Part 3

The last few months of my pregnancy was filled with work and discomfort. I spent my time at a desk job. I stamped papers and Meryl filed them. It was a major demotion for us. We lied about our final accounts with Vash the Stampede and our boss thought we no longer deserved our jobs as full blown agents. He decided it was best we become office girls. Meryl doubts we will ever be promoted.

I don't mind. I am done with the dangerous work. I have to be there for my baby. I will no longer accept a dangerous assignment.

Two weeks before my due date, I went into labor. My water broke on the way to the hospital and twenty hours later I gave birth to my son, Mathew Nicholas Thompson. I wanted him to have his own name but I also wanted him to be connected to his father in some way. Mathew looks exactly like me with his father's dark hair.

The first time I held him in my arms, I cried. I was so happy to see him. I held him as long as I could until I fell asleep and I dreamt of my son. I saw my future through him and I saw Nicholas living on. I knew my son was going to be a good man, just like his father.