Harry Potter and the Amulet of Power

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Chapter 1: Early to Hogwarts

Harry woke up, he sat up straight in his bed and all he could see was complete blurriness Harry looked to his right, where a stack of old broken toys should be lying then to his left where the window should be, in the pitch black all he felt was his bed and the covers around him. He then realized that in order for him to see he would need his glasses. Harry reached to his left blindly and snatched the glasses up from the night stand.

The whole beginning week of the summer for Harry had been nothing but gardening, mowing, cooking, cleaning, and burning for his Aunt Petunia, who recently made a new nick name for Harry, "thing," she was now more bitter than ever about Harry's mother, lily potter, and had gone into a state of utter hatred in the first week of summer by having Harry burn everything that in the attic of there house that even showed that Petunia grew up with a sister, that included family albums that Harry never knew that the Dursleys had and even had Harry cut all of the flowers in the garden that were lilies and burn them too.

Anyways it was still only the first week of summer vacation and after the Triwizard tournament Harry was extremely suspicious of several people he knew but he always knew that he could trust Ron, Hermione, and Albus Dumbledore to be there for him when he was in trouble.

Harry started to walk over to the window almost tripping over his books and his Firebolt racing broom. Harry was about halfway to the window when there was a sudden sharp pain in his head, but it wasn't on his scar but in the deepest part of his brain, the jolt hurt for a few seconds then subsided like a brain freeze on a summer day. Another pain came, this time around his heart, with this one he fell to his knees as he held his chest for a few seconds that lasted forever then this pain cut out fast just like it had never been there in the first place.

Harry looked around his room to the other side of his bed where his wand lay next to where his glasses were, he thought about going to grab it in case this was another warning about Lord Voldemorte coming for him again when he soon noticed that it was floating toward him, landing in his right hand softly, he could feel the power in it humming softly as it flowed through his body like a warm bath, in that moment he could tell that he was more powerful than he had been ever before by at least twice as much.

A second later Harry glanced out his window and all he could see was a street lamp and what was below it but Harry could sense that something else was out there coming for him. He glanced into the sky and he knew that there was a black and brown spotted eagle owl coming towards him to deliver a message from Professor Dumbledore and it would arrive in his window in one minute and thirty three seconds exactly, he couldn't tell how he knew but he did.

Harry waited the minute and thirty three seconds for the owl to arrive and when it did Harry grabbed the letter out of its pouch while it was still flying in, the owl just turned around without landing and went out of the room through the open window. HArry never realized what he had just done for a few seconds. Harry opened the letter without touching the seal, it just opened itself for him. Harry figured it was a charm put on it by Dumbledore for one reason or another. The note read:

Dear Harry,
Come to Hogwarts now, don't wait, your in grave danger
your powers have grown exponentially in the last few minutes
the charms put on the Dursleys house to protect you will be broken soon
if they haven't already been. just concentrate on me and
you will know how to get to Hogwarts. Take only your wand, your
invisibility cloak and your broom. Harry fly as fast as you can.
I will inform you on the rest as soon as you get here.
Best Wishes,
Albus Dumbledore

Harry didn't need to be told twice that it was time to leave. Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak out from under his bed and was off to Hogwarts.

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