Title: The Week That Changed Everything

Chapter: 21

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Ziva hadn't expected Tony to hug her, but she returned the favour with a slight smile on her face.

Tony finally let her go and she felt the loss immediately, he pulled apart and there was an awkward silence between them.

She thought she saw something in his eyes, but decided to ignore if for now and sighed, "Tony, you have already seen that I can walk, so I believe that I no longer have to stay here, right?"

She asked, her eyes begging him to agree with her so she could relax in her own room. He smiled and nodded, "I've seen it, but the nurse'll have to double-check. I'll go get her if you promise not to go anywhere." He smiled at the look of frustration that crossed her face. "Ziva?"

Ziva simply rolled her eyes, "Fine Tony, I will stay here." She waited until he had left the room before she fell back against the pillows, a smile on her face. It was amazing how even one simple hug from Tony could make her weak. She couldn't remember being this happy since a very long time. She sighed as she thought about the hug again, wanting to relive the feeling of the moment.

Ziva rolled her eyes at how pathetic she was, but her smile stayed in place. She began to wonder what the look in his eyes afterwards was, and was confused. She'd never seen that look in Tony's eyes before, it seemed to be a combination of fear, anguish, and something else….

She laid down properly and tried to prop her foot up on a pillow near the end of her bed. The nurse arrived with Tony and the rest of the team close behind her.

She took a look at Ziva's ankle and smiled, "Well, the swelling has gone down a good amount and the redness is gone. How do you feel?"

Ziva smiled sweetly at the nurse, knowing she would choose whether Ziva had to stay resting or move around on her own, "It feels very good, thank you. I think I can walk on it now."

The nurse laughed at the eagerness in Ziva's voice, "Well, although I believe you may be trying to put on a good show so you can move around sooner, the ankle really does look good. It wasn't as bad as I originally thought; you might even be fully recovered by tomorrow when you leave for home."

She smiled sweetly at Ziva who was grinning ear to ear as she looked at Gibbs. "So I can go to my cabin now, yes?"

Ziva looked to the nurse for confirmation, and at her nod Ziva pushed herself off the bed. Her ankle hurt, but the pain was dying quite quickly and she smiled. "Let's go!"

Gibbs simply smirked at Ziva's eagerness to move around again, "Yeah, but it's getting late, I want you all back in your cabins in a half an hour so that you're up on time tomorrow."

Tony's face fell and he whined, "But Boss, you're treating us like children…"

Gibbs smirked at Tony's expense, "That's the point DiNozzo. Your whining just cost you ten minutes."

Tony rolled his eyes and received a head-slap from Gibbs, "Wanna make it twenty DiNozzo?"

Tony simply shut his mouth and shook his head, deciding it would be best to back off now. Gibbs smirked and walked away, "Twenty minutes and you're all in your cabins."

McGee looked at Abby and smiled, "Ready? Let's walk together."

Abby nodded enthusiastically and they left holding hands, Abby's laugh floating back behind them.

Tony rolled his eyes at their patheticness and smiled at Ziva, realizing that if he got the chance he'd be no better. "Ready?"

She looked up at him in surprise, "You do not have to wait Tony, I will take a little longer to walk."

Tony shrugged, "I don't want to walk alone out there."

Ziva smirked, "What is the matter Tony, you're not being a scary cat are you?"

Tony smirked and couldn't help himself from correcting, "Scaredie cat, Ziva, and no I'm not. I simply want someone to talk to so I can drown out Abby and McGee's patheticness."

Ziva rolled her eyes and nodded, realizing she really didn't want to be alone. "Fine."

Tony grinned, "See? I knew you couldn't resist a walk with me in the dark." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Ziva simply rolled her eyes.

"If that's what you think I can walk alone…" She began, but Tony cut her off.

"Awww… Come on Zee-vah. Can't you take a joke?"

Ziva rolled her eyes, "Let's go." Tony grinned and opened his mouth to say something but decided against it.

They slowly walked back to the cabins, side by side. Tony stopped walking and Ziva followed suit, wondering what was wrong. Tony grinned and said, "We have twenty minutes, let's take a detour."

Ziva simply nodded and followed him, soon walking beside him again. Tony led her only a short ways away from the cabins and towards the beach.

Ziva smiled noticing where they had come, "I do not care what you say, the look on your face when you thought I drowned was free."

Tony looked at her for a moment, then realized what she was trying to say, "You mean priceless. And, well I had a reason to. You nearly gave me a heart attack when you started to convulse like that." He said, remembering how close to tears he was before she sat up grinning mischievously.

Ziva looked at him and grinned, "And just why is it that you were so scared when I was the one drowning?"

She raised an eyebrow making Tony realized his dumb mistake and quickly come up with an excuse. He couldn't tell her, not yet. "Yeah, well, you may have "died," but I was the one that Gibbs was gonna kill when he found out."

He smirked, trying to add a humorous effect to his statement, but he noticed the way that a ghost of a frown appeared on her lips before disappearing again. They continued to walk in silence, both secretly stealing glances at each other when they knew the other wasn't looking. Tony looked at her and his breath caught in his throat, she looked like an angel with the soft moonlight creating a halo on her head. She noticed that he had stopped walking and turned to look him in the eye.

He couldn't help but notice how close they were and how easy it would be for him to close the gap with a kiss. It took all of his self-control not to do so, but he knew that it was too risky. He needed to make sure she loved him back before he said anything, for now he could watch her and hope she made the first move. Ziva's earlier words drifted through his mind,

You can wait your whole life waiting for them to make the first move…

The whole world seemed to stop as Tony debated his options. He stared into her chocolate brown eyes and knew his decision. He'd been waiting for her to make the first move far too long, and he needed her to know how he felt. Looking around at the romantic setting that surrounded them he knew that only fate could've brought them here. He had to tell her now, yet he couldn't bring himself to do so.

He opened his mouth multiple times, trying to get the three simple words he'd been wanting to say for so long past his throat. Nothing would come out. Tony sighed in frustration, suddenly understanding how Ziva felt when the English language failed her.

Tony loved her and he knew he had to tell her now, yet since he couldn't say the words he chose the only other way he knew how.

Tony stared into her eyes and slowly closed the gap between them, his mouth covering hers. He groaned as all the years of tension between them melted into that one moment. He wrapped his arms around her middle and pushed her up towards him. Ziva wrapped her arms around Tony's neck and pulled him closer towards her, letting out a groan of pleasure only a few moments after he did.

Eventually Tony pulled away and stared deep into her eyes. "Ziva…" He whispered, his voice suddenly returning, "I love you. I've been waiting long enough and I can't take it any longer. I need you in my life because you are my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and as much as I don't deserve you I can't live without you. So I'm begging you to make this the happiest day of my life and just tell me that you love me too."

Tony held his breath while he waited for Ziva to answer him, growing more and more nervous at every moment that passed without her response.

Ziva had never been happier than this moment and for a moment was speechless after Tony's confession, finally she found her voice back and answered, "I love you too Tony, more than you could ever imagine."

After hearing this, Tony kissed her again, knowing that he was the luckiest man on earth. Ziva loved him, and with her by his side he could do anything. When they broke apart again, Tony stared deep into her eyes, and realized he'd love her forever, and that no matter what happened, he'd never forget this week, for it was the week that changed their lives.

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