Okay, before you start rambling about how SSE adaption are done to death and that this will be no different, I'd like to you read through this chapter first and see the amount of differences from the original you can find.

One of the biggest differences I'm planning on making are the inclusion of Melee characters as well as putting Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf into the main plot. Even my OCs and non-SSB characters that appeared in past stories will play a role in this story. There will be a lot more plot twists and differences than in the original, so I assure you that this will be a different reading experience!

I hope you will not jump to conclusions so fast, so enjoy!




This world…

It was peaceful…

Well, not always…

But it wasn't until they came...

Did peace get shattered this badly...






Chapter 1
The Dark Cloud Rises! Invasion of the Unknowns!

It was a grand day at the Floating Stadium, which was a strange name considering that the stadium was as normal as every other stadium. It's not like it's floating in air, but how it got this name was something that we will never learn about.

A grand event was being held in this place as we speak. Well, not that grand considering that it's something that happens all the time in this world.

What was this grand event that was being held? It appears that a fight is going on. No, it's not some pointless and violent fight that you see hobos doing to each other on the streets, but rather, an official fight with set of rules that one must submit too. This fight was more of a pastime sport if you ask me.

The fight was going to began soon and the people were all cheering for their favorite characters from the audience seat. "It sure is noisy here," Peach said, looking around.

"Well, it's no surprise," Zelda said to her. "Everyone here anticipates this."

"You're right. I'm rooting for Mario! He will win for sure!"

"Me too!" Parry, who was perched on Peach's shoulder, said. "He's the best!"

"I'm not sure who to root for," Zelda said. "Link isn't here…"

"Where is he anyway?" Peach asked.

"No idea…"

Sitting nearby, Reed and Susanna were both eating popcorns while speaking among themselves. "I bet you 10 bucks that Mario will win," Susanna said to him.

"Yeah, that's what I believe too," Reed told her. "Mario will surely win!"

"Hey, you're supposed to root for Kirby to win. There's no competition if we both bet on the same person."

"I'm more familiar with Mario than Kirby, so I think Mario will win."

"Just root for Kirby, okay? That way we can have an even bet!"

"Leave me alone… I can root for whoever I want…"

"It's a deal then! You root for Kirby and I root for Mario!"

Reed then turned to Catrina who was sitting besides him and asked her, "Who are you rooting for?"

"I don't like violence…" she replied.

As the crowd cheered on, a loud announcement broadcasted by Talko was heard by everyone. "Ladies and gentlemen! Sorry for keeping you!" he said. "We shall now start the fight that everyone is anticipating!"


"First, we have the one and only famous plumber on the left side, Mario!"

Cheers roared throughout the air as a warp pipe came out from the arena and Mario jumped out of it. He took off his hat and bowed to his cheering fans. "Thank you so much for supporting me!" he said. "I will not-a disappoint-a anybody in theez fight! I will make-a eet a fair and square fight-a!"

Talko continued to speak, "And now we have one the right side the famous pink puffball with a black hole-like stomach! He's so well known that there is a vacuum cleaner named after him! Or is it the other way around? Never mind… Now I give you Kirby the Star Warrior!"

A light came down from high up in the sky and then a star was seen shooting down. It crashed onto the arena with a bang and when the smoke cleared, Kirby could be seen standing there with a large bump on his head. "Ow… Oh hi, guys!" Kirby said cheerfully.

Both the fighters approached each other and shook their hands. Mario said to him, "I hope we will fight-a fair and square!"

"That doesn't mean I'm going easy on you!" Kirby stated. "Let's all give it all we got!"


"In order to win," Talko said, "You will have to knock your opponents off the boundary on the side of the arena. Even if a part of them goes past the boundary, they will lose!"

The fighters back off to one end of the arena and got into fighting stance and waited for the signal. "Okay, without further delay, we shall start the fight now!" Talko said. "Three, two, one… GO!!!"

