This story is rated M for: Violent themes(brutal torture), sexual themes(Might be lemons), language, very dark things.

Summary: Being imprisoned for a murder he didn't even remember committing… Naruto soon learns the meaning behind the phrase "Hell on earth." Lives are about to change, hearts about to shatter and certain people are destined to be reunited.

AN: The following chapters(not including this one) will have a lenght between 7000-10000 Words. Enjoy the story, I hope you're all willing to give it a shot.


It was early February. The snow laid like a thick, magical blanket covering the grounds and the many rooftops of Konoha. The moonlight made the tiny snow crystals glitter like millions of small diamonds. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold. This gorgeous view could probably cast a spell on any of the villagers, still one person was not impressed. He hated the sound the snow made under his feet. Crisping like a freakin' potato ship. Hell, he didn't even like potato ships. He didn't like the winter, the snow, the cold breeze that came ever once in a while... `To fucking cold..' The man thought to himself while cursing the old bastards for summoning him in the middle of the night. He could use the snow covered rooftops, but it was better to avoid unwanted attention. He didn't even mind walking, if it hadn't been for the god damn snow he'd actually be happy to.

Reaching the hokage tower he pulled down the hood he'd been wearing this whole time. He'd been asked to dress casually, like a civilian. A long brown coat, a little too thin for his liking, and some black boots to go with it. Nothing outstanding. The man ran fingers through the black locks before eying the front of the hokage building. There were two guards standing in front of the main entrance. So the security had beentighten? Well, the men didn't really seem to be doing their job very well anyway. They both looked like they lacked days of sleep and if the taller guard kept his eyes closed for much longer the cigarette in his mouth would cause some serious damage to his lips. Maybe this way he could get himself a good laugh before facing his always-pissed-off superiors.. The raven haired man smirked. Konoha was low on jounins at the moment, he knew that better than anyone. Tired shinobis working around the clock… and for what? To protect the pathetic excuse for a hokage? To defend what was left of this village? How he missed the old days. When it was ok to play a little dirty without getting the hokage on your neck. The man started to walk towards the two guards. They seemed to notice him when he was about ten feet away and they immediately shot up in a straighter position, eying the stranger with a suspicious look. The cigarette fell into the snow. 'So much for that entertainment…' the man sighed before taking a stand in front of the two shinobis guarding the building.

"I'm sorry sir, we don't let civilians in here at night." The taller guard said, trying to hide the obvious yawn.

The raven haired gave a polite smile. "Good evening gentlemen. I am aware of this, but I really need to get something from the third store. I seemed to forget it when I left work this morning. Please forgive me for my stupidity." He laughed nervously.

"You work here?" The shinobi asked.

"I do. And I'm sorry to say that if I don't finish my work by tomorrow morning the higher ups will probably kill me." The raven haired said, acting half serious.

The guards started laughing. "Yeah, we've all been there. But I still need to see some ID. So if you don't mind-"

"Not at all, good sir." The man said as he started to fumble around in his jacket pocked. He finally found what he was looking for and handed it over to the guard.

The guard raised an eyebrow before he stepped aside. "Knock yourself out."

"Thank you. This could take a while though." As he passed the guards and entered the building his smile faded and turned into an ugly frown.

'Naïve bastards… Those can't seriously be considered as members of Konoha's elite…'

Instead of continuing down the hallway the black-haired took a left and opened a red door leading down to an underground hallway instead. It was quiet. No wonder though. It wasn't something secret abort this place, but this part of the building was no longer in use and hadn't been for the last 10 years. At least, it was supposed to be empty. The steps echoed in the walls as he walked with soaked boots down the stairs. Well, it certainly beat the crisping. Faint voices emanating from the room at the end of the hallway soon caught his attention. That had to be it. Who else would willingly have a meeting in this shit hole? He didn't understand why everything had to be so damn secretive at a time like this. Unless they really didn't want the hokage to know.

'This better be important'.

He paused in his steps, listening to the voices coming from behind the door. He knocked on it gently and waited silently for permission to open it.

"Enter." A dark voice said.

The raven haired did as he was told and entered the room.

"Kagoshima Kayato. I am glad you could make it on such short notice."

"Danzou-sama." Kayato bowed respectfully.

Danzou, along with the two elders Koharu and Homura, were sitting in the middle of the room around a large, white table. Their faces emotionless and cold, kinda creeped him out. The raven haired gave another bow in the elders direction before taking a seat at the same table.

