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Chapter three: Confusion


"Out of the way!"

Shizune nearly knocked over a nurse while running at full speed down the hallway. The medic managed to jump out of the way as the raven haired woman continued her sprint towards her master's office. Figured that the traffic would be at its worst at this time of the day.

"S-sorry!" She didn't have the time to look back, but she sure did hope that she didn't caused too much damage to the people she ran into… or over.

The mid-aged woman had enough to deal with already, and yet the big pile of problems only seemed to get bigger as the day grew older. Reaching the office she decided that knocking was something she never used to do anyway and opened the door with a slam.


Tsunade, who was currently enjoying her coffee while watching the sunset, almost spilled the hot liquid all over the desk the moment she heard the door shot open. What was it with people and not knocking these days… She'd considered several times to get a freakin' lock on that damn door just for the pleasure of seeing people crash into it.

"Sheesh Shizune! What is it?"

"I-I'm sorry, but we've just received a message from Suna. They are in desperate need of our help." The fifth calmed herself and put down her coffee cup.

"What's wrong?" She asked, folding her hands in front of her and biting her thumb lightly. Why did everyone seem to be in trouble when Konoha had a difficult period themselves.

"Well, it seems that some of the villagers have been infected with an unknown virus. The medics of Suna haven't been able to develop an antidote and they're asking for our help. Here's a list of noticeable symptoms." Shizune laid something that looked like a letter in front of the sannin. There were several symptoms that even Tsunade was unfamiliar with, but it didn't seem to be fatal. Still, Suna was in need of their help and she was not about to let them down. If things got any worse around here Suna was one of the few she could count on.

"We could send team 10. Ino's become an excellent medic. Her skill level has increased a lot. I'm sure she can handle it." The black haired suggested.

"I agree, but I just sent team 10 on a mission in Grass. They won't be back for at least a week." The Blonde sighed. She knew there was no other choice then to send her own student. She had to face this sooner or later anyway. This was the rules and the brat would have to deal with it whether he liked it or not. It was for his own good.

"Summon team Kakashi."


In another part of Konoha a few people were gathered to discuss the fate of one certain boy.

"I hope you're all aware of how important it is for this mission to succeed." Danzou said while sitting behind wooden desk, looking at the five men standing in front of him, ready to carry out the mission. They were all wearing ANBU masks and looked like five dogs born for the one purpose of obeying their master. Which was probably the case for three of them.

"Do not worry. We won't disappoint you, Danzou-sama. This can't fail if everyone do their parts." The man in the middle said not even bothering to hide the pleased tone in his voice.

"I'll be counting on you, Kayato." Danzou then shifted his gaze to the man standing next to the black-haired. "I must say… Shiro-kun. By doing this you are doing the village a big favor. I'll make sure that you'll be remembered as a great man. Your family will be taken good care of."

Shiro bit his lip. It wasn't like he was doing this voluntarily either. One thing was sacrificing himself for a good cause, but he failed to find anything honorable by doing something like this. He had nothing against the jinchuuriki and hated the fact that he was about to ruin his life, but his daughter meant everything to him. He couldn't loose her and that thought went above everything else. Even his sense of morality.

"Thank you…" He simply nodded.

"Also, as you already know, this mission is not to be revealed to anyone outside of this room. If said thing were to happen I will make sure that you and your family will regret it." The one-eyed said coldly before dismissing the group. They all headed for the hokage tower and landed in front of the building within two minutes. Shiro looked at the raven haired walking in front of him. The thought of him actually enjoying this sickened him. This was the exact reason why he quit the ANBU a bit earlier than necessary. The longer you worked as an ANBU, the more corrupt and sicker did things get. Kayato cast a look over his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Shiro? Having seconds thought already? If you do I'm sure-"

"Lets just do this." Shiro said walking past the raven-haired.

Standing outside the office they could hear loud voices coming from beyond the door separating them from the room. One of the ANBU members knocked on the door.


