In which Edward is tortured by fruit and our star-crossed lovers rediscover each other again. Lots of lemony fluff.

Stephenie Meyer is the queen of the Twilight multiverse, and this bit of fun is in homage to her creation.


Alice was waiting when Edward pulled the Volvo into his usual spot in the garage. He'd called her while driving back to Forks and explained what had gone down with James.

Well he'd tried to, after Alice had yelled at him for the first few minutes. She'd spent the last hour or two chewing her nails after he failed to get back home shortly after she did. And Alice wasn't one to forgive anything that led to nail biting. He'd had to promise her a no holds barred manicure and pedicure before she shut up. Finally he got a word in edgewise and explained it all. He had to: he needed her help with Charlie.

So now she was waiting on the steps, anxious to check on Bella. He opened the rear passenger door and half pulled, half-lifted Bella out. She was still out for the count so he carried her in his arms through the sleeping house. Alice had covered for him with Esme and Carlisle, pretending he'd gone straight to his room and crashed when she came home. He followed her upstairs and they settled Bella into Alice's bed, on her side in the recovery position.

"I'll watch her Edward and make sure she's OK."

"Thanks. I don't know what that bastard used but she should sleep it off by morning. How was Charlie?"

"He bought the cover-story. I said that after we got home from Port Angeles she fell asleep in front of a movie so I put her to bed and could we have a sleep-over. He's fishing all day Sunday so he suggested she stay until Sunday night. I had to tell him you were away all weekend on a camping trip so you'd better not be seen around town."

"I'll stay close." Close to Bella - Edward tried not to let his delight show too obviously. Another day with her. They could finally talk, he could make things right.


Even after a hot shower and some Tylenol he didn't sleep much and by seven Edward was awake and dressed, wandering restlessly around his room fretting about Bella. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and crept downstairs.

Alice's room was quiet and he knew better than to go barging in so he camped in the hallway outside, happier close to Bella now that he was back within her orbit again, even if she was asleep. Obscurely comforted by the proximity he fell into a deeper sleep there, curled on the plush carpet in a corner of the landing by Alice's door.

Alice found him there fast asleep an hour later and he woke to her shaking his shoulder, her face amused and disbelieving.

"Tell me you haven't been there all night you idiot."

He yawned, knuckling his eyes. "No, woke up earlier and I just...I wanted to..." He gave up trying to explain and just looked up at Alice hopefully. "Is she awake? Is she OK?"

"Yes to the first and I'm not sure about the second. She's confused - she needs to talk with you but she's asked me to be there as well. Go get us all some breakfast while I put her clothes through the wash. Bring a tray back up here. And coffee - lots of coffee."

Edward wandered around the kitchen trying to assemble breakfast. It was hard to concentrate as he was distracted by thoughts of Bella's clothes being in the wash i.e. not on her. Bella naked in the shower, water coursing down her...fuck, the toast was burning. Or was she in borrowed lingerie? Alice didn't possess anything loose or shapeless so he allowed himself to hope just a little as he carried the tray upstairs. He'd brought fruit, toast and coffee, with a white rose stolen from Esme's front hall flower arrangement as a final touch.

He knocked on the door and beamed at Bella as she opened it. Alice had cunningly located some of his own clean clothing in the laundry and Bella was well concealed in a too-large T-shirt with a frowning Beethoven on the front and gray sweatpants, the bottoms rolled up. She looked adorable.

She smiled tentatively back but she seemed drawn and preoccupied. Alice had cleared a round table by the window and he set the tray there. The coffee was popular but none of them ate much.

Bella stared down into her cup, stirring the black liquid obsessively, then glanced up at him.

"What happened last night Edward? I only remember patches, the rest's all blurred."

"Do you remember the start - the poetry reading?"

She nodded, blushing, and he wanted to pull her to him and kiss her hot cheeks but it was too soon for that.

"Well, Alice can help with that bit too. It was the poetry again, it affected you...well it affected everyone there I think, but you more than the rest. You know, that sort of poetry especially..." He risked a glance - she was still blushing furiously. "It's OK Bella, it's not your fault, you can't help the reaction you have."

"I should never have taken you." Alice was apologetic. "Really - Edward did warn me. He didn't want you to go but I didn't take any notice. I am sorry."

"I should know better by now, I'm so stupid. But I love poetry and it's hard to have to give it up..." She sounded miserable.

Edward leaned in. "No Bella, you don't have to give it up. I'm sure we can find ways around the problem. I've had a few ideas..."

Alice glared and kicked him sharply under the table. Whoops, got a bit carried away there.

