Chapter 1-(Ideas for Love)

High into the skies above the world. High into Heaven, where the gods and goddesses live at. The legendary Dragon Lord, Mark...was watching ever so sad. "I can't believe my wife misses me that much." said DL Mark. Ungh-Agor, the Dragon-God stood next to him. "I know that my friend. But fear not...she will be happy once you will be back with her again." said Agor. "Yes I know that for a fact, but she wants me now!! I can't go back since I am not fully regenerated." said DL Mark. Agor sighed in agreement. "That is true my friend." spoke Agor placing his hand onto his friends soldier. "What can I do to at least satisfy her?" asked DL Mark. Agor let out a sigh. "Not much...I know that you miss her and all, but you should let her be with another man for once. Don't take this the wrong way, but she should try other men." spoke Agor.

"Yeah like who? Spyro? Lethak? Barroth, Morrogh, Annoth? None of them since they are all married." said DL Mark. "I understand, but someone will come by to her, just be patient my friend. Besides The Dracovia Contest will start in just a few hours my friend." spoke Agor. DL Mark looked back down on earth, towards his sleeping wife. 'Don't worry my love....I will return to you soon enough.' thought DL Mark.


The next day arrived and it was the annual Dracovia Contest. Many people had joined the crowds and many had joined the contest. So many men and dragons had joined just to become Dragon Lord and Husband of Queen Godith. As usual, Godith would wear her royal clothes to the contest. She was given a royal seat that was comfortable for her to sit in for many hours. 'What's the point of all this? All these losers will not win my heart and title. I don't even know why I actually made this stupid thing in the first place.' thought Godith.

Galadrial was there with her mother as well as Cynder. Kira, wife of Dragon King Revan, was with them as well with her son Neo. Neo had the same hair as his father as well as eyes and nose. He had his mothers mouth and face structure. He too had the ability to turn into a dragon like his cousin Ryuu, but he spent most of his life as a half-dragon. "Hey there Kira, wow...he has grown so much." said Cynder seeing Kira for the first time since 3 years. "Hehehe, yes I know. Kids these days grow so quick before you even know it." said Kira.

" about you? How's everything?" asked Kira, holding her son's hands. "Everything seems fine, I'm just a little love sick." spoke Godith depressingly. "Ohh cheer up sis, you know that DL Mark will come back to you some day. Why are you throwing all of these contests around anyways?" asked Cynder. "I have no idea. That is probably why I am not myself anymore. I just rather sleep then watch this crap go about." said Godith. "Mom....cheer up. Dad is watching over you and all of us. Besides...who cares if there is no winner today. At least there will be a lot of action." said Galadrial.

"She's right you know." said Kira. "I know....she is just like her father. Always wants to see something going on, always out on adventures and doing so many crazy things. I just wonder does he manage to raise a family while facing certain-death everyday?" asked Godith. "You know how he is Mommy, he is just like that." replied Galadrial, placing her head onto her mother's lap. Godith gently stroked her daughter's head with a smile. "You are right my angel." spoke Godith softly.

So for the next few hours, the royal family watched as men and dragons beat the living crap out of one another. There were a couple of interesting fights that impressed them all, except for Godith. Not one match seemed to impress her. Even when the men would look at her with a lovely smile, she would just have her head rested on her arm and watched boringly as they competed. In the end, there was yet another tie and no winner. People cheered for the amazing matches, but Godith only groaned in disappointment. "Same shit as usual. None of these guys have the guts to even become a Dragon Lord." spoke Godith angerly and she stormed off from the contest.

Cynder only sighed and watched as her sister walked off. "She really needs to calm down. If she knows that DL Mark is going to come back to her, then why bother about all of this crap?" asked Cynder. "I don't know Aunt Cynder, but seeing all of this happening...I am starting to wonder the same thing about me." said Galadrial. "What do you mean by that?" asked Kira as her son Neo, slept in her arms. "How am I going to be like my mother? How am I suppose to have a family with another man when I got tons of mindless-lovers who are in love with me?" asked Galadrial.

Cynder walked towards her niece and placed a wing around her. "Do not worry. The Ancestors will give you a special one. He will come to you soon." said Cynder. Galadrial only scoffed. "Yeah right, like who?" asked Galadrial. "Well some examples are Neo, Kurthnega, Demitri." said Cynder. "Ewww....them?" asked Galadrial. "Look if you want a boyfriend, you must look hard at all of these guys and choose who you think best." spoke Kira. Galadrial knew that her friend was right. "I guess....I should try some dates like my mother." said Galadrial with a weak smile before she ran off to her room. "Do you think two of them will get a man of their dreams?" asked Kira. "About Godith no...but Galadrial....I have a feeling that she will soon." said Cynder with a smile.


