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CHAPTER 1 – Left, Right, ATTACK!

Katrina Ryan inhaled deeply the chilly air of London as she trailed behind her mother and little sister, gazing at the grand and beautiful architecture that surrounded them. They had stayed over a week in London, and Katie (as Katrina is most popularly known as) felt is if it had only been a few days. She loved London, and decided to move here after she graduated High School next year.

Her ears picked up the sound of a parade not far away, the drums and horns which sounded so much like her own High School band brought tears to her eyes when she thought of home. She loved London, but she loved the United States even more. It won't be long before she and her family flies back to Maryland, which is her own home state.

Sally, Katie's little sister, was peering at a British guard for the longest time. Katie rolled her eyes and tried not to giggle as Sally broke into a off-beat tap dance move to see if he would notice. Their mother, Catherine, smiled and stepped forward to explain to her why the guard would not even look in her direction and smile at her growing dancing talent.

"He's impressed, but he just can't show it," she gently explained. "He's a professional soldier. Now come on, we've got to meet Daddy."

Sally understood her explanation and saluted to him. "I'm impressed!" she exclaimed.

"Come on, Sal. Dad's waiting!" Katie laughed as she hurried up enough for Sally to chase after her until they caught up with their mother. She turned and smiled at her daughters as she pulled a map out of her pocket.

"Here, Sally," she said. "Help me find the place where we're supposed to meet Daddy."

Sally took the map and studied it for a moment. "When we get to this street...we turn left – no, right."

Katie rolled her eyes. God, she's just as bad at her lefts and rights as I am! She thought as she caught up with them.

"Are you sure?" she called. "Don't be getting us lost, now!"

"Okay!" Sally called back. "We turn right!"

Everyone laughed together as the rounded the corner. Katie glanced across the street and noticed a car with a man in the front seat, and two men in the back who were talking with each other. It was just a glance, and Katie thought nothing of it, so she looked away and managed to catch up to her mother and sister again when they reached their destination.


"Mind yourself Paddy boy," Sean Miller quickly reminded his younger brother, who was sitting beside him in the back of the car, preparing a 'sticky bomb'. "Move sure and fast."

"You've told me that, didn't you?!" Paddy snapped back, glancing up from the bomb.

"I'm telling you again!" Sean replied, his piercing green eyes flashing. He quickly softened his gaze as he realized how dire their situation was...and how easily they could be killed if they were not careful.

"This won't be like anything you've done before, little brother," he added with gentleness in his voice.

Paddy didn't seem to like how his brother was treating him: like an ignorant child. Even his own father treated him with more respect! He's nearly seventeen years old, and he had plenty of experience – there's no need for Sean to keep telling him what the hell to do over and over again!

Just then, a woman's voice spoke over the CB - "Target is leaving the palace, now."

Kevin O'Donnell turned around to Sean and Paddy. "Stay awake, lads. Here they come."

The car began to move. They loaded their guns, and pulled their ski masks down over their faces.

This was it.


Katie rocked back and forth on her feet feeling the chill seeping through her light tan trench coat as she waited for her Dad to come out of the big fancy building in front of them. Come on, Dad! I'm freezing my freaking ass off here while waiting for yours!! Katie fumed. Well, she wasn't really fuming, but she was rather impatient.

"Look! There's Daddy!" she heard her mother say to her and Sally. Finally! You've made your grand arrival already!

Jack Ryan finally came out of the building, and waved at them. Sally, Katie and Catherine waved back at him. As he was crossing the street, a car suddenly screeched out in front of him, and several more cars arrived out of nowhere, apparently trying to surround a limousine that was just coming around the corner.

Katie's heart stopped as she watched her father observe this situation with concern. In no time, men wearing ski masks and carrying guns and bombs poured out of the cars. Suddenly, Jack came running towards them with panic on his face.

"Get down!" he screamed, flailing his arms. "Get down!"

Catherine quickly understood, and grabbed Sally as Jack approached them. "Get her down! Katie, come here!" he shouted. But Katie was petrified to the spot where she stood...


A car exploded into a fiery mass, causing Katie to snap out of her shock. She raced towards her family where they huddled by a car right when the debris from the car splattered everywhere around them.

Then the sound of gunfire filled her ears. Katie craned her head up from where she was squatting by her mother and Sally to see what was happening. Two of the aggressors were gunning down the limo drivers, while two more were trying to get the passengers out of the limo.

"Get out of the car!" one of them shouted with a thick Irish accent, banging against the door. "Get out!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Katie noticed her father getting up. "Keep her down!" he ordered as he began to sprint towards the scene!

"Jack!" Catherine called.

Katie panicked. She couldn't let her Dad get killed! She had to stop him!

"DAD!" she screamed, jumping to her feet.

"Katie, no!" her mother shouted after her, for Katie was already running after father. If he does get killed, she won't know what to do with herself.

"Open the fucking door!" the man ordered the passengers again, having no clue of what was to happen next. "Open it, or I'll blow it up!"

At that moment, Jack flung himself against him from behind, and shoved him down onto the ground.

Katie's lungs burned from the moist cold air and her heart pounded with terror as she dashed around the maze of cars until she finally caught up with her father, who had bleeding wound in his shoulder. Katie was horrified, a sickening feeling overcoming her from the pit of her stomach.

