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Plot: Pointless ramblings in which Gaara drags a screaming, shouting, pregnant Hinata home. Not.

'I'm surprised he let you out of the house,' Temari chided, grinning.

The lady in white smiled, a hand on her obviously pregnant stomach, 'the doctors told him to listen to me.'

Temari threw her head back and laughed, 'sly, ain't ya?'

She giggled, 'Gaara can be very reasonable sometimes.'

'Reason is not something Gaara understands,' Temari shook her head sadly, 'I can't believe he listens to everything you say… What would we be without you?'

She grinned, 'extremely miserable.'

Temari laughed, 'if you weren't pregnant, I'd be smacking your head.'

Hinata smiled, 'no you wouldn't. You're too nice, Temari-chan.'

She shuddered, 'Temari-chan?' her eyes twitched, 'you have my brother's baby in your stomach and you're still calling me Temari-chan?!'

'And I'll have my babies calling you Temari-neechan,' she grinned.

They stopped walking.

Temari stared at her.

Hinata stared back, a look of shock plastered on her face. She slapped her hands onto her mouth. 'Oops,' she whispered, staring at Temari.

Temari gawped at her. She gulped audibly, 'Babies?'

'Don't tell Gaara,' she whispered desperately.

'You're having twins?!'

She blushed crimson, 'triplets' she said in a tiny, tiny voice.

'TRIPLETS?!' now she was getting desperate. 'GAARA'S AMAZING!' she exclaimed.

Hinata hushed her quickly.

'Gaara doesn't know!' she shouted, her face beet red.

Temari panicked, 'Hinata, deep breaths. Deeeeeeeeep breaths…'

Hinata wheezed.

'Hinata, breath.'

That worked.

Gaara was standing there.

Glaring at his sister.

Which was




'What did you do?'

Temari backed away cautiously.

'T-T-Temari-chan d-d-didn't do anything Gaara,' she breathed deeply.



'I just got overexcited, that's all.' She smiled.

Gaara's expression softened when he turned to his wife, 'we're going home.'

Hinata pouted, 'but I just got out. Temari-chan and I are going to buy… baby clothes.'

He frowned, 'we can buy them later.'

Hinata's eye twitched, 'We?'

He clutched her shoulders and turned her (gently) to the opposite direction. Very, very softly, he said, 'We're going home.'

He actually smiled.


Temari could still be seen gawping at the sidewalk two hours later.

'But I just got out…' puppy dog eyes.

Temari had considered running away.

But the lovey dovey sight was implanting itself into her brain.

He bent down and brushed her lips with his gently, 'home.'

Hinata melted grudgingly.

Thus they went home.


Note: I told you it was pointless.