Back at the Royal Palace, Godith went to her room with sadness and fell onto her bed. Even though it was big enough for two, she slept by herself. She gently stroked the empty side of the bed, wishing that her husband was lying next to her, saying how much he loves her. A knock was heard on the door and she sat up. "Come on." spoke Godith. Galadrial walked in and she hopped onto the bed and sat next to her mother. Godith gave out a soft sigh. "What is it now?" asked Godith. "Mom....remember what I said about dating?" asked Galadrial. "Yes and?" "Well...I was just wondering if you and I both go out on dates, and look for our new man?" asked Galadrial.

Godith looked at her daughter with a smile. "You want to find a boyfriend already?" asked Godith. "Well, yeah. I have many guys who want me, maybe one of them is worth it, just like you have many guys who want you. Someone is worth it." said Galadrial. Godith smiled before she looked away out towards the window. "I know...but I did not have to date your father. We were already there. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what to do on a date." spoke Godith. "Me neither mom...but we should give it a try." spoke Galadrial hugging her mother. Godith hugged her back and looked up towards the sky.

The sun was setting and the first glimpse of stars were appearing. She looked up at DL Mark's star which always shinned brightly in the night. A year after his death, Godith made a star dedicated to him. Each and every night she would look at it and wish for him to come back to her. "Alright then...tomorrow, you better be properly dressed up." said Godith looking at her daughter. "I know." said Galadrial. Her Amulet glowed, signaling some trouble in Dracovia. "Great....more idiots who just want to be killed by me." said Galadrial as she flew off to the source.


From a distance, the Kings of Dracovia watched all the time as Godith stood on the balcony. "Damn....she is seriously desperate." said Spyro. "You think bro? I'm the only Dragon Lord left on this planet. Galadrial is the only Dragon Lordess around town." said Lethak. "I think we already now that." said DK Mark. "So do any of you guys know anyone who could satisfy Godith....besides DL Mark?" asked Spyro. "Nope." said the two of them. "How about a guy for Galadrial? She is the one we are more worried about since she is only young. We don't want her to fall for the wrong guy." said DK Mark. "Since when did you become her father?" asked Lethak. "I'm just saying." replied DK Mark.

"Well....I am not sure. There are only a few people that I could think off. Ryuu is one of them." spoke Spyro. "My son in love with her? I find that a little bit weird. A prince and princess? A Dragon Prince and Dragon Lordess? I don't think that can be a good idea Spyro. Besides my kid is not even ready to face love just yet." said DK Mark. "Ok about Artius?" asked Spyro, looking at his brother. "My son? No way!! I just know from a start that they won't last together for 3 seconds. My son is more like can I say it....Artius acts like a hot-shot. Even though he is my son, he just blabs about how he can do better then her...but obviously he can't. I don't want to shatter his dreams but if we were to ask him to go out with Galadrial, he would be bitching about it." said Lethak.

"Damn bro...and to think my kids want to take the spot light." said Spyro. "How about Demitri?" asked DK Mark. The two looked at him with a look as if he was crazy. "Demitri and Galadrial? I'll be honest....that sounds nice but we obviously know that the two are friends already. I don't want to push their relationship a level further yet." said Spyro. "I agree with Spyro, Mark. It sounds good but it just seems a little too much." spoke Lethak. "Eh...good guess at least." said DK Mark. He looked at his watch and realized that he had to get back home to his wife and son. "Well...I'm out of here...take care guys." said DK Mark as he flew off. "Yeah me too...see ya later Spy." said Lethak as he flew off.

Spyro stood there on the hill, watching over Dracovia as his wife suddenly came up form behind him. "Shit!!! Cynder!! Don't scare me like that!!" shouted Spyro. Cynder laughed, as she wrapped her amrs around her King and Husband. "Scared? I thought that you were a brave big boy." said Cynder. "I am....I just didn't think that it was going to be you who pops up from out of nowhere. I got to be on my guard Cynder. I do have some people that want to kill me but they had not yet made a move." said Spyro.

Cynder got closer. "Ohh rubbish Spyro. We all have an Immortal Life now. If it weren't for DL Mark, my brother in law, we would not be here." said Cynder as she gently licked Spyro's neck. Spyro growled softly and he did the same thing. Cynder gave out a soft moan. "Ohhh yes Spyro. I had not felt this moment in a long time." said Cynder pleasurably. "Me too...but it is getting late. We got a lot of work to do tomorrow." said Spyro. Cynder looked at him in the eye. "I know....when will we have our moment together?" asked Cynder as she stroked across Spyro's chest. "I don't know....soon I hope. We had not made love in 10 years." said Spyro softly looking at his wife with much love. "Now I know how Godith feels about not making love." said Cynder as she flew away and went back to her home, to tuck the kids into bed, that is except for Masami who was living separate now, with her fiancé Takeshi.

Spyro looked back once more at the night sky. There was something out there in the world that has caught Spyro's attention. Yet he could not be able to locate it. Spyro thought for a while before deciding to go back home to his wife.

A/N: With the contest being the same thing as the previous years, what will Godith and Galadrial do to find their love? What is this weird thing that seems to have gotten Spyro's attention? Find out next on War.