A Series of Events

It was decided that Harry would go to the Auror school and that the next few weeks with his friends wouldn't be troubled with less important things like… homework. They still had to pay attention in class but Harry would do a spell that would write the homework in the handwriting style of whose homework it was and they would spend the time that was usually spent on homework on finishing the animagi training that ended right before Harry was to go to the Auror school. The days were spent exploring everything that they had left to explore at Hogwarts and packing up Harry's part of the hidden room.

Just like Harry had always known, when you want something to never come, it always comes faster and before he knew it, it was time for him to pack up all of his things at the school. He had only recently found out the official name of the school, Order of Phoenix Academy (for lack of a better name, but for the record, this is by no means an attempt to make sense of Rowling's announcement of book 5's title) though it didn't really matter since only the students knew its title and the news had yet to be released to the press.

Dumbledore had no intention to tell the press that there was a new school opening until the school was established for at least a year. It was the last night that Harry would spend at Hogwarts and it would be one of the most memorable.

Since the rest of the school thought that Harry was going to a foreign school, the foursome decided to have a going away party and invite all of the Gryffindors to their hidden room, but only if they agreed to go blind… literally Ron blinded them and made them lose all their sense of direction before he took them along the short-cut down a hidden hall then into the room. They had conjured a bowl of punch and enough food to feed an army for a month, or the Gryffindors for a few hours. There was music that Harry had put a spell on so that it adjusted to every persons preference, for example, Hermione likes her music quieter than Ron does so the music is louder in Ron's ears than in Hermione's. The party slowed down 'till there was a slow dance, (Hiding Behind My Magic by Orchideus) it was inevitable that Harry and Hermione were going to dance together since they had been dancing nervously next to each other waiting for this chance. When the time came, Harry walked up to Hermione and managed to stutter out between the uuhhhhs and the ummms "Will you dance with me?"

Hermione replied, hiding the excitement with a cool exterior "I would love to."

They danced close, relishing each moment waiting for the inevitable moment that they would have to split ways when a faster song arrived, when Harry had a burst of courage and bent over and kissed Hermione flat on the lips. It was a good thing that the lights were dimmed because the blush that followed by both of them would have been noticed from one side of the room to the other. No longer were their feelings for each other hidden behind an impenetrable wall, they were out there and Harry decided not to end the romantic moment after a short kiss.

Harry bent close, Hermione, expecting another kiss bent closer. They were nose to nose when Harry said "Hermione I don't want to leave, I want to stay here with you but I'm afraid that staying here will kill us both because I wont be able to defend us both. I would rather take some time apart from you and then grow old with you than to have you for a year then lose you." Then figuring that this was the type of time that you kiss, Hermione closed his mouth with a sloppy inexperienced kiss. Harry didn't mind, he wasn't experienced at it either.

They finished as the song ended and the lights came on, signaling that it was time for them to head back to the Gryffindor common room, Harry conjured a pair of necklaces in his hand, one, with a fair sized blue sapphire in the middle and the other with a small red ruby. Harry explained "Hermione, if you are ever in trouble and need my help, I want you to whisper to the sapphire and I will hear it as long as I am wearing my necklace. Try it out"

She whispered "I have never met a wizard or a muggle who is as true and great as you Harry Potter, you are my hero, I don't want you to leave."

Harry replied into his ruby "I will never truly leave you, Hermione, as long as I exist to you, I am never really gone."

The Gryffindors all were sent back to the room after Harry set up a delayed port key in the food. All of the Gryffindors felt themselves pulled into the Common Room, many sat on the floor to regain their balance, they eventually went up to Harry and told him that they had just had one of the best nights of their lives and that Gryffindor wouldn't be the same without him. Harry tried to take all of the comments in stride but found himself missing Hogwarts before he had even left.

The next morning was inevitable, even though Harry spent the entire night awake in the common room talking to Hermione, Ron, and Neville, about the future, about how they would find ways to visit each other when they got chances. They set up their plans for the winter break and spring break. (even though it is called something else in the books)

Before they knew it, it was morning and Harry had to report to the Entrance Hall with all of his things, which had all been shrunk so that they all fit into his trunk, which had a feather weight charm on it so that it almost floated down the hall. He took this walk with the foursome, I seemed to be over in seconds but he was determined not to forget the smallest part of it. They reached the Hall to find that Dumbledore was waiting for him,

Ron said, fighting tears "Goodbye, Harry"

Neville, openly crying said "Harry, you are the best person I know. You took me under your wing and made me what I am today. I will see you in a few months." Seeing Neville cry made Ron cry also

Hermione, in a desperate attempt to keep Harry from losing his control over his feelings said "Promise me you wont go hurt anyone too bad." The tension subsided as they all laughed at the truth of the simple sentence.

"Harry, it is time to go." Dumbledore said with the wisdom of a century of living.

"Ok, I'm coming, so long everybody" Those words echoed through the halls of the school long after he left with Dumbledore.

Harry left without looking back, it would only make it harder to leave. He walked to the elaborately decorated horseless carriage and climbed in next to Dumbledore, he felt the carriage lift off the ground and float for a few minutes before it landed next to the Phoenix Academy.

