Just a really quick idea I had, based on the game Operator. Teal'c, Daniel, and Janet are being mischievous. SJ, all the way. Please read and review!!! Criticism gladly accepted!

Operator, Tell Me Again?

Daniel glanced over at Teal'c. Teal'c nodded in reply. Janet looked at Daniel. He nodded. Jack and Sam looked at them strangely.

"Can we just start the game?" Jack said, exasperated.

"I'll start!" Daniel said.

He leaned over and whispered in Janet's ear.

"Operator say what?"

Daniel rolled his eyes and whispered again.

"Oh! Got it. Nice one," Janet said.

She whispered to Teal'c. He nodded.

"Very wise, Daniel Jackson."

He whispered to Sam. Sam glared at Daniel. She whispered to Jack.

He said, "What?!?!?"

She whispered in his ear once more, slowly.

"I – love – you."

"For real?"


He, obviously, kissed her.

Their three other friends remarked, "I like this game."

"We should play it more often."



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