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We were going hunting. I haven't pranked any one in a little while, so I decieded to give all the mountian lions either crack or booze to see which Edwardo likes better. That way I know what to get Bella for Christmas! Well, it was either that or a boring copy of a Midsummer's Night Dream, from the play where all the acters signed and had the contemperary English version in the back, along with a biography of Shakespeare.

SO I plannde to get her a present that Edwardo shows preference for. 30% for Bells present. 70% for my own sick pleasure! Yay, own own sick pleasure!!!!!!

But . . . how? HAH! Now I know! I will assume my brainstorming pose. It's like yoga . . . but not! So I sat on the couch, curled my back so my chin rested on my fist, that was on my knee. (AN on profile)

Jasper was walking into the room then he saw my awsome pose. His eyes got big and thenm he turned around and ran. Alice, who saw Jasper walk in screamed and followed him, yelling at the top of her lungs "RUN, JAZZY, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAAAN!!" Huh, they don't like my pose. I started to cry.

Then a deep voice from above said, calmly "Emmet, you can't cry."


"Testy, testy. And I was going to tell you how to give the mountian lions the crack and booze!" the, now soprano vioce sounded.

"Author say what?" I ask.

"Well, you can do it with Esme's mermaid magic." it said. "AND I'M A SHE!!!" Testy, yet, Ese's magic.

"How do I get the power, Oh-Great-One -Of-Cleanliness?"

"Why you eat her dirty socks of coarse!" the vioce was very happy. Duh, of coarse I have to eat the socks. The author couldn't have just made it do?

"Oh," she said, "I could have, but this is funnier." Jerk.

So I ran into her room, and into her hamper. There was her secret cleaning supplies. Great, we thought she was off this stuff. Now she might need another intervention, the last one wa- "VICTORY!!!!!!" I found the socks. They tasted like chicken. Icky.

Yeah that wasn't my best, but theres barely any plot yet. With any hope it'll get better. But it's a sequal, so it'll either twice as bad or completely awsome!! -crosses fingers muttering 'awsome awsome awsome' under her breath-