The first thing Shiro noticed as he stepped into the office was a pissed of blonde standing next to a pink-haired young woman not looking too pleased herself."

"You can't seriously mean this, baah-chan?" Naruto gazed at the five men that just entered the room. He didn't need this.

"I'm sorry, kid, but this is for your own protection. If you refuse I'm taking you off this mission. That's it." The hokage said, not about to change her mind even if he started begging her.

"Tsunade-sama, you don't think this is going a little bit overboard?" Sakura found this to be a bit too much herself. Five ANBU? It would be better to use Konoha's elite for something a bit more important than a simple escort. Naruto was not weak and neither was she. It's not like they couldn't handle a little resistance along the way.

"Please don't make a big deal out of this. You two are the only members of team Kakashi who's currently not on a mission. Maybe if Kakashi or Yamato had come with you, but as things are now you'll have to deal with a little extra protection. End of discussion." Even though her answer was meant for her own student she was still looking at the blonde standing next to her. He had to understand how serious this was. Sure, five ANBU was a bit much, but if that's what the council requested there wasn't much she could do about it. She couldn't stand their bitching and all of this were giving her a major headache as she started to rub the sides of her forehead.

"Fine… The faster we get to Suna the better." Naruto wasn't in the mood to argue with the hokage. It had been a while since he'd last seen Gaara and wanted to catch up with the Kazekage. They were good friends after all.

Tsunade sighed in relief and Sakura seemed to be ok with it as well. "Good. You're dismissed."

The two members of the former team seven walked out the door while the ANBU remained with the hokage.

"As stated before, I am not too fond of this whole thing and I don't know why we need all five of you, but as long as you are assigned to be his escort I expect you to do your job. If you were to encounter a member of the Akatsuki do not make the two of them fight unless it's necessary. Do I make myself clear?" The blonde said, looking seriously at the men in front of her. The five shinobis nodded before disappearing as well. Tsunade was again alone in her office, wondering why her stomach kind of clenched at the thought of sending the two of them on this mission. It was probably nothing, but the moment she was about to take a zip of her coffee the cup slipped between her fingers and fell to the floor, breaking. Tsunade was left staring at the pieces.


Naruto and Sakura stood outside the gates of Konoha, waiting for their escort to arrive. Neither of them were very pleased with the situation, but going against Tsunade's orders at a time like this was more or less stupid.

"Well, this kind of sucks…" The blonde said while leaning against a pole, crossing his arms.

"Tsunade is only doing what she thinks is best for you, Naruto. There is no need to sulk about it." The medic answered, leaning against the opposite pole.

"I know that, but do you honestly think I need all this? I mean… How weak does she think I am… We can handle a small mission like this. Just the two of us." That was mainly the thing that bugged him. He'd taken out an Akatsuki before, they were strong alright, but nothing he couldn't handle. Besides, what were the chances of them appearing during this mission anyway?

Sakura sighed. Was it really that bad to have a little extra help?

"I'm not saying that you're not capable of taking out these bastards, but if they were to encounter us… and if we somehow weren't able to fight back with equal strength… It's not that bad to have a little backup, is it?" 'if something were to happen to you…'

The blonde didn't seem to pay much attention to her words. He didn't want the freakin' ANBU to babysit him on every mission he was assigned to. When he'd get back from this one he'd have a serious talk with that old hag.

"I guess I can live with it for now…" He eventually replied. Sakura smiled and walked over to her teammate, patting him on the head like a pet which made the boy frown, but still enjoying it in a very weird way. Deep down Sakura was grateful for the ANBU. Even after Naruto's speech the other day she was still afraid of the outcome if they were to encounter the feared enemy.

The ANBU arrived shortly after and the group was ready to leave for Suna.


