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CHAPTER 3 – A Nice Boy

Doors passed by Katie as she briskly strode down the hall of the hospital, her heart pounding with anxiety in her chest. She had received a call this morning to meet with an Inspector Robert Highland and her father in her father's hospital room – and she had a queasy feeling that this was about the man she could not get out of her mind.

He was now tormenting her in her dreams. His little brother had haunted her unconscious mind, his dying blue eyes staring into hers as crimson blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth. She could still feel his cold, soft fingertips brush against her cheek. Shuddering away the vivid and painful memories, Katie grabbed the handle, and slowly opened the door. The voice of her father drifted to her ears like a refreshing breeze.

"What can you tell me about this guy?" he had asked. From the small opening of the door, Katie could see that he was sitting up in his bed, his shoulder bandaged, his arm in a sling. He was holding a small photograph in his hand. Katie quickly pulled the door closed, since she had only opened it a few inches. She felt her heart pounding harder as she listened to their conversation through an infinitesimal crack in the door.

"He's a nice boy. Sean Miller," a man's voice sarcastically answered with a deep Irish accent. "He shot a priest in Derry. It was during confession. He thought he was informing for the British."

Sean Miller... Katie felt her eyes widen. She knew that they were talking about him. Is he that crazy and dangerous to shoot a priest? I guess so, since he did try to kill the Royal family...

"It's not in Mr Ryan's best interests, nor the prosecution's, to discuss matters not directly at hand," another man's voice spoke up. It was a lighter voice, but still had a similar accent. He sounded a bit irritated.

"If you can confirm for me that you disarmed that man in the square, we'll be through," the high-voiced man continued, perhaps addressing Jack.

"I can," Jack quickly answered. Katie swallowed the lump in her throat. She was not ready for this...

"Do you have anything to add?" the man asked her father.

"Yes," her father replied. "The man l killed was Miller's..."

Katie felt her breath catch itself in her chest. Oh my God, I can't take this...

"...Brother," finished the first man who was speaking earlier about the priest. "Patrick ... not even 17. He was recruited by Sean into the IRA."

WHAT! Blood rushed into Katie's ears. This time, she felt anger. She felt anger towards Sean. If it wasn't for Sean recruiting his brother...

"Try to preserve the clarity of your eventual testimony," stated the second man.

"I read it in a newspaper," Jack answered.

"Refrain from reading newspapers" the man cut in.

"Not even Doonesbury?" Jack said. Katie could hear the smirk in his voice. Always joking around, aren't you, Dad? She thought as a smile crept onto her face.

"Do you have anything to add?" the man's voice said, ignoring the joke.

"No," Jack replied firmly.

There was silence. Katie's ears throbbed with each pound of her heart, when the second man's voice nearly startled her.

"Where's your daughter, Mr. Ryan? I need to speak with her," he demanded, sounding a little more annoyed than before.

"She should be here in any minute," Jack replied. Katie took the cue, and pushed the door open as she stepped in.

"There you are!" her father smiled. "Katie, this is Inspector Highland and Sergeant Owens,"

Katie extended her hand to each man before she seated herself on the other side of her father. Owen's hand felt rough, and Highland's hand felt cold and clammy. Katie had to stop herself from shuddering again. Highland's eyes were small and beady with an unnerving glare once they were directed in Katie's direction.

"Now, how close were you to your father when he disarmed the men in the square?" he inquired, his menacing, beady eyes boring into her hazel ones. Katie swallowed the dryness in her throat before she came up with an answer.

"I chased after him when he went to stop what was happening," Katie took a breath, trying to recall what was already playing over and over in her mind. "When I ran around a car, I felt someone fall on me..." her eyes darted towards her father, who gently nodded for her to go on. She turned back to Highland, and continued with a stronger tone to her voice. "I was only a few feet away from my father. He was wounded, with a gun on the other man."

Highland nodded slowly, letting her information sink in. He tore his eyes away from hers, and wrote something down on a pad of paper. Katie could feel the tension rising in the room, but she couldn't figure out why... Highland cleared this throat to get her attention

"Miss Ryan, I've heard from the guards that you spoke to Sean Miller while he was being arrested. What did you say?"

Katie was taken aback. She could feel her father's shock, she could see the surprise in the Sergeant's eyes. When did I talk to him? What did I say? Katie found herself panicking in silence.

"Miss?" the Inspector pressed, his voice sharply cutting into her thoughts. Katie quickly collected her thoughts on the matter before calmly answering him.

"I asked him who the boy was," Katie spoke, barely above a whisper. "He said that he was his little brother."

