I've never done a T rated story before in fear of lack of reviews but it seems like the Supernatural readers like the T and M stories a lot. This is going to be a different kind of fic for me. At least a different kind of Supernatural fic, with plenty of Sam angst, of course.


"Hey, Sammy, get up," Dean ordered as he walked in the room. Sam groaned as he started to rise.

"Who made you the boss?" He muttered. Dean smiled.

"Uh...I did. I'm the oldest, that makes me in charge."

Sam snorted.

"In your dreams."

"Seriously man, get your lazy ass out of bed."

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Why are you so excited this morning?"

"Got a call from one of our old hunter pals."

"Yeah?" An interest was risen.

"Yeah, remember Tony? Tony Welks?"

Sam flinched at the name, his mouth had gone dry.

"Tony Welks?" His voice shook. Dean didn't notice.

"Yeah, good ole Tony. He needed my help with tracking down a monster."

"Did he say that? That's a good one," Sam muttered and Dean frowned.

"What does that mean?"

"I...nothing," Sam sighed. He tried to control the shaking in his body as his stomach felt like it wanted to vomit. Familiar fear climbed into him.

"Okay than, let's go. He sounded excited when he realized you were with me," Dean told him.

"I bet," Sam muttered low enough for Dean not to hear. Trembling he followed, memories flashing back at him.

"Dean, Sam, this is Tony Welks," John had told the boys. Sammy was 10 and Dean was 16 at the time. They shook hands, but Sammy shuddered as he saw Tony smile at him. There was just something about the way Tony was looking at him that made him uncomfortable.

"Say Tony," John had said a few hours later. "Dean and I are going on a hunt, I need to show him a few things. Mind watching Sammy while we're gone?" Dean was grinning proudly next to his old man, clearly thrilled at the idea of getting to go on a hunt with him.

"Sure thing John," Tony said with that odd smile of his. Sam shivered again. Dean frowned at his brother.

"You okay squirt?"

"Yeah," he said quickly. He didn't want to cause trouble. He hated it when daddy yelled at him for causing trouble. " 'M fine."

Dean ruffled his hair fondly before leaving. Tony ruffled his hair too, after they left, but Sam didn't like the vibe he got from that touch. When Dean touched him, he felt warm and loved. With Tony it was...different.

Tony listened for the Impala to take off. Than he went to the kitchen for a drink and waited for a good 5 or ten minutes before he made a move on Sam.

"Take off your shirt," he ordered simply. Sam stared at him, wide eyed with fear.


"Quit your stammerin', I've been waiting for this since I met you." He smiled. "Your brother's fine lookin' too, but I'm into softer skin than that. Children's skin"

With that he forced Sam down on one of the beds after he locked the door. Sam had tears rolling down his cheeks.

"What..what are you doing..."

"Stop your blubbering," Tony snapped and slapped him quickly across the cheek. It stung, but Tony knew it wouldn't leave a mark. Sam obeyed and tried to remember to be brave like his father and brother had taught him.

"Whe...when my da..dad and b..brother finds out," he declared as bravely as he could. "They...they'll ki...kill you."

Tony laughed.

"No, you won't be so foolish as to telling them, because you know why?" His eyes flashed liquid black as Sam stared at him in horror. "Because if you do, I'll kill them in their sleep."

And with that he pinned Sam's arms to the bed as he climbed on top of him and pulled down Sam's pants and boxers. Sam screamed as he felt something enter him. It felt like he was being ripped into two and the next thing he remembered happening was passing out...

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