The Konoha group had been flying through the treetops for about six hours. The two original members of the team kept talking through the whole trip, but the ANBU stayed as silent as ever. To be honest, Naruto didn't really notice the escort's presence. Maybe this wasn't going to be that bad after all. It was pretty cold outside, but the teens didn't seem to notice as they had way to much to talk about. Dressing properly for the weather was something they both sucked at, but in this case Sakura won the price for the lack of clothes. She was still wearing her usual fighting outfit along with a thin, black coat covering everything from her neck down to her lower thighs. Naruto on the other hand had a somewhat warmer jacket covering his torso, nothing more, but at least he wore pants.

"This is kind of nice isn't it?" Sakura said while staring at Naruto as they continued to jump through the treetops a few feet behind the ANBU.

"What is?" The blonde asked, trying to keep up with her as the snow kept getting in his eyes.

"This. A mission we can kind of relax on. I don't think developing an antidote will take more than a couple of hours." The pink-haired smiled.

"Really? Well, baah-chan doesn't need to know that, does she? Maybe we can stay there for a couple of days longer. I kind of need a vacation." Naruto smirked as he stretched the muscles in the back of his neck. All this sleeping trouble of his was really getting on his nerves. Like he was tired 24\7. Maybe he'd be able to relax in Suna. Get his mind off of things and just enjoy the company of his treasured teammate. Sakura smiled, having the exact same thought.

One of the men slid up beside the couple and both of them were taken by surprise as they both seemed to be too lost in the conversation to notice him at first.

"We will be taking a break here. Get some sleep and we'll continue at full speed in the morning." The ANBU said before jumping down on the ground followed by the rest of his comrades. The two teens followed as well. The location couldn't really be any worse. No shelter just a lots of trees and snow. It was a very open place so gazing up at the starry sky wouldn't be a problem tonight, but neither of them had expected to sleep outside. If so, they would've at least brought some sleepingbags along with them.

"Don't you just love sleeping outside when it's freakin' cold…" The blonde frowned as his feet met the ground. Sarcasm written all over his face. Sakura chuckled at the comment.

"Oh, come on, we don't have much of a choice. It's either that or spend the night standing. I for mine could need some sleep and so could you. Just think of the soft beds waiting for us in Suna." The medic said before heading for a nearby tree to shelter herself from the freezing wind. The other teen followed her like a pet. Sakura found a perfect little spot that barely had any snow covering it and placed herself under said tree. She gave a tired sigh as her back met the hard wood. It was first now she noticed how sore her muscles were. Naruto was unsure of whether or not he should sit down next to her or find another spot to settle for the night. He decided to settle down under the three opposite of the one she'd already occupied. There were just a few feet separating them from each other and he was more than fine with that. At least now they could talk. The problem was that his side didn't shield him from the wind at all… Or the snow for that matter. It wasn't snowing heavily, but enough to make him cold and soaked if he were to sit in that exact spot for the entire night. He pulled his jacket up a little higher as he tried to hide the obvious fact that he was freezing his ass off.

Sakura stared at the blonde as he kept warming his hands. She did feel a little bad for him, seeing him like that. They'd just have to bite their tongues and make it through the night without getting a serious cold. Sakura was getting rather sleepy as well and nothing would do her better now than a warm bed. Sadly, that wasn't an option and the pink-haired curled up as she rested her head against the tree's hard surface.

"Good night, Naruto." The medic yawned, her eyes already closed.

"Yeah, night, Sakura-Chan." The blonde smiled, knowing there was no way he would be able get any sleep this night. At least he had something to look at.


Quite a few meters away from the teenagers the ANBU sat around a small campfire, neither of them uttering a word. Shiro had a lot on his mind while staring into the already dying fire. 'Can't believe I'm doing this…' the retired ANBU sighed. 'He doesn't deserve this…'

"Getting exited, are we?" He heard a voice behind him say.

"Listen, Kayato. If I'm going to die anyway can't you at least leave me the fuck alone for the rest of my remaining time…" Shiro hissed.

"I'd love to, but no can do. We have a little planning to do." The ANBU captain said while taking a seat next to the other man.

"How are you planning to do this anyway. I mean, what about the girl?" The brown-haired asked while throwing another stick of wood on the fire, making the flame raise a bit higher.