"Anyway, James was a major sleaze and I think he's got some track record of doing this sort of thing before. He took advantage of you the poems, and got you into his car and gave you some goddam cocktail of booze and probably a sedative. I was sorting things out with Alice about how you were getting home..."

Alice shot him a warning look and he backtracked, telling the full story. "Actually I persuaded Alice to fake an argument with me and stomp off so I could take you home. I'm sorry - If I hadn't been preoccupied with my devious plans to get to talk with you I'd have seen him take you out the back door to his car. I had to force that woman with the beads to tell me what car he drove and where his apartment was - where he'd be taking you."

Alice chimed in. "Yes that's right Bella. I'm so sorry again that I let Edward persuade me to pick a fight with him and leave you there. But I was certain that he would look after you, and he was so desperate..."

"It's OK Alice, my fault for going off with that douche James." Bella stirred her coffee, looking glum. "Here's where it gets really blurry for me. What happened next?" She looked up at Edward apprehensively.

"I don't think he did anything before I caught up with you at the Bainbridge Ferry. He was parked, waiting to board, and I got him out of the car. He punched me and I was pretty lame about fighting back, but then you sort of clambered and fell out of the car and he wouldn't let you go so...I...I made him duel me for you."

They were both looking at him incredulously now - he hadn't told Alice this part.

"I know, it sounds dumb but he's got such a swelled head and I figured he couldn't resist. So I challenged him to a sort of poetry throwdown."

Alice snorted into her cup and Bella's eyes widened.

"We each had to say one of our poems and the one you responded to most was the winner. I was cheating of course, as I knew how you'd react. Well, I hoped you'd still react that way." He was blushing now, looking out the window.

"And did I?" Bella groaned, head in hands.

"Er...yes, to me. You walked - well, staggered - over and kissed me so I grabbed you and just ran to the car and got us the hell out of there. It was mainly to get his hands off you so I could get you away. You were pretty out of it." He decided to edit the back seat events. "Then you fell asleep in the car."

Alice blew out a breath, shaking her head. "Poetry saves the day, who'da thunk it."

"Thank you Edward." Bella put her hand on his. "If he'd got me to Seattle in that state..." She shivered and looked distressed.

"You're welcome Bella." He tried to put all his feelings into the trite phrase, his voice soft. "I couldn't have done anything else but go after you, I was half-crazy with worry."

"Just worry huh?" Alice was wry.

"Worry, jealousy." He shrugged. "Love..." He took Bella's hand in both of his. "I've been an idiot Bella, but I want to be with you again and get it right this time."

Her brown eyes were serious. "Yes, we both need to handle it...differently. It has to be normal this time Edward, not so out of control. Normal dates. Starting at the beginning again."

"The beginning?" But that had been a poem, and poems were off-limits. For now, anyway, his id whispered sneakily.

"You know, first base, second base, all that."

Oh, that sort of beginning. Shit, first base was just kissing. No, he could do it - he would do it, for Bella. He leaned over and kissed her cheek softly.

Alice grinned. "OK, I've witnessed the deal. Now what about the Charlie problem? May I suggest a three-pronged assault? You work on Charlie Bella, Carlisle vouches for Edward, and his therapist too if need be."

"I can sort Charlie." Bella was confident. "But you'd better stay out of his way at first Edward, you're not his favorite person."

Alice stood up. "Right. Well, negotiations successfully concluded I'd say. Off you go kids, I want to get changed. Remember - first base only!" She grinned. "I'll have your clothes ready soon Bella."

They lay on his bed, kissing and holding each other. Edward figured that first base didn't specify whether you were horizontal or vertical, and Bella wasn't feeling very well. He nibbled down her jawline and under her ear and tried desperately to stop his hands from roving. Did first base include over-the-clothes touching? Damn, he needed to get onto Wikipedia and check it out.

He rolled her on top of him, taking her lower lip into his mouth and sucking on it gently, his hands twined in her hair. God it was good, he'd longed to hold her and kiss her like this for so long. He deepened the kiss, his eyes closing, and moaned into her mouth as their tongues caressed each other.

Alice found them an hour later, fully clothed, asleep in each other's arms. She left Bella's things and tiptoed out again.


First Base

Another month and Edward was feeling rather less philosophical. He'd seen three chick flicks and one action adventure so bad it was headed for classic B-movie fame. The content of the movies didn't really matter since they spent most of the time necking in the back row. And necking in the car, and in his room, and behind the buildings at school.

Not that they didn't talk as well, they did - and spent a lot of time reading or listening to music and doing homework together. You couldn't kiss the entire time, your lips would disintegrate. He found that he liked the chatting and low-key mooching about together. Bella was smart and funny and he liked her, which was excellent as he was in love with her so liking her was an added bonus. And she seemed to like him too.

