First story written in a looong time.

About Johnny 13 turning into a vampire, it's gonna be better then it sounds.

Enjoy! -Mariya


"Why does this hurt?"

"…And itch…"

"Jesus! Why is this thing bugging me so much?!"

Johnny 13 thought as he was sitting on a floating rock in the ghost zone. He reached his hand to his neck to feel the spot that had been bugging him and was startled when he saw blood.


"Now there might be an infection."

"Thinking back, the way that bat came out of nowhere, I'm glad it got my neck instead of my eye."


Earlier, Johnny had been cruising through the ghost zone on his bike like normally, when he screeched to a stop by Skulker's Island.

"How about a little fun?" Johnny asked his shadow.

And without a second thought he drove right in. As he kept driving around the island he couldn't find Skulker anywhere.

"Where the heck is that loser?" Johnny thought, still keeping an eye out.

Suddenly he heard something that sounded like whistling.

"There he is." He thought with a smirk.

"Shadow! Sick him!" Johnny called.

Immediately Johnny's shadow flew in Skulker's direction. He started circling him faster and faster with every single circle he made. Skulker started spinning with him and losing his balance. It wasn't long before Skulker hit the floor. As he was falling his mask came off and Johnny started laughing.

"Wow bro, that was some funny stuff," Johnny said laughing.

Skulker grunted, put his mask on and stood up.

"How dare you make a mockery of me?" he fumed.

"Cause you let me!" said Johnny.

As he said this he jumped onto this bike and sped off.

"Come on shadow." Johnny said as he looked back at Skulker with a smirk.

Johnny kept driving but never took his eyes off Skulker. His stupid dumbfound expression was just too good to miss! All of a sudden something flew at Johnny's face. He tried to swerve out of the way, but it was too late. It had hit him right in the neck and it stung.

"Shit!" Johnny cried.

He quickly looked back to see what had gotten him and saw that it was a bat.

"Oh. Hell. No." Johnny thought.

"No dumb bat is gonna injure me and then get away with it." He growled.

"I'm gonna hit it."

All of a sudden Johnny started his engine. Going faster and faster each second Johnny prepared himself to hit the bat with his bike, but it was nowhere in sight.

"Where'd the stupid thing go?" He wondered.

He looked around, but it was nowhere to be found.

"Screw it." he thought.

He got off his bike, and parked it next to a random floating rock in the ghost zone.