Sorry for the long break between updates. I've sort of had writer's block for this story :) Okay I don't know when they got the silver knife but in this fic they've already gotten it, since it's season 3. I'm a bit rusty on that.

Zale turned to face Sam as Sam stood there in the middle of the farmhouse, not sure of what to do or what to think.

"What...what are you gonna do to me?" He managed to ask, his voice wavering. Zale's mouth flickered into a smile as he touched Sam on the shoulder. Sam jerked away, terrified at any touch now.

"It's all right," Zale murmured. "I'm not interested in your body." He touched Sam's head, and ran his fingers through the hair. "I'm interested in that mind of yours," he hissed into Sam's ear. Sam shuddered.

"Now, I want you to show me a little demonstation of your powers," Zale told him.

"I...I don't know what you mean," Sam stammered. Zale's clips curled into a twisted smile.

"What are you capable of?"

"I...I just have visions," Sam stammered. "I haven't head them since Azazel died, though."

Zale leaned towards him. "I don't believe you."

Sam shuddered, clearly terrified.

"I...there is one other thing," he mumbled. "Once-"

"Yes?" Zale pressed.

"Once I...uh....Once I managed to move a dresser with my mind...but I haven't been able to do that stuff again."

"Telekensises?" Zale mused, his eyes flickering in delight. "Most interesting, yes that could come very useful. Tell me, what triggered it?"


"What made you move the dresser? You must have been stressed when you did it, since you've never done it before. Stress triggers all kinds of unknown powers."

"I...I don't remember," Sam quickly mumbled.

Zale glared at him and than backhanded him sharply. Sam started to whimper as he was hit. He knew he sounded pathetic but he couldn't help himself.

"Don't lie to me," Zale growled dangerously.

"I..." Tears formed in Sam's eyes. "I thought Dean was going to die...I saw a vision of him dying and I snapped..." His whole body shaking.

"Of course," Zale hissed. "Your brother is your pressure point. I should have known."

"What? No, I can do it without him!" Begged Sam.

"I don't think you can. You need to tone up on your powers. You need to use them on instinct. And the only way you'll use them on instinct is trying to defend your brother. I could torture you...yes, but I think you'll break quicker if you're witnessing Dean being tortured."

"Please, no," Sam begged, collapsing on the ground. "Leave him out of this!"

"No," Zale said calmly. "It's too good to pass up." With that he forced Sam into the chair and put handcuffs on him as well as creating a magical kind of force to hold him down, so even if he was free of the cuffs he couldn't move. He than gagged Sam so no one would hear him crying out for help.

"I'll be back," he murmured. "With your brother."

Tears spilled down Sam's face.

What had he done?

Tony was sorting his money, while smiling, when the door was kicked open. Dean raced in and grabbed him by the neck and thrusted him against the wall.

"Where is he?!" He roared in a dangerous no patience voice. Tony than started to laugh.

"You're here for Sam, Dean?"

"Who else would I be searching for?" Dean gave a growl deep in his throat.

Tony laughed even more.

"You're too late," he snickered and nodded to the gold on the table. "I already sold him."

Dean stared at him.

"What?" He felt sick.

"I sold him to Azazel's brother, Zale," Tony said, shrugging. "He's not here anymore."

Bobby stepped closer.

"You sonofabitch..." Dean raised the gun.

"If you try and kill me you'll never find Sam," Tony pratically purred.

"Who says anything about trying?" Dean said, but he lowered the gun and rammened a knife towards Tony's neck. "I should off you on principle," he said. "For what you did to my brother."

"You think a knife will get rid of me?"

"It's not just any knife," Dean said with a smile. He had remembered to bring the silver knife along with him this time. He raised it higher so Tony could see it.

"Ah hell," sighed Tony with an eye roll, but fear flickered in his eyes. "If you kill me you won't know where Sammy is."

"All right." Dean pressed the knife harder against the skin. "Where is he?"

"Like hell, I'm going to tell you!" Tony cried. "It's my insurance that you won't kill me." He smiled. "I'll show you."

"You won't have to, Tony," Zale said quietly from behind. Dean and Bobby turned sharply as another person entered the room. "I'm already here," he added. He glanced at Tony before turning to Dean.

"I can take you where your brother is," he told Dean. "But you have to follow me"

Dean stared at him and slowly nodded.

"No weapons," added Zale. Dean slowly nodded.

"What have you done with him?" He whispered slowly. Zale gave a huge smile at that question.


"Dean-" Bobby tried to warn him but Dean shook his head.

"I can't loose Sammy, Bobby," he said. "I can't."

He nodded to Zale.

"I'm ready you bastard," he hissed. "Take me to my brother."

Zale continued to smile and led Dean to the farmhouse nearby as Dean wondered what the hell Zale did to Sam and whether or not things would ever be the same again...

I'm not sure about the last setence but I wasn't sure where to end it. Yeah, it's kind of short but at least it's an update!