"So, why did you summon me?"

Danzou exchanged looks with the elders before facing a curious Kayato.

"Kayato-san. You have always been an excellent shinobi and we've had great use for you both as an ANBU captain and undercover member of ROOT. Right now, you are the only one I completely trust."

'what's with the suck up comments?' Was he about to get another crappy job? It's not like he could refuse eitherIt wasn't like Danzou to compliment… well… anyone.

"I appreciate that, Danzou-sama." The black-haired answered.

Koharu flipped through some papers before she placed the bunch on the table as she sighed. "As you might've noticed, the village are getting pretty low on high ranked ninjas. Apparently it's only myself, Danzou and Homura that sees this as a problem. We can't defend this village with weak chuunins and academy teachers… The hokage doesn't seem to understand this fact and we are forced to take action. Even if it means going behind her back. Do you understand, Kagoshima-san?"

So he wasn't the only one thinking this, huh?

"I do. But what does this have to do with me?" In all honesty, Kayato never had respected the fifth and had no problems with going behind her back.

Danzou took over the talking yet again. "Do you know why we're short on jounins and ANBU, Kayato-san?"

"Yes. We've lost about 30 jounins this week. They all died in battle. Is it something I'm missing?"

Danzou ignored the question. "Do you know who's killing our shinobis?"

"Err… well, not exactly. I've been a little busy so I've missed out on a lot of reports." The raven haired scratched the back of his head. He didn't like the elders, or Danzou for that matter, but he still held some respect for them. After all, they could kill him in a heartbeat if they really wanted to.

"An organization I am sure you have heard of known as the Akutsuki has been targeting our village for quite some time now. Well, not exactly our village, but something in it. Something we can't let them have, but our shinobis are paying the price for keeping it out of their reach. It was a close call the other day and it troubles me."

"They're after the jinchuuriki, right?" It wasn't really that much of a secret anymore and could almost be considered as common knowledge among the villagers.

The three elders nodded.

"So… What are you getting at? You obviously want to get rid of this Akatsuki right?" Kayato asked.

"That is close to impossible. Actually, we had something different in mind. We'll have to face them sooner or later, but we could stall the encounter and make them a little less powerful by taking away something they need."

There was a long silence before a smirk crossed the raven haired ANBU captains lips.

"You want to get rid of the brat?"

"Exactly." It was faint, but a small smile was formed on the one-eyed man's face.

"Heh, well I fail to see the problem. Why don't just take him out?" Kayato leaned back in the chair. Now this was something he was actually looking forward to do.

"It's not that easy I'm afraid. The hokage, as you know, has taken a great liking to the kid. It also seems that the villagers is more or less more comfortable around him now than they were before. After he saved the Kazekage's life he's been given the credit for bringing Suna and Konoha closer together. If we do something to that kid the way things are now we'll just end up having the entire village against us. Now, if we only could get the villagers to understand how much of a problem that kid is there is not much Tsunade-hime can do to stop us from at least imprisoning the jinchuuriki. From there on I know how to handle the rest." Danzou crossed his arms.

"So 'all' we have to do is to make the villagers hate him again? Sorry for asking, but how the hell are you gonna pull that one off?" The ANBU captain rolled his yes unconsciously. It didn't go unnoticed, but Danzou let it pass.

"All we got to do is to refresh their memories. Make them remember what kind of monster he is and how much evil he is capable of doing. This is why I have summoned you Kayato."

The said man raised an eyebrow.

"I don't get it…"

The leader of ROOT leaned in closer.

"What we need is a sacrifice. Someone who's willing to take one for the good of the village."

"Eeeh? Wait y-you don't mean?" The ANBU captain shot up from the chair. There was no way in hell he was doing something like that!

"Don't worry Kagoshima. We need someone who's well liked by everyone. You're not qualified enough for that." Homura spoke without even looking at the frustrated man.

'Thanks a lot… old hag…'

"Fine, then what do you want me to do?" The black-haired relaxed again.

"I need you to find this guy and a couple of ANBU we can trust. They can not be members of ROOT, It will look too suspicious. You know your men and where their loyalties lies. I'll expect nothing else from you."

"Of course, Danzou-sama." Kayato bowed.

"If we can pull this off, Uzumaki Naruto's days of playing village hero… will be over…" The one-eyed said coldly.

As Kayato walked out of the room, ready to carry out his new mission, an evil smirk formed on his lips.