"True, the girl is a problem, but we got that covered. We just have to separate them and make up a believable explanation. Besides, if she were to get in the way we could just say that the brat killed her or something. Would've been such an amusing story, don't you think?" The raven-haired laughed.

Shiro stared at the other man in shock. Was it even possible to find something like that amusing? Kayato noticed the intense stare and stopped laughing.

"What? Can't see the humor in it? Well, it doesn't matter. I'll signal the others in the morning and by the end of the day the demon will be charged for murder and you'll be… well…" Kayato grinned before taking his leave. Shiro gritted his teeth. This went beyond evil… This wasn't right. He was sure he'd go to hell after tomorrow, but there was no escaping from this horrible faith.

'Nana… Reina… Forgive me'


It was nearly midnight and it was getting colder and colder by the hour. The wind had gotten stronger and the snow fell more thickly. Sakura sat cuddled up as a little ball, half asleep, while shivering all over her body. The thin coat and pink scarf did almost nothing to keep her warm. She eventually gave up and cracked up her eyes only to find herself staring at the moon in between the millions of snow crystals flying through the air. It was pretty. She then turned to look at her blonde teammate. Was he sleeping? She couldn't tell. His eyes were closed though. His hair almost looked white due to all the snow that had gathered all over him. It wasn't until he coughed that she noticed that he was awake.

"Naruto?" Sakura called calmly.

The blonde opened his eyes as well and gazed at Sakura with a tired look.

"Hm? Something wrong?"

"Uhm, no... Just can't sleep, that's all." She said while gazing at her feet, still hugging herself.

"Yeah, me neither…" The blonde sighed. The only thing that had been on his mind for the last hours was keeping himself warm. At least to a certain degree. As long as they both were up they could at least keep each other companied.

"Hey, Naruto… do you…-" Sakura started. Unsure about whether or not to ask the question. She didn't want to upset him.

"Do I?" He asked curiously.

"Well, do you honestly think we'll be able to get Sasuke-kun back? To make our team whole again? I know you're determinated, but is it likely to happen?" The real reason she asked him this was because she wanted him to understand how unlikely it was for them to change the young Uchiha's mind. If he'd just let go of that promise he wouldn't put himself in that much danger and it would put at least a little weight off of her chest. The only problem was that if she told him this he'd might take it the wrong way and he'd only get hurt by her request. She had to try because this was worrying her to no end.

"You miss him, don't you?" A hint of sadness was heard in the teens voice as he smiled at the pink-haired.

"Huh?" Sakura blinked. Well, of course she missed him, but she'd moved on and realized that the most important thing in Sasuke's life was revenge and that it went beyond both Naruto and herself. They had to accept that. She just wasn't sure if Naruto could see this as well. If he kept this up he'd only get himself hurt and she wouldn't let that happen.

"Don't worry about it, Sakura-Chan. I'll get him back… I promise." That look in his eyes, like everything would be okay. She almost fell for it, but knew better than that. He hadn't realized it after all. Naruto then started to cough for the second time. Maybe he'd actually catch a cold for the first time in his life, and as thing were now he didn't like the sound of that at all.

"Are you cold?" The moment the words left the kunoichi's mouth she soon realized that it was a silly question. If she felt like she was starting to freeze to death then he probably had it twice as bad.

"Uhm, no. I'm fine." Naruto grinned, but Sakura could tell by the slight stuttering in his voice that he wasn't fine at all. He was shivering just as bad as she was and he'd be a fool to think that she didn't noticed. Naruto watched the frosty breath escape her mouth. The girl should learn to dress herself a little warmer. Not that he should be the one to tell her that since he was just as bad himself.

"Do you… want to come over here for a while?" Sakura asked, not really sure where to look. Asking something like this of him was the first time, but hell she was freezing her limbs off and so was he.

"Over to you?" Naruto blinked, tilting his head as pieces of snow fell off of him at the sudden movement.

