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Summary: AH/OOC/EPOV: Edward struggles to determine whether or not he should tell his best friend, Bella, that he's in love with her before they graduate, or whether he should just give up on her altogether. However, she has a plan that'll make things very difficult for Edward.

Okay so I decided to do an epilogue seeing as the ending of the story was quite anti-climactic (literally for Bella). They're in college :) Be warned: it's only short and I probably shuld've just added this on to the end of my last chapter. Hope you enjoyed my story.



"Edward have you seen my white blouse?" Bella calls from the bedroom.

"No, baby," I reply.

"Argh!" She growls loudly and I hear a bang.

"Bella, you're going to be wearing a robe. Does it really matter what you wear underneath?"

"I'm graduating, Edward! You may have a few years to go Mr Medical School, but now is my time to shine. I can't do that in an ugly shirt!"

I chuckle at Bella as she storms around our apartment. She stomps into the lounge room looking the vision of an angel; her brown hair tossled down over her shoulders, light make-up, a simple black skirt and a white bra – she still hasn't found her shirt.

"Wear that blue thing you bought," I suggest. "You look sexy in blue."

"I suppose I can wear that." She bites down on her lip looking all cute before racing back to the bedroom, returning a short time later dressed in a blue shirt.

"Stunning," I say. "I'll get the car out of the garage and meet you out the front."

I take the lift down to the garage and locate my Vanquish before driving out to the front of our apartment complex where Bella is waiting – graduation robe swung over her arm. I fidget nervously with the little box in my pocket, but brush away any nervousness as Bella steps into the car, a big smile adorning her features.

I'm so proud of my Bella; she looks beautiful on stage, graduating with a major in journalism, plus honours too. Charlie and Carlisle sit on either side of me, while my mother is next to my father. All of them have flown down to watch Bella graduate.

"Edward, you better take care of her," Charlie whispers.

"Yes, sir," I reply. "You know I'll do everything I can to give her everything she deserves."

"I know that. Why else would I let you marry my baby girl?" He chuckles beside me while my mother reaches across to give my hand a squeeze. Her and Carlisle have been for this since day one. Carlisle has never once voiced another disagreeance to my plans since that one time, and rightfully so. He loves Bella as a daughter just as he loves me as his son.

We all go out for dinner after the ceremony to celebrate and Bella can't wipe the smile off her face.

I just hope she'll say yes. I'll die if she doesn't.

"Bella, will you come for a walk with me?" I ask her and everyone else at the table knows exactly why i'm asking her to be alone with me. My mother offers me a warm smile and lightly nudges my foot underneath the table.


I take her hand and lead her across the dining room towards the terrace. Having informed the staff of my intentions, they've ensured the terrace is free and completely private. I'm still nervous even though I know this is the right thing to do. I love Bella more than anything and I know everything about her mind and her body. We're perfect for one another. This is the way it's meant to be.

"Are you alright?" Bella asks.

"Never better," I reply honestly as I take her hand and intertwine our fingers.

We walk around the terrace a few times and Bella stops to admire the view over the city.

"Everything is so perfect," she sighs.

"I love you, Bella,"

"I love you, too."

"Bella, you're the greatest person I know and you're smart and funny. Just amazing" I pause and allow myself to look into her eyes which are glowing and wet as if tears are threatening. "I can't think of anyone else who'd I'd rather spend the rest of my life with." I get down on one knee and Bella's tears fall and slowly begin to cascade down my face.

"Isabella, there is a lot of things I can offer you, but the greatest of these will always be my love. Will you offer me the same in return and make me the happiest man of all time? Will you marry me, Bella?" I open the blue velvet box and Bella's eyes widen. [Link to ring on my profile]

"Edward," Bella sobs. "Yes. Of course I will marry you!"

I slide the finger gently on Bella's finger before standing up and taking her into my arms. I can feel her tears through the thin fabric of my shirt and I even tear up a little myself. "I love you so much, baby," she whispers into my ear as I spin her around, lifting her feet from the ground.

"I love you, future Mrs Cullen." She giggles and I set her down on her feet. "Our parents know I was planning on asking, but let's tell them you said yes." With that, I pick her up bridal style and carry her back into the restaurant and towards our family.


I pull the car into our spot in the garage and then Bella and I ride in the lift together up to our apartment. She still has her eyes on her ring, admiring the white gold band and sparkly heart-cut diamond which Alice and Rose came along with me to help choose. They suggested several, but I'm proud to say they agreed with my choice. It wasn't as ostentasious as some of the rings they had, it was simply beautiful – like Bella.

"It's so beautiful, Edward."

"I'm glad you like it."

"I love it, just as I love you."

I lean forward and wrap my arms lightly around her waist while she moves her hands to thread her fingers through my hair. I gently kiss her before she takes control and licks my bottom lip. I grant her entrance into my mouth and suddenly, our tongues are dancing together a beautiful dance.

Bella moans against my lips as I move my hands to her behind and pull her up against my waist so she can wrap her legs around me. I easily walk us to the bedroom, Bella still wrapped around me and kissing me passionately. She pulls away to breath and I look into her deep brown eyes. She really is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen and she loves me just as I love her.

I gently lower her to the – no, our – bed and she looks beautiful, her hair fanned out around her face, lips slightly swollen from our kisses and slightly parted, while her chest rises and falls. She looks so inviting. I reach down and move a strand of hair out of her face and she moves her face into my touch. I lightly lean down and kiss her forehead, then along her collarbones. She pulls at her shirt and I free her from it's confines so I can gain access to her snow-white skin.

I run my lips from her neck down to her right breast and she arches into me, so I move my hands around to her back to unhook her bra. Her beautiful, full breasts fall out from their cage and invite me and I can't help it, so I kiss them and then I'm lightly sucking on the hardened nipples while Bella lets out little noises of approval.

"Edward," Bella pants. "I need you."

I lightly trail kisses down her flat stomach until I reach the top of her skirt, which I then pull down her legs easily. I move back up her body, throwing my shirt off while Bella claws at my chest and reaches down for my pants. She kisses at my chest and giggles in typical Bella fashion.

"Mhm," she hums before crawling out from under me to move on top of me, where she unbuttons my jeans and shimmies them down my legs. "That's better."

I switch our positions so I'm top and bring my lips down hard on hers and nudge her legs apart with my knee. I pull away from Bella's plump lips and her eyes are smoldering at me. She's never looked more beautiful than with that ring on her finger. "Oh, please. I need you inside of me."

I comply with Bella's demand and make quick work of my boxers, tossing them aside. I tease her a little, running my hardened dick lightly across her folds while she squirms underneath me. She growls in frustration and wraps her legs around me, trying to create some release for herself and i'm only too eager to comply. I gently move closer towards my goal and push my tip inside of her.

"More, more!" She pants, so I push my entire length in and we both groan out in ecstacy at the feeling of us being joined.

I create a slow rhythm, pushing myself as deep into Bella as I can. "More." She chants it over and over.

"Mine," I growl as I lightly nip at her neck.

"Yours," she cries out. "Always yours."

I pick up the pace and drill into her as hard and fast as I can while she pulls at my hair with one hand and scratches my back and chest with the other. "Yes! Edward!" Her hips rise up to match my movements and I watch as her eyes roll backwards into her head.



"Bella, i'm close," I groan and grab at her breasts and suck at her neck.

"Agh...Me....ahh...ed..wa.." she moans out incoherently. "Fuck!"

Bella bites down on my neck, sending me over to the edge and we climax – together.

When we come down from the high, we lie together tangled in our sheets trying to catch out breath.

"I love you, Edward," Bella sighs.

"I love you, Mrs Cullen."