I've been toying around with writing a couple of Muppet fanfics for a while, and was inspired by IAVMMCM to write this one. The first chapter is nothing major, just an explanation for some of the minor characters and their situations before I get to the bigger stars of the movie in future chappies. I hope everyone enjoys it! R&R!

Scooter got out of his cage, taking a break from the dancing and the loud music by slipping out the back door. He slowly went out into the alleyway to catch his breath and let the bite of the winter air cool his skin, taking a gulp of water as he watched the snow fall. Smiling at the way it enhanced the scenery, he allowed the irritating boom of the techno music fade away. It was a beautiful night, seemingly perfect for Christmas Eve.

He glanced at his watch as a small frog walked out of the back exit, bundled up warmly, to stand beside him. "Almost time for Ms. Bitterman to close up the place, and then I can help you get home in time for Christmas!"

The young frog, a ten year old child, grinned up at his coworker's words. Grateful for the help the twenty-one year old had given him over the last few months, and for the friendship they had formed. "Have I ever told you how glad I was to become your pen pal?"

"Only every single day, Robin." Scooter replied with a playful grin, giving the amphibian a noogie before heading back inside. His five minutes were up. "Come on, Ms. Bitterman will be mad if we take too long on our break. I know I don't want to be fired on the last day of the job!"

He couldn't wait to get out of this place, and to visit family and friends on Christmas day.

The two made their way back inside the loud and crowed club, each returning to their unfortunate jobs. Scooter resumed dancing inside the cage, long ago learning to ignore his embarrassment in favor of getting a paycheck, while Robin began making his way around the large room with water bottles for sale. Passing other faces that would have been warm and familiar to him…in another life.

At the bar, Johnny Fiama flashed his trademark grin as he served the customers their drinks. In the back of his mind; however, hidden behind his smile and playboy ways, he visited his favorite daydream. Oh, what he would give to sing away to a crowded audience. To live his dream! To be appreciated for his true talent, and not the hobby he got stuck with for a job.

Similar thoughts ran through the minds of the club's two bouncers, whose appearances had been altered due to an experiment the former Dr. Bunsen Honeydew had performed a year or so earlier.

Brilliant; yet flawed, the scientist's inventions were costing more money to make than earn. And so, in a desperate attempt to 'get with the times' and receive a more stable form of income, the two of them used Bunsen's final invention to give themselves a drastic upgrade. Making them more socially acceptable in a world that just didn't seem to appreciate their wild and wacky inventions and experiments.

Ms. Bitterman had liked what she had seen when they came knocking on her door, and didn't hesitate to hire them. She had taken a special interest in Beaker…encouraging his growing obsession with body building. She liked a man with muscle, especially when he didn't speak his mind and simply followed her every word.

It was not what the man with the speech impediment wanted, but until things began to look up…he was stuck with it. He only wished that his friend, Dr. Honeydew, would get back into his old passion for science and start up on his experiments again. Beaker would happily take any craziness from the old days over the lusting from his frightening boss.

God assessed the situation as she watched Daniel and Kermit pop into this new alternate reality, one that was considerably sad in comparison to the one the frog knew and loved so much. Sitting back and quietly watching as the sad scenario played out before her very eyes…having full faith that the disturbing reveal would remind Kermit the Frog that everyone, including himself, matters.