"Yeah… If you don't wa-"

"You sure that's okay?" Naruto asked while raising an eyebrow, having a hard time believing that that was what she really wanted.

"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't mean it, idiot…" The medic answered, a bit annoyed over the fact that he was so god damn slow sometimes. Naruto caught the aggressive tone and pulled himself to his feet, which he by the way couldn't feel. As he walked towards the pink-haired he noticed that she still wouldn't face him and he got a bit curious. He doubted that sleeping next to her would make things any better. What if he accidentally fell on her or something? He'd have his ass kicked in no time. The thought sent a chill down his spine. He took a seat next to her. They were still separated by ten inches cause he didn't want to sit too close, afraid of her reaction. He wanted her to feel comfortable and decided not to try anything. Most of the times he flirted with her was because he loved to tease her anyway. He knew all too well that her heart belonged to someone else and he wouldn't stand in her way.

"Thanks." Sakura said softly.

"Uhm, no problem. You cold or something?" He asked the exact same dumb question which they both knew the answer to.

"Wow, you're quick today aren't you?" The medic laughed. She did feel a little warmer now that she had someone sitting next to her, but she was by no means warm and was still unable to sleep.

"Well, you asked me first." The blonde smirked.

Naruto's eyes widen when he felt the young woman lean against him a little closer until their shoulders touched.

"Sakura-Chan?" He nearly whispered while looking down at the curled up body sitting next to him. She didn't reply.

"You're shivering…" She simply said. Naruto looked down at his hands. They were indeed shaking.

"Guess I do. I've lost all feelings in my hands anyway." He laughed. Sakura stared at them. She was sure that they'd get frost injuries if he sat like that any longer. She then did something very uncharacteristic. She grabbed one of his hands and placed it gently in her own lap, caressing it as she tried to warm it. Her hands felt so good against his palm as he slowly regained a slight feeling in his left hand. 'Sakura… Just what exactly are you doing?' the blonde thought. Whatever it was she was trying to do he wished she'd stop doing it as fast as possible. He didn't want to regain hope… If this just was a game of hers it sure was cruel because Naruto could feel that flame of hope he'd been trying to forget existed sparkle again. This was meant in a completely friendly way, right? Nothing more.

"Better?" she asked, still leaning slightly against him and it seriously bothered him that she didn't let go of his hand. Not that he didn't enjoy it, but he could be getting the wrong signals.

"Yeah, thanks… but…" Naruto stared at her while having one word stuck in his head. 'why?'

"It's c-cold…" The medic stuttered, squeezing his hand a little tighter. She probably wasn't aware that she was doing it either. Her lips had turned a shade of purple and she'd lost all feelings in her toes and legs in general. Naruto bit his lower lip. He'd just have to face the consequences of his actions. He had to figure out what this was. He took in a deep breath as he gently removed his hand from hers and placed his arm around Sakura's shoulder and pulled her closer in. He could feel Sakura freeze up at his touch, still she did nothing to stop him. Instead of pulling away she wordlessly leaned in closer to his torso. In all honestly, she didn't know what to say. Se did know, however, that she felt a whole lot warmer sitting like this. She could hear his heart pound a little faster than normal and it made her giggle.

"W-what?" Naruto asked, slightly embarrassed. Everything confused him right now.

"Nooothing…" The pink-haired grinned into his chest. Naruto let out a small laugh as well. Without thinking he automatically wrapped a second arm around her tiny form and pulled her even closer. Sakura, taken by surprise at the sudden action, gave a small squeak as she was practically placed in a position between his legs, strong arms wrapped around her and head leaning against a muscular, yet warm chest. Naruto already knew he'd taken things a bit too far and immediately regretted the decision. Sakura could feel his warm breath against her neck, sending shivers down her spine. They stayed like that in silent for a short moment.

