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this fanfiction is for thoesw who have tried to destroy my self confidence in my own writting and have tried to make me feel like an insignifigant weeny. Yes i am talking to all of you cowerds who have critisized my fanfictions when it is clear you have not read other fanfictions yourself. I hope this is enough detail for you. I personally want to thank all of you who have supported me and thoes that have cheared me on. Now on to the story!!!!

Prologue and chapter 1

(Reble leaders perspective)

They say ideas are imortal, ideas can never be forgoten. The ideas of freedom, justice and equality are the ideas that should applie to all life. For thoes ideas are made by one God and that God should have never been forgotten. For i am just a lone voice crying out in the vast wilderness cring and pleading for the ones who abondoned the most high God to repent and return. I have stood up to the evil one incarnet here on this earth and one prolonging the end of the world but in the end a new world has formed out of the ashes of the former a new world that was persuaded by the powers of darkness that you should kill others for a living, harm others intentually, and beat children mercylessly. This is were our story pickes up. This is the story how the God of abraham Issac and Jacob came back into the world through the most unortodox meens. He came to a boy not much older than a child and to him he blessed him with great power.

Today is October 10th It has been eight years since the dredded beast known as the Kyuubi attacked, but to me and a cirtin select few she is known just as Amy the fox. I wish i could help the boy, but he must find his own way into the bace. Recently i have found a loophole and i found I could use my power to draw the boy to me and the chamber. Now the only thing I can do is wait for the boy to listen to my call.

Naruto's perspective

What is this i feel? I fell as if I am being drawn to the center of the town. why is that? Does it have to do with the weird dreem that I have been having over and over again? i have been tought that all dreams are sent by the gods and each one has a particular meaning. whenever I go to the soothsayer I have to pay him dubble but he never says anything. Time and time again i brought it up to jiji he investigates and it always seems like i am lieing. Should i or shouldn't i go to the center of the town and see what is going on. But the question is will it help me interpate my dream?

Reble leaders perspective

I am quite proud of myself now. i can not believe it actually worked. I sent little amy a message to get Naruto to the safty of the former reble bumker. Which the entrance to the bunker is near the center of the town. I hope he likes my glass modle of the village that changes as the village changes above. anyway this is going to be intresting.

normal perspetive

It was a dark nightand all was calm exept for a boy jumping up and down. suddenly there was a loud creek and grone as the laches undid themselves. the earth above Naruto caves in and he started to fall into a l;ond forgotten system of caves.

Amy's perspective

I can not believe it actually worked my host bleieved my and my pull. My master will be most pleased at the current change of events. knowing his amazing ability at proghicy he aready will know my thoughts before I can even think of them. i am almost positive that he can get me out of this boys body and me be his servent once again. I hope he made me a nice new body to reside in and not the french maid body he kept after i broke out of that body.

Reble leaders perspective

I am not supprised that Amy still calls me her master. I can not wait to see the look on her face when she finds out thaty she will be in the same body she broke out of all thoes years ago. it is probobly the mear shape of the slender body that makes her so perturbed. but look at it a nice slender waist. A nice rack to accompony the slender body. Such fine lovely blond hair that seems like the most lovely angelic silk.

Normal perspective This is going to be the way it is from now on so get used to it and my writting.

Naruto had been falling for what seemed to be an eternaty and when he finally reached the botton of the hole he founf that he only fell about 20 ft. The cavern seemed to light up with tourch light and Naruto saw a great glass moddle of Konoha. what suppriesed him the most was that the intricite glass figures seemed to be moving ever so slowny as they would be going on the surface told him deep inside that he should look underneeth the table to fing out were they were. Naruto looked underneeth and saw the entire cavern spred out beofre him. the cavern seemed to spred out in a pinwheel fashion with 10 diffrent corridors leeding to the diffrent partes of the cavern. naruto saw that the main chamber in the cavern was right under the Hokage tower, much to his scagrin. Gatering his wits he started to go to the center of the cavern following the pathway strait till he came to the center. The walls around the cave at first were very rough and jagged. All of a sudden got smooth. Several pictures started to apper when the walls were smoothed. There was a person with long blond hair ties in a pony tail and a pair of emerald green eyes stanging victorioosly over a beast who had the body of a lamb and had a face of a serpent. on the opposite wall was the same person sticking his sword threw the beasts gut. following the same corridor down was the same person fighting this time with another great beast only this beast had ten horns and on thoes ten hores were ten crowns. It had the body of a lepord, the paws of a bear, and the head of a lion each one in full roar. On the other side of that pannal was a great red dragon with thirteen heads. Out of the three beasts the dragon was the most dangerous. The lamb beast was the most tricky and the lion beast was the most feared. The closer Naruto got to the center of the cavern the ore hopeless the seenes became. It was almost as if the story was telling itself backwards. He saw a pannal were the slayer of the three beasts was morning over a dead friend. a plaque above the pannal said "We will nevr forget the sevice to the few the proud and the brave."

With each passing pannal it showed more seens of was. Men sulluting him and standing at attention. The pannals all of a sudden stoped as the tunnle opened up to a great cavern. There was a statue in the center of the cave made in the immage of the long dead leader. All of a sudden naruto had a sudden need to bow but like the men he saw in the pannal he put his right hand in a full marine sulute.

A loud rushing wing seemed to go threw Naruto as amy was pulled out of him and into her old body. The ghost of the reble leader appered before Naruto and smiled before him. He said to Naruto "Son you have found favor in my eyes and that favor is for you and your decendents. "Everything I have in here belongs to you and your decendernt. Learn everything in the cavern and you will become strong. Amy who is now your servent will awaken soon. I will be there for you during the first few weeks of your training. when I have tought you everything I know i will be no more. Let us begin now."

As the weeks passed the former reble leader poured out all of his knowledge onto Naruto. The more he pored himself into Naruto the more he fadded. naruto learned the Holy scriptures . He learned how to put his own Chakra into rings. He drank deep of the fountin of knowledge. He learned many great and powerful things, some of which I am to scared to write. when the leaders time was up he made Naruto promice that he would take good care of Amy for him. naruto agreed full heartedly. Durring the time of instruction Naruto's eyes turned into a yellow green eye color. Naruto morned the loss of his master and threw himself into his studys. Days turned into weeks months turned into years. when he finally emerged from the grand library his hair still has a little bit spikey but his hair was down to his mid back and he learned to protect himself with just his hair. at last he called Amy to his side and togeter they made there way back to the cavern they came in at. he passed the great red dragon and said "Muslim Radicals" Soon enough he passed the lion beast and said "Secular humanists." As he passed the lamb beast he said "New age movemevent" There at the end of of the tunnle Naruto knelled at the immage of the cross and prayed a silent prayer for the protection of the people. He went onto the platform and and started to assend to the surface the one he has not seen in long four years.