But the kisses were getting pretty intense these days and there were downsides. Both his and Bella's lips were sore and bee-stung. On Bella it looked good but Emmett teased him remorselessly with pouty kissy faces and Edward had noticed one of the school's metrosexuals eyeing him with interest. His balls were permanently blue and he was the world beat-off champion. He hoped the Victorians hadn't been right about the going blind thing. If so, he'd be tapping around with a white cane any day now.

He was dreaming of second base. Breasts preoccupied him - Bella's in particular of course, but he saw them everywhere. Well, they were everywhere, fifty percent of the population being female, so that was an added torment.

Every round thing was a breast to him now, he was so far gone. Apples, oranges, pumpkins. Melons were especially difficult, with the connotations. He'd had to avoid the produce section of the supermarket for a while now. But there were rounded things everywhere - balls, globes of the earth at school, balloons, goldfish bowls - it was endless.

Edward realised he'd signed on to this agreement to traverse the bases in slow-mo without a clear time-frame. Still, that should mean it was negotiable. Finally one morning at breakfast when he found he'd lined up two boiled eggs in eggcups side by side and was staring at them breathing hard, he decided it was time to talk to Bella.


Second Base

They were in his room after school later that day, finishing their homework. Edward was too pent-up to wait any longer so he teased Bella who was sprawled on the rug on her stomach, chewing her pen over a calculus problem. He lay across her scribblings and stroked the side of her face, his fingers caressing her neck and continuing further than usual, down to the valley between her breasts which were pressed deliciously together and peeking through the neck of her blouse above her propped arms.

"Edward, get off my homework!"

But she was arching into his touch and her breathing hitched a little as his hand slid lower.

"I can't concentrate," he whispered, throaty. "All I can think about is your breasts Bella. They're in my dreams day and night."

He raised his arm and slid his fingers into her thick dark hair, pulling her face down to him and running his tongue across her lips. Her mouth opened and their tongues danced softly together, then he rolled her and lay on top, straddling her left leg so that his thigh pressed into her groin and his rapidly stiffening cock rubbed against her thigh as he moved deliberately against her.

He kissed the base of her throat in the open neck of her blouse, moaning into her soft skin and inhaling her. She smelled so good he could hardly stand it.

"Please," he whispered into her cleavage. "Please Bella, second base, oh please."

He curled over her and cupped her left breast in his hand, breathing hot air on the peak until it swelled and hardened then taking her nipple into his mouth through the thin cotton of her shirt, pulling on it with his lips and biting it gently.

Bella moaned and pressed up against him. "Ohhhh Edward. Have you been a good boy then? Do you deserve this?"

"Yes baby yes." He could barely speak, his voice was thick. "I've been so good love, so good...but I can do better." He moved his attentions to her right breast, squeezing the soft mound and worrying at her nipple with his lips. "So much better..." he promised her, whispering, hoarse, his hips moving more urgently as he fucked her thigh.

"Oh yes, oh Edward..." Bella was gasping and pressing up hard against his leg. "Yes, second base."

"But please Bella, not just under your clothes - let me see you." He was unbuttoning her blouse as he murmured this and she did nothing to stop him. He reached around and she arched her back up so that he could reach her bra and undo it. Not easy but he was highly motivated and unhooked it on the second try. He pulled one strap down and off her arm through the armhole of her blouse then pushed the pink lace aside, her breasts spilling out into his hands. Pressing them together he buried his face in her cleavage, then licked and sucked on her nipples, his mouth moving from one to the other as he moaned and rubbed himself against her.

"Bella," Edward whispered. "A poem to celebrate second base?"

Her eyes shot open and she stiffened under him.

He kissed the corner of her mouth and her nose. "No it's fine. Not one of mine. I think you'll have a much milder reaction if I just say someone else's poem. Besides all I could find were brief snippets. It'll be OK."

She relaxed again. "Well, alright, but be careful."

He kissed her softly again, teasing her nipples with his fingers. "This is what I've been dreaming the last few weeks."

"Imagination shows me all your charms,
The plenteous silken hair, and waxen arms,
The well turned neck, and snowy rising breast
And all the beauties that supinely rest
Between your sheets."

As he said "snowy rising breast" he bent and squeezed her breast, licking it lovingly then holding his mouth over the peak and speaking around it as he said the last lines. He felt the vibration from his speech in his lips and tongue against her nipple and Bella groaned and arched her back, gripping his ass and pulling him down onto her.

They thrust more rapidly against each other and he shifted a little so that his cock was pressing more directly into her groin. The pleasure was intense, and Bella gasped under him.