"Eager aren't we?" Sakura eventually joked. Trying to break the awkward tension that was forming between them, even though she kind of liked her new position. 'I knew it…' the blonde thought. She wasn't trying to do anything else other than keeping herself warm and it was somewhat of a relief to him. At least now he could let that crazy thought go.

"I-I'm sorry… I didn't mean to do anything you're not comfortable with…" He loosened his grip around her, but Sakura managed to caught his wrists before he could remove the warm feeling she kind of started to enjoy. As fast as the hope disappeared it was back up again. This was really getting to him and not in a good way.

"It's okay… It's not that bad really. You're kinda soft… like a really comfy pillow." Sakura tilted her head up to look at the man behind her and stuck her tongue out teasingly.

"Soft?" Naruto frowned.

"Yup." The kunoichi laughed while wondering what in the world she was doing. Why she was letting him do this. Why she found herself liking it… She felt his breath again.

"It tickles…" She giggled, a shade of red spreading across her face. Naruto found it to be quite amusing and leaned his mouth closer to her creamy shoulders, breathing hot air on purpose. Just for the purpose of teasing her, but at the same time to confirm something else.

"Hey, stop it!" Sakura laughed while twisting a little in his grip. It was those words he wanted to hear, but not in that tone. He wanted her to mean it and the curiosity of how far he could actually go before she told him to back off was starting to get to him. Enough was enough, if she was playing with him he'd find out. The fact that he didn't know was killing him. Even if she got mad he was willing to take the risk and he leaned in even closer. Her back was completely pressed against him now. His lips brushed slightly against her cold skin. It was by no means a kiss, but it made her giggling stop the moment she felt the mild touch of his cold lips.

Sakura was at a loss. What did he just do? Was it just an accident? She decided to not say anything, curious of his intentions. It went a while without either of them doing anything. Maybe he didn't do it on purpose after all.

Her silence wasn't enough to tell him she didn't like it. He needed a confirmation and he needed one now before things got out of hands. He then ran a wet tongue across his lips and gently pressed them against the back of her neck. This time it was a small kiss. He felt the woman in front of him let out a gasp and slowly shift in between his legs, but why the hell wasn't she saying anything? 'Come on Sakura… tell me to stop. Please… I know you want to.'

The kunoichi was now sure that it wasn't an accident and that he did everything consciously. She should tell him to stop, hit him in the head for doing something like this without her permission, but damn it felt so good no matter how much she tried to deny it in her head. She didn't have the guts to turn around and face him. Instead, she waited patiently for his next move, subconsciously wanting him to take this further.

Naruto gritted his teeth soundlessly. She still wouldn't stop him? He didn't know if he should continue or just pretend nothing happened between them and go on as everything was normal. He'd have to be careful and take this slowly. She'd have to reject him sooner or later, right? She was probably just a bit confused and he didn't want to take advantage of that. When she realized what he was doing he would apologize and everything would be fine. Just another one of his annoying flirting attempts. That was what he kept telling himself. Naruto lifted the hand that was currently wrapped around his teammate, this time she didn't grab his wrist. He started to gently stroke his hand up and down her arm. Soft movements that made the kunoichi shiver. Little did he know that it was shivers of pleasure. Her breathing did get a little heavier which was the opposite reaction of what he'd expected. He wouldn't stop until she told him to now. For the third time he brought his lips down to her shoulder, this time a little bolder. He allowed himself to taste her, using his tongue to gently run it over her beautiful skin up to her neck. The mild kisses turned into hungry ones and Sakura arched back into his grasp, her breathing turning into quick pants. Several times she opened her mouth, but not a word was said.

"Gnh…" Sakura felt her entire body getting hotter by each stroke, each kiss. She didn't want to stop. She knew all too well that she shouldn't be enjoying this, but she was acting on her instinct now. Her desire. Her feelings? Her mind told her to make him stop, but everything else arched for him to continue. The touch of the man behind her made her forget everything about the cold air surrounding them. The fact that it wasn't just any man, but the one she trusted the most in the whole world made things all the more better. Sakura grabbed his free hand and squeezed it, as if urging him to continue. It might be wrong, but right now she couldn't care less.

