Sorry it took so long to write this and sorry it's short but here you go!

Yeah, I'm thinking about making this a DannyxEmberxJohnny love triangle. Enjoy-Mariya

Bloody Dream

"Whatever," thought Johnny. "I bet the bite will be gone by tomorrow."

He yawned and said: "Well, let's hit the hay, Shadow."

He and Shadow laid down by Johnny's bike and instantly fell asleep.

"It sucks to not have anywhere to actually sleep," Johnny muttered.

Shadow nodded.

Dream sequence-

Johnny suddenly felt thirsty. He wandered to a well that appeared out of nowhere and got a drink. But it didn't quench his thirst.

"Weird," he said taking another drink. This time, he felt even thirstier.

"What the hell?" Johnny thought, getting annoyed. "This water sucks!"

Shadow glided up to his master.

"Shadow, drink some water," Johnny instructed handing Shadow the well's bucket.

Shadow took a drink. "Does it quench your thirst?" Johnny asked.

Shadow nodded.

"F-YOU!" Johnny cried.

Shadow backed away looking at Johnny like he had lost it.

Johnny was starting to feel faint. He kept trying to drink water but it wasn't helping one bit. The unlucky ghost was feeling particularly annoyed. No matter how much water he drank, he was never filled and the hollow feeling his stomach kept growing.

"GOD DAMMIT! This is insane!" Johnny raged.

Shadow continued backing away.

"Come on, Shadow. I'm not crazy! You know that!" Johnny insisted.

Shadow shook his head.

"Whatever! Screw you then!" Johnny cried.

Just then, the bat bite started irritating him again. Johnny scratched it really hard. "Ow!" he cried.

He checked his nails for sight of his blood but what he saw was even more disturbing. His nails were long, jagged, and black. His hand was even paler than usual.

Peering into the well, Johnny realized he had changed. His blonde hair had turned pitch black, he had red eyes now and jagged fangs. His face was now completely white and had dark circles under his eyes.

He screamed in terror at his appearance and backed away from the well.

"What is happening?!" he cried.

All of a sudden, he noticed Danny Fenton walk by. He felt hungry and before he realized what was happening, he lunged for Danny and tried to suck his blood.

"Johnny! What are you doing?!" Danny gasped. "I thought we were cool with each other now!"

Johnny didn't pay attention. He was too blinded by thirst.

Suddenly, he felt like someone was shaking him violently.

He opened his eyes to see Shadow above him.

"Whoa! Shadow," Johnny said. "I had the weirdest dream…I…"

Shadow shook his head and hoisted Johnny up to the bikes review mirror. Johnny screamed as he saw he looked like he did in the dream.