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A bundle of clothes sat in the seat.

The metal squeaked as it swung in it's hinges, threatening to throw it's occupant off the seat.

Even the swing didn't want to play with him.

He propelled himself forward with his tiny little feet.

Crew cut hair moved in the wind with the grass.

He could've passed for a part of the playground.

She only noticed him because of the soft sigh he gave when she was passing through.

The little girl who stepped into the playground clearly didn't belong to Suna. She was dressed in a pale blue dress, barely hanging onto her bony body by two flimsy straps.

Pretty little thing she was. Another proof she didn't belong here.

And when she opened her mouth to speak to the little boy, it was certain, marked and signed that she belonged nowhere near here.

'Hello,' she had a soft little voice, almost like a sigh.

He looked up, scrutinizing her with his crimson eyes. Her dark blue hair kept short apart from two longer strands in the front, was decorated with a pink flower bow.

She looked too cute to be walking alone.

'Can I play with you, please?' polite, just like her masters ordered.

Soft eyes.

Everything about her screamed, 'CUTE LITTLE BUNNY'.

He wondered tiredly if the little children had figured out another prank to play on him.

He was tempted to scare her away with his sand.

She walked lightly towards him.

She didn't have footsteps.

They were forbidden by her masters.

She extended a hand, there was a bandage wrapped around every finger on both her hands, 'I'm Hinata,' she smiled.

There was another bandage around her neck.

Both her knees and one of her legs were entirely covered.

A band-aid on her cheeks.

Ugly bruises where bandages aren't.

A newly sewn stitch on her forehead.

Scratches and burns where bruises aren't.

He realized she was almost as damaged as he is.

He clutched her hand, 'Gaara.'

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