"And this is what I've so wanted to do..."

"Display thy breasts, my Bella, there let me
Behold that circummortal purity;
Between whose glories, there my lips I'll lay"

Robert Herrick had talked of Julia, but Edward was sure he wouldn't object to him inserting Bella's name - the poet was clearly a man after his own heart. As he said the last line he began pressing kisses down her cleavage, then up to her peaks, swirling his tongue round her nipples as he cupped and squeezed her pale soft wonderful breasts.

My girls he thought lovingly, nuzzling his face between them again. Oh, how I've missed you.

They were both breathing raggedly, their hips moving urgently now. He slid his hand down and pressed her skirt in between her legs as they parted for him. Pushing his fingers up he caressed her clit through her clothes, stroking and flicking it through the layers of gauzy cotton as Bella moaned and thrust hard against him.

His mouth was hot on her breast as he sucked and then bit down gently and he felt Bella tremble against his hand, shuddering under him as she came. Moving his hand to grip her ass and press her harder to him he ground his swollen cock erratically against her, grunting helplessly around her breast in his mouth as he spilled deliciously hot and wet into his jeans.

They lay there panting, then Bella murmured "That may have gone a little beyond second base..." and suddenly they were cracking up, snorting hysterically into each other's necks.


Rounding the Bases

They didn't manage to hold out very long at second base. Not that Edward minded renewing a thorough acquaintance with Bella's breasts, but it was desperately hard (in every sense) to stop there and not get completely carried away.

Bella's lips got slightly less swollen but his own were still getting an extensive daily workout and Emmett was still ribbing him. It was a relief though to be able to eat fruit again without fondling it or pitching a tent.

After a couple of weeks they planned the transition to third base. Edward knew that he was going to steal fourth and he figured Bella had also accepted the inevitable. She was finding it just as difficult to handle all the breast stimulation and had a slightly frantic air about her.

Charlie was to be away overnight at a weekend course on management skills for senior officers. He grumbled endlessly but couldn't get out of it. Bella ostensibly made arrangements to sleep over with Alice, but in fact they planned to return to her home and have the place to themselves.

Finally it was Saturday. Bella had insisted he not come over until dinner time as she wanted to prepare a special meal for them. Edward was touched but the only dinner he really wanted was Bella herself, his thoughts filled with memories of her taste, her lush smell and the feel of his fingers inside her.

But of course he would give her the romantic evening she wanted - it would make loving her afterwards all the sweeter. He bought more condoms in anticipation. Why Carlisle had confiscated his previous supply was beyond him - surely they wanted him to be safe? He sighed and briefly wondered again what had become of the Bondage Kit. Probably in the trash, sadly. For a brief moment he imagined the tables turned with Bella tying him down and tormenting him with her lips and her small, clever hands. But no, those days were behind them, thank goodness. He tried to suppress his cock which was saluting vigorously. Down boy.

The house smelled wonderful when he arrived and Bella had set the kitchen table with a cloth and candles, a bowl of roses in the centre and Debussy playing softly in the background. It was enchiladas, one of his favorites, and they sat close to each other playing footsies under the table and intermittently leaning in to feed one another delicious bites and then kiss.

Dessert was tiramisu but after a few spoonfuls he couldn't wait any longer. She was utterly lovely in the candlelight, wearing a clinging low-cut blue top, her breasts round and exposed. Oh God, she wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her nipples standing out through the soft stretch fabric. And she had on his favorite flouncy white skirt. He wondered what underwear she was wearing tonight - perhaps a lacy thong? Shivering with anticipation he reached out and traced her cheek, then took a scoop of tiramisu on his finger and offered it to her. She leaned forward, cleavage dark and tempting, and took his finger into her mouth, sucking the creamy sweetness and continuing to slide her lips up and down his finger several times, eyes locked on his as he licked his lips, his mouth open, heat building in his groin.

Edward stood up and pulled Bella into his arms. He kissed her, tasting coffee and sweetness, then turned her around, pressing her back against him and sliding his hands down into her clinging top, taking her breasts and lifting them out then holding and stroking them with both hands, kissing and biting her neck and the hollow under her ear as his thumbs flicked across her nipples.

Bella moaned and reached back, gripping his ass and pulling them tightly together. He gripped her left breast and pressed his right hand into her crotch, holding her mound and thrusting his erection into her soft cheeks. A growl ripped from his throat and she groaned in reply. Upstairs, he had to get her upstairs now or he'd fucking take her there on the table in the remains of dinner.

But Bella had taken his hand and was drawing him into the living room which was lit only by a standard lamp with a scarf thrown over it, muting the light. He saw that the floor in front of the television was filled with quilts and bedding.