The Academy was very much like Hogwarts except for that it was made very perfectly so that it looked much more modern. In front of the school stood five, very strong, witches and wizards. Harry assumed that these people would be the instructors, Harry was further filled in on how the school was to be run.

Upon entry to the school the first time, they would be randomly placed in a squad of five people. Those other four people would be their family and their was nothing he could do about it. Each of the squads were named something different and would have a leader who would schedule the squad practices. Their would be ten teams since there were fifty students. In addition to the squad, the five teachers would still instruct the students how to do very advanced magic.

There were to be battles between the squads where everyone would be evenly matched, to do this, they used special wands that would only do one spell, a freeze one. They would battle in the woods surrounding the school and in special corridors set up for indoor battle. The battles would have to be won with strategy instead of brute force. Teams and players would win points for not getting hit in battle or beating the enemy without casualties and several other things.

The rest of the students started trickling in for the next hour. Harry greeted each one. All of them recognized Harry by his scar, strangely he could understand every one of them without trouble, but when they conversed between each other they had to cast a speech spell. Eventually he figured out that it must be the amulet, what else could it be?

After they had all arrived, Dumbledore called over the small group that it was time to go inside the school. It wasn't as much a school as a palace, everywhere there was white marble and gold. Dumbledore lead them into a big room that had round white round tables on them and told them about a dozen times to sit down, each time he said it, some more sat down (Dumbledore was saying sit down in a different language each time but he only heard Dumbledore say sit down a dozen times.) Immediately Dumbledore did a speech spell that made it so that everyone could understand everyone else.

The ceremony started as Harry's eyes darted around the room, recognizing all of the different clothing from around the world, there was a couple kids from USA, they wore typical urban clothing, the North Americans tended not to like to change to robes. There were people from Japan who wore cloaks of colors Harry had never seen on robes before, he continued to recognize fashions from around the world as he looked around the room.

The explanation of all the school happenings finished and the squads were just about to be announced. Dumbledore flicked his wand and ten banners rolled down over the tables that everyone was sitting at, there was a dark green Dragon, an orange Beaver, a light green Salamander, a white Rabbit, a red Tiger, a black Bull, a yellow Bee, a grey Ant, a blue Bluebird, and a brown Bear. Dumbledore explained that when he flicked his wand, each person would be dressed in robe of their squad.

Harry waited in anticipation for this moment, he closed his eyes and suddenly he heard a collective cry of excitement from everyone. He opened his eyes and he was wearing a dark green robe with a dragon emblem on the front left and a larger one on the back. Harry looked around the room until he saw the long green dragon stretched out on the hanging banner, he walked to the table to find two of his teammates sitting there. One he recognized as an United States kid and the other he had no idea.

Harry introduced himself "Hello, I'm Harry, from Hogwarts."

The American replied "Hey, it's Steve, I'm from the Detroit Academy of Magic in Michigan."

The other kid said "Arnold, from the North Pole Academy for Witches and Wizards."

The American had long brown hair, and looked tall and gangly, his hair was tied back to keep it out of his face. He looked like he could be a dangerous enemy but was generally pretty passive. Arnold was very short but looked intelligent, one of his parents was probably elven, he had light brown hair. Even though he was short, he looked mature in the way that he held himself.

A half minute later the other two showed up, they were from rivaling schools and were arguing when they walked up to the table. They appeared to be from an English school by their accents.

They introduced themselves as Tina and Amber, Tina was from O'Brien school of witchcraft and wizardry, and Amber was from Conan Academy. Tina was tall for a girl and had blonde hair, she was beautiful by every account. Amber had brown hair and wasn't quite as tall as Tina but still tall. Amber was a bit more flirtatious than what Harry was used to and he knew he would have to work hard to keep his mind on Hermione. Harry knew if it was to be a successful team, they would have to get rid of the rivalry between the two girls but that would have to be later. Dumbledore explained that there was a line that only they could see that would lead them to their common room.

Harry followed the line with the rest of his squad to the room that was only a few minutes away. In the room, that was decorated very green and had lots of golden dragons sitting around, there was all of their stuff. Each person had their own room, one was different than the others, Harry took it completely by chance and set all of his things in it. After an hour it was noon and all of the squads met in the Meal Hall. The squad leaders were announced and to no surprise, Harry was the squad leader of the Dragon squad. The rest of the day was spent bonding with Steve, Arnold, Tina, and Amber. They first went to the battle areas to spot out anything they would be able to use to their advantage. Harry figured that they would dominate in the woods since he had practiced there before but the indoor would be tough, nothing to hide next to besides a corner. The battles would be totally different from one place to another. The day ended with a good dinner of whatever they wanted and then some. Harry went to bed and had a good nights sleep.


"Gryffindor Prefect!" Ron yelled, "Since Harry is gone I am the next in line?!?!?!"

Ron had taken the news with grace and complete self control, if you compare him to a mountain troll. It was among one of the best moments of his life, too bad that Harry couldn't share it with him.


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