"And that was all that was said?" Highland inquired, raising his thin eyebrows. There was a still and tense silence in the air as Katie searched her thoughts for more details of her brief exchange with Sean.

"Yes, that is all," she gulped after a moment. She looked down at her hands, unable to look Highland in his creepy dark eyes any longer. Then his voice cut into the silence, causing Katie to look right at him, as if he had just shouted.

"Mr. Ryan, I need to ask you for your permission to have your daughter interrogate Miller this evening."

Jack blinked with confusion, allowing his unusual request to sink in. "You're asking me permission to have my daughter do what?"

The Sergeant squirmed in his seat, well aware of the stupidity of the Inspector's question. "Miller asked for it," he spoke, ignoring Highland's glare. "All he had done in the last three days was breathe. He didn't say a word to us until last night."

"What did he say?" asked Jack, with impatience and exasperation in his voice.

"He said that he will talk, but not to me or anyone there," droned Highland in reply. "He specifically wanted to tell everything he knew to your daughter."

"But what for?" Jack said with a chuckle, not out of humor but out of botheration.

"Because he saw his brother die in her arms, and I guess he considers her as something special," the Sergeant said.

Katie couldn't believe what she had just heard. Sean Miller asked for me to interrogate him? This is unbelievable! This could be my chance to give him my letter! Her stomach flipped nervously as she watched the faces of the three men around her. Jack was shaking his head with disbelief, while the other two men waited patiently for his response.

"It out of the question, I'm sorry," Jack sighed. "I will not let my daughter within a million miles of that maniac! It's not gonna happen."

"Dad-" Katie cut in. All eyes were on her in an instant. "I – I can do it. He does need to talk, anyhow..."

"Katrina, do you know how dangerous that man is?" Jack calmly replied. "Did you see what he was doing that day in the square?"

"Yes, but-"

"You're not going, and that's final."

"Maybe you don't understand," Highland intervened. "We need for him to talk, and we must get him to talk by any means necessary."

"Even to the deprivation of my daughter?" Jack snapped back, his voice raising. The tension in the room was almost too much for Katie to bear. Her pleading eyes in her father's direction calmed him just a bit.

"No harm will come to her, Mr. Ryan," Highland replied, standing up. "You have my word on that."

"I'm going," Jack stated the second Highland finished his sentence. Katie looked at her father with shock. It relieved her to be under her father's protection while she's in the same area as Sean Miller, but she did feel worry about the fact that Sean could try to attack him in his fragile state.

"Pardon?" Highland couldn't believe his ears, either.

"If you insist on having my daughter interrogate that hellion, then I will be right there to make sure you keep your word about her safety," Jack finished, his blue eyes glaring and his chest puffing up with aggression despite the placidity of his voice.

Katie felt her chest tighten with anxiety. She couldn't even imagine what would transpire this evening in the interrogation room, but it frightened her. She had nothing and everything to say about this. So she kept quiet. At least she could know how long she had before facing Sean...

"What time do I have to be there?" she asked the Inspector, her voice stronger than she had thought it would be.

"Eight fifteen," he replied as he packed his suitcase. "You'll be there?"

"We'll both be," Katie replied, swallowing hard.

I hope all goes well...

The Inspector and the Sergeant said goodbye to Jack and Katie, and walked out. When the door shut behind him, Jack let out a breath of air. Katie stiffened. Is he going to berate me for agreeing to this? I really need to talk to Sean and give him the letter, but I am so scared!

"Those men are asking too much from you," Jack said. "Highland said that you had to testify against Sean Miller tomorrow morning."

WHAT?! Katie's eyes widened as she looked right at her father, who stared ahead of him out of the window.

"They didn't tell you that, did they?" he sighed, and then shook his head. "This is getting ridiculous."

"I can't just interrogate him one day, and then testify against him the next! That's stupid!" Katie gasped.

"Tell me about it," Jack chuckled. "I can't believe I let them talk me into the interrogation in the first place."

Katie couldn't talk anymore. This was too much for her to handle. That Inspector never said a word about having me testify in court! This is betrayal, and they know it! This just keeps getting worse and worse! Whatever am I gonna do?

"You'd better get back to mom and Sally," Jack said after a moment of deep thought. "You look like you need more rest than I do."

Feeling guilty about the whole situation, Katie smiled weakly back. She stood up and smoothed out her green sweater before speaking again.

"In five hours, I am going into hell," she said with her inherited chuckle, but her eyes glistened with tears.

Jack held out his good arm towards Katie. "Come here."

Katie bent down and hugged her father as he patted her back. "You're gonna be fine," he said. "Just fine."

But she could hear the worry in his voice.