eventually marry or not. Being just a friend would not go well with Myra, because she invested a great amount of emotion and had numerous wonderful dates with Steve Urkel. She knew that she would not settle for less, especially when it came to her "Stevie". Learning this lesson from her mother, she would not rest until Steven Q. Urkel was hers and only hers.

Suddenly hearing the phone ring, she zipped over to the phone like the roadrunner and waited a few seconds for it to ring again. Seeing that it stopped, she heard it ring again to signal that it could be one person and one person only who was calling. Picking up the phone, she took a deep breath and pressed the phone up to her ear. She heard and felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest as if it were about to rip through her skin and clothes and plop onto the floor.



"Hello Steven."

"Myra, we need to talk in person. It's very important." Seeing that he did not call her by any pet names and instead called her by her first name in a very serious tone, she could tell that he was not joking around.

"Sure Steven."

"I'll stop by your house in a few hours."

"Okay." Myra almost whispered into the receiver of the telephone as they said they goodbyes and hung up. Hearing Steve talking in such an almost monotone and serious tone almost took Myra back a bit as she still sat there with her mouth slightly open.

This is unlike Steven…I hope he's all right.

Myra was in the middle of combing her hair at her dresser when she heard a soft knocking at her bedroom door. Telling who it was to 'come in' she turned around on her seat in front of the dresser to see who was coming in. Seeing Steve walk in, she could do nothing but smile and stare admiringly at the man before her. Dressed in a yellow sweater with white trim, a red plaid button up shirt and gray pants to match, he turned his head to look around at Myra's wallpaper, the blanket on her bed and well as everything else imaginable in her room that was adorned with his smiling visage on it. Even though he had seen her room before, the fact that she had his face on numerous objects around her room always gave him a little shock that flowed up and down his spine. Myra smiled as she realized that like her, he was wearing the same outfit, sans suspenders, that he wore when they were both on Paradise Bluff years ago.


"Yes, Steven?"

"We need to talk…" Steve took her hand in his and sat down with her on the edge of the bed, not letting his eyes off of hers. "Last night, after the date I had with Laura…"

That tramp… Myra said to herself, still keeping the expression on her face as still as possible while Steve continued to talk.

"It went well, but…even with you and Laura having a little colloquy with the police involved, I still remembered what you said that night before you left. And after our talk we had last night, I did a lot of thinking. And well…I want to ask you something." Steve stood up and bent down to get down onto one knee, eliciting a sigh from the woman in front of him.


"Myra," Steve reached into the inner lining of his jacket and took out the same science club pin he had given her those years ago, holding it out in front of him. "Will you do the honor of accepting my science club pin?"

"Stevie…" Myra's hands shook a little as she felt the pin fall into her hands.

"And I thought back to all of the wonderful things we've done together and how foolish I acted a few days ago about you and me. I've always loved Laura, but when we came back home, it was like at Paradise Bluff three years ago…those times of her rejecting me over and over again kept appearing in my mind. Myra, I like you a lot. You've always been there for me, even when I felt that I loved Laura more. That alone made me realize that I like you so much that, well…I love you more, turtle toes."

"Steven…" Myra said in a quivering whisper, trying to look at Steve through many tears that were starting to flow down her face. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say those words…I love you too, turtle knees." Myra said, soon after bending down to Steve to kiss him passionately on the lips. Seeing him stand up and return her kiss, she started crying as the two of them hugged and proceeded to leave her bedroom, walking outside together as an official, exclusive couple for the first time.

The End!