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Gaara headed towards the playground.

The road was clear.

After all, going to the playground at three pm everyday had been a routine for months.

People learnt to stay away.

The killing aura helped.

Today, however, it was most potent.

His uncle's betrayal left him feeling angry.


If glares could kill, his would've been banned by international treaty.

He loved his uncle.

It made him…


He stopped and sniffed.


Gaara shook his head, ruffling his already ruffled mass of hair.

He was angry!


He stomped towards the playground, determined to hate his little friend.

She's in it too, he's sure of it!

But she's been so nice to him…

So had your uncle, whispered a malicious little voice.

His resolve regained, he promptly glared at the bundle of clothes on the sand pit. Convenient, sneered the same voice. His sand was eager for blood. Yesterday's had been most delicious.

She turned, instantly feeling his presence, a frown on her forehead.

She was sure it was him, but the killing waves coming from him was unfamiliar.

'Gaara?' her unsure smile shined through the bunch of flowers she had in her arms. She was well hidden in the cloak that he had given her.

He joined her in the crease on his forehead. His bafflement was winning over the anger.

Hinata opened her arms, releasing as shower of purple flowers as she did. It must have taken her forever to collect so much. Her hands waved in the air hesistantly as she tottered towards him, 'ano… Gaara?'

Gaara stood still, unable to understand the situation.

Her fingers brushed his face.

She stopped tottering. Her hands went to her eyes gently, 'ano…' she sounded embarrassed, 'my masters-'

He stepped onto her flowers as he threw his arms around her, engulfing her little frame in his slighter larger form.

She let him hold her in silence for a while before asking in a slightly trembling voice, 'Can we still be friends?'

She felt him nod against her shoulder.

She ventured, 'Really?'

His nod was fierce.

'Even though I can't see?'

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