Title: The Week That Changed Everything

Chapter: 1

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"That's crap Leon and you know it" Gibbs gave the director Leon Vance his famous "Gibbs glare".

Vance sighed, Gibbs was constantly undermining his authority and disobeying his directions, it had to stop. Much as he respected the former-director Jenny Sheppard, it was no secret that she and Gibbs had a relationship, now Gibbs was too used to a weak director and getting things his way.

Vance simply sent Gibbs a death glare of his own and replied, "Government orders, couldn't allow you to refuse them… even if I wanted to."

Gibbs however was not one to be easily deterred and he matched the directors stare with his own. "When" was his only suggestion that he was going to listen.

Vance refused to back down now, even though both he and Gibbs knew that his defences were weakening under the older man's steely gaze. "Two days, your team will be replaced by a temp team while you're all busy doing teambuilding activities at 'Jayton Lake.' I've already assured the camp leaders that you and your team WILL comply with their wishes and I expect you to follow through."

Gibbs simply nodded and turned around, shooting one more death glare over his shoulder towards the director before he left. He slammed the door the Vance's office shut, one final act of defiance after a humiliating argument both he and Vance knew Gibbs lost. How on earth did Leon expect him to spend 7 days in the middle of the wilderness with his team? What was he thinking sending GIBBS of all people to a teambuilding camp where their modo was "Working with each other to help you live together." It sounded like a freakin' marriage counsellor, and after three divorces EVERYONE knew how much Gibbs hated marriage counsellors.

He stomped down the stairs and slapped a sleeping DiNozzo's head, he needed some way to release his anger and Tony was the perfect target.

Tony sat up with a start and immediately grabbed his gear, thinking Gibbs had a new case to work on. Gibbs simply barked a "SIT DOWN DINOZZO" and Tony complied, knowing that it's never smart to defy Gibbs when he's in a bad mood, or ever for that matter.

"What is the matter Gibbs?" Ziva questioned, Gibbs rolled his eyes, Ziva always was a straight shooter, and she knew when someone was lying or stalling so he may as well get it out.

"According to the government, we all need to go on a 7 day teambuilding trip to Jayton Lake. We have three cabins, one for me, one for Tony and McGee and one for Abby and Ziva. We leave in two days; I expect to see you all there at 8 o'clock, don't be late."

Gibbs rolled his eyes as he let the information sink in for his team, he waited for the elevator and when the doors opened he yelled over his shoulder, "McGee, fill Abby in, let her know all the details and you all have tomorrow off to pack."

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