He hadn't meant for it to end like this. She should've stopped him the moment he wrapped his arms around her. It wasn't like her and she was going to regret it. Still, he couldn't pull himself to stop now. Being allowed to touch her like this… He was loving every second of it and the fact that he was making her feel good at a time like this. The pink-haired finally arched her head back and he could see that she had closed her eyes and her lips were slightly parted, panting more rapidly. This gave him access to attack the front of her neck. He leaned down and gently started to shower her with kisses, moving down to her collarbone and up again. Nipping gently at her skin with his teeth. His hunger for her growing more as she continued to allow him touching her. He heard the girl give faint moans and he loved the sound of it, but still… He couldn't bring himself to believe that this was what she really wanted. It had to end somewhere.

"Sakura?" He whispered in between heavy breaths.

The medic didn't open her eyes nor did she answer.

"Why aren't you telling me to stop?"

The medic still had her head bent back resting over his shoulder. Why did he have to ask her that? If she didn't even know it herself, then how was she going to explain it to him? She felt her hand shaking….

"Naruto… I…"

"This is a mission, not some fuckin' pleasure trip." The two teens shot back when they heard one of the ANBU speaking. He was standing on a branch above them. Just how long had he been watching anyway? Naruto felt his hate for the ANBU grow stronger the longer he looked down at them. The fact that he couldn't see the man's face angered him.

"Fine." Naruto answered, not about to start a fight with him. The ANBU simply nodded and in the blink of an eye he was nowhere to be seen, still, he knew they were being watched. He turned to Sakura again. She was still gazing at the spot the ANBU stood only moments ago.

"Sakura?" Their faces was so close that she could feel his breath when he opened his mouth. The pink-haired turned her head to face him. The eyes that met her was full of regret like he'd just done something terrible wrong. That was probably what he was thinking anyway. She sighed before giving him a smile.

"Sakura, I'm sorry… I-"

"It's okay." Her emerald eyes had a calming effect on the blonde. Was it really alright? He got his answer when the kunoichi leaned in to gently kiss him on the cheek. In truth she was afraid to do anything else, being rather inexperienced on those fields, and to her great surprise it didn't seem as Naruto was as innocent as she'd first believed. Naruto wanted so badly to taste her lips, but decided not to. It was tempting alright, but he was still confused about the whole thing. Sure, she'd let him take thing a little far, but he didn't know if it was because she wanted it or if she simply allowed it due to curiosity. Sakura yawned and it made the blonde smile. With a quick movement he removed his own jacket and tucked it around Sakura while wrapping a couple of firm arms around her. She felt so secure in his arms even though she was just as confused about the whole thing as he was. About what she wanted to do with this. They could figure things out when they got to Suna. At least the ANBU wouldn't be watching their every movement there. She let her body relax and rested her head against his collarbone. She wasn't freezing anymore and she could thank her teammate for that.

"Good night, Naruto" The girl mumbled.

Naruto smiled down at the woman in his arms. She looked absolutely stunning in the moonlight… He waited until she was asleep before allowing his fingers to carefully play with her hair. Stroking it. He found himself yet again unable to sleep, but as for now, it didn't matter.

"Sweet dreams, Sakura."


"Rise and shine…" Shiro shot up in a sitting position only to meet the disgusting likes of the ROOT captain gazing down at him. It was the last person he wanted to see this morning. It was hard for him to believe that this would be his last day. He'd never get to see his family again… He wouldn't be there to see his daughter grow up to be a beautiful woman, just like her mother. All of this because he'd managed to piss the raven-haired off all those years ago. He should've known better back then.

"Shiro!" One of the ANBU members called. The brown-haired turned to face the man, letting him know that he was listening.

"You mind waking up the youngsters? It's time." Shiro gazed out in the opposite direction. He could see two sleeping figures under a tree. What in the world was he doing? 'I'm so sorry…'