"Planning ahead I see" he whispered, his voice deep and rough.

"My bed's so narrow Edward. I thought we might need a bit to move..."

Christ that was hot. He was hard as granite and his brain replayed all the fantasies he'd ever had about fucking her in this room. The sofa was between them and the love nest she'd made and suddenly he couldn't wait any longer. He took her hands and put them on the sofa's back, pushing her down so that she was bent forward, her legs straight and back slightly concave. Reaching around he pushed her top up and freed her breasts again, squeezing them, then ran one hand down her stomach and gripped her crotch again through the skirt, holding her tightly and pressing his cock into her ass.

He leaned back and lifted her skirt, pushing it up to her waist. Oh fuck, she was naked under it, her round ass smooth and pale and her cunt open for him. "So many times I've imagined this Bella" he whispered in her ear, kissing and biting the back of her neck as she gasped and pressed her buttocks back at him.

Edward nudged her feet further apart with his knee and slid his hand down her belly and in between her legs. She was wet and ready and she moved on his hand as he curled his fingers into her and fucked her, then slid them around her clit, then back into her cunt again. His left hand was kneading her breasts and he pushed his aching cock against her butt as he pumped his fingers into her.

She came then, sobbing his name, wet and wanting on his fingers, and he grabbed the foil package from his pocket as he fumbled open his belt and pushed his pants down in a frenzy, letting go of her reluctantly as he rolled on the condom then grabbing her again and pressing her down before him once more. He took his cock and slid into her, thrusting hard and deep, groaning helplessly and shuddering with joy as her hot wet cunt enfolded him. It was unspeakably good, better than any fantasy.

He was beyond all rational thought, one arm tight around her waist and the other braced on the back of the sofa, bent over her sweet ass as he pumped himself into her, grunting and cursing as she cried out again and bucked on his cock. He felt her contract around him and his legs trembled as he rammed himself into her, pleasure exploding as he thrust uncontrollably. He collapsed across her, the sofa holding them up as they clung to each other, panting. Edward moved softly a few more times as the pleasure ebbed then withdrew reluctantly, grabbing some tissues from an end table to deal with the condom.

He took her in his arms, kissing her softly, then hard and passionate. Oh fuck he loved her so much. "Love you, oh Bella..." Edward kissed her neck, holding her close, pants and boxers pooled around his ankles.

"One of your favorite fantasies huh?" She smirked up at him, running her hands up the back of his thighs and gripping his bare ass cheeks, making his cock twitch again. "I have to admit it's been one of mine too."

He grinned and pulled her top off as she undid his shirt. They undressed each other properly and slid into the makeshift bed, kissing and caressing under the quilt.

"No poems to celebrate tonight then Edward?" she teased him.

"There are always poems love. I was planning ahead too you know."

He twined his hand in the dark curling hair of her mound, damp with her juices, sliding his finger into her slit, whispering into her neck. "This is by a medieval Welsh poet, a woman actually..."

"...the sheltered pussy, sheer bounty,
tender-plump, eager-worn circle,
where I love robustly,
the pussy under the skirt."

Bella writhed under his touch, pressing up to meet his fingers as they teased her entrance. "Edward, oh please, oh I love you...yes there...just there..."

"Oh God yes Bella, I love your pussy" Edward groaned, pushing his fingers into her as his thumb caressed her swollen clit.

"....And this, from the Song of Songs..." He kissed her, then ran his nose down her cheek, speaking the last poem, his lips and tongue tracing her body as the lovely ancient words directed.

"...the joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman"

He kissed the hollows of her hips, the tops of her soft thighs.

"Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor: thy belly is like an heap of wheat set about with lilies"

Moving to tongue her navel and swirl kisses round her stomach as she sighed and thrust on his hand, her eyes closed as sensation filled her.

"...Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies"

He took her nipples in his mouth one by one, suckling like a baby as he curled his fingers and pressed them deep inside her, making her moan and buck her hips.

"Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense"

He moved back down again, spreading her and tasting her musky incense as he pleasured her with his lips and tongue.

And so they passed the night - loving and drowsing, talking sleepily, giggling and tickling then urgent again, Edward whispering hot nothings as he slid home into his Bella.

Until the day broke, and the shadows fled away.


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Poetry in this chapter:

"Imagination shows me all your charms..." is by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (about a male lover but Edward's flexible, he'll use whatever works)

"Display thy breasts..." is by Robert Herrick

"the sheltered pussy, sheer bounty..." is by Gwerful Mechain, a medieval Welsh poetess.

"the joints of thy thighs are like jewels... etc." is from the Song of Songs, in the Old Testament.