"Dad!" she called. She started to run to him, but she was stopped short when a bullet whistled past her from the gun Jack was holding.

"Katie, look out!" Jack shouted back at her.

But before Katie could catch her breath, someone fell on her. By instinct, Katie grabbed hold of whoever fell against her as she managed to fall down onto the hard pavement with the stranger in her arms. She figured it was one of the terrorists, and her father had shot him after he had been shot himself, so she was safe in her awkward situation. Still, she was terrified from her very close proximity with him.

Struggling, Katie managed to sit up and get onto her knees while she still held onto him. She looked down at his mostly covered face. His blue eyes were wide with fear and pain, and they did not look at her. Curious, Katie reached under his chin and pulled off the ski mask. Looking at her was the face of someone...my age. Oh my God! My Dad shot someone my age!

"Oh, Dad! What did you do?" she wailed.

The boy looked up at her, the color beginning to drain from his face. His eyes lit up at the sight of her. With all the strength he could muster, he slowly reached up towards her face. She felt her heart skip a beat when she felt the tips of his ice cold fingers brush against her cheek. Tear brimmed her eyes as her throat tightened from the urge to cry.

Then he began to choke and gasp for breath. Katie started dreading about what was about to happen next, and she didn't want it to happen.

"No...no, don't die. My mom's a doctor. She'll take care of you," she whispered as she gently grasped his hand. "Please don't die." She choked back a sob, feeling a tear slide down her cheek.

His eyes went into the distance as a trickle of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth. His hand dropped down onto his chest as the last breath escape his lungs. She felt his body go limp.

He was dead.

"No," she gasped, gently shaking his shoulder. "Wake up! Please wake up!"

She placed her hand on his abdomen to see if he was breathing, and felt warm moistness instead. She lifted her hand up and turned it over to see blood covering her palm and fingers. Her body began to shake as she felt herself sobbing, tears blurring her vision. He was dead. He didn't have to die! Why did she have to see him die? Why did her father have to kill him? She didn't know him, but that didn't matter to her.

"Stop!" a voice of a man shouted behind her. "Army! Drop it!"

British soldiers raced around her, pointing their guns at her father, who was slumped against a car, keeping his gun trained at the man he knocked down. He slowly let his gun fall from his hand. He had been wounded seconds before his daughter barely missed being shot herself. He had watched Katie fret over the dying boy, and felt a pang of regret and sadness from what he had done; killed a boy her age, and watching his daughter watch him die in her arms.

Sean's face was pushed back down onto the ground as his arms were pulled behind his back. He kept his eyes trained on his little brother and the girl, even while his ski mask was being pulled off of his head.

"Help the boy," he said.

Katie couldn't feel the soldiers' grip on her arms as she stared with complete shock at the boy. The soldier lifted her to her feet, and moved her aside. She couldn't see the boy through her tear-blurred vision anyway. She wiped her hand on her tan coat, leaving a crimson print and wipe mark.

The soldier bent down to check Paddy's pulse on his neck. There was none, obviously. "Nope, he's had it," the soldier stated as he closed Paddy's eyes.

How could his dear little Paddy die? This was not fair! Sean's heart pounded with anger. He turned his head towards the man who killed him. He will not let this murderer get away with what he had done!

Catherine was comforting Sally, leaving her in the care of a woman she knew, when she headed over to her husband. The soldier standing by him stopped her. "Stand back, ma'am."

"He's my husband," she explained firmly. "I'm a doctor, and I'm going to treat him."

The soldier let her through. She knelt down next to Jack and began to scold him. "Jesus, Jack! What were you and Katie thinking of?" Jack smirked back at her with a drowsy look on his face.

"I'm going to set you down," she said as she laid him down onto his back. "Stay with me, Jack. You hear me?" He felt himself fading into unconsciousness. "Jack...stay with me. Jack?"

Meanwhile, Katie couldn't breathe, her chest was so tight. She just had a kid her age die in her arms who was shot by her own father! This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life! Why did Dad have to kill him?

At that moment, Katie remembered that her dad had been hurt, so she wiped her eyes with her clean hand, and managed to approach the area where she had last seen him, only to find that her mother was already taking care of him, and he had passed out. Katie was worried. I hope we will be okay. I'm sure he will be, since Mom's taking care of him. She felt guilty that she had more concern over a stranger than she had over her own father. I'm such a weird person. I should've cared less about the boy, and be more concerned about my own dad. I am concered - I didn't want him to get hurt, and he did. I'm such an ass! Her eyes began to water up again.

Just then, Sean was pulled up to his his feet. Katie blinked until her eyes were clear to see another face that looked very much like the boy's...but older. Could he be his father? No, too young. Brother? She slowly walked up to him. He was looking down at his brother, and didn't notice her.

"W-who was he?" she forced herself to ask him. His furious gaze turned to her, and softened a little at her sorrowful face. One of the soldiers tugged at his arm. "Come on, you!" he growled at Sean, but Sean strained against his grip to answer her.

"He was my little brother," he replied, his voice shaking. Another soldier joined the other one, and the both forcibly led Sean away from Katie. Sean's eyes never left hers, and hers never left his.

Oh my God, Dad! What did you do?