When the signal was released, both fighters charge at each other and unleashed a flying kick. Their feet landed against each other with equal force and they bounced back to their original place again. Mario threw a fireball at Kirby but he swallowed it and obtained a burning hat on his head.

"Thanks for the warmth!" Kirby said. "Now let me show you my gratitude!" He ran forward a transformed into a ball of fire and shot forth really fast.

"Uh on!" Mario quickly slid out of the way and when Kirby turned back to normal, he ran at him and did a sliding kick. Kirby quickly turned around and delivered a spinning kick at Mario and they both cancelled out each other's attack.

Immediately breathed out a stream of fire from his mouth after this to burn Mario, but he was able to avoid it by jumping up. Mario landed behind Kirby and quickly lifted him up by his legs before he had a change to turn around and spun him in circles multiple times and tossed him across the arena.

Kirby quickly changed into a fireball again and shot himself back onto the arena. "Phew… Almost flew out of there…"

"Nice going!" Mario commented.

"You're pretty strong yourself too!"

As the two fought on, the crowds cheered for their favorite characters loudly. "Go, Mario!" Susanna shouted.

"You can do it, Mario!" Reed cheered on.

Susanna turned to him and shouted, "You're supposed to cheer for Kirby!"

Mario and Kirby continued duking it out against each other with fist and feet trading. When Kirby gave a spinning kick to Mario, Mario stood aside and socked Kirby in the face hard and managed to knock away his fire hat.

Kirby got to his senses fast and saw Mario charging at him for another hit. He quickly opened his mouth and inhaled lots of air and Mario was unable to stop or get away in time and was sucked inside his mouth. He was spit out shortly afterwards and Kirby now sported a hat just like Mario's. "Mamamia…" Mario groaned while wiping off the saliva off his body.

"Take this!" Kirby reached out one of his stubby arms and shot out a fireball that bounced along the floor. Mario saw this and used the same attack to cancel it out. They moved and jumped around the place and threw the fireballs at each other, but none of them ever got hit actually.

"There won't-a be an end to theez…" Mario thought. He jumped up into the air while spinning like tornado and shot fireballs in every direction.

"Whoa!" Kirby quickly avoided the fireballs as they fell randomly from the sky. He thought he was doing a fine job dodging them when suddenly a fireball touched his head and set his hat on hire. "FIRE!!!" He ran around comically and crazily and then tossed the hat onto the ground and stomped the fire out of existence. When the fire was gone, the hat looked like a burned pile. "So much for the hat…"

Mario used this chance to charge at him and deliver a fiery palm thrust. Kirby barely lifted his arms to block the attack and he slid back from the impact of the move. He came to a stop and said, "You sure are tough like they say! Good thing I'm no pushover too!"

"That-a may be true," Mario said. "But-a you should-a look-a at your left foot."

"Eh?" Kirby looked at his left foot and was shocked to see it standing outside the boundary of the arena. "Doh!"

"Kirby has stepped out of the boundary!" Talko announced loudly. "Therefore the winner of this fight goes to Mario!"

Cheers roared through the air when the Mario supporters heard that their favorite character won. Kirby supporters also clapped their hands knowing that he put up a decent fight too. "Yeah! Mario won! I knew it!" Parry exclaimed.

"That's why Mario is the best!" Peach said in a dreamy voice with her hands clasped together.

"All right! I won the bet!" Susanna said, punching the air.

"Mario won! Yahoo!" Reed exclaimed.

Susanna turned to him and shouted, "You should be rooting for Kirby, so you lost!"

"I was always rooting for Mario! You got a problem with that?!"

"Please don't fight…" Catrina said to them.

Mario and Kirby walked up to each other and shook their hands. "You fought-a well," Mario said.

"Yeah, you really are strong," Kirby said. "Looks like I'll have to train myself again."

"Mario has once again proved himself to be the top fighter!" Talko said. "Surely he is a role model for everyone here! I can see why people like him so much and why he is the mascot of Nintendo! Let's all give a big round of applause to Mario! Let's not forget Kirby too! He may have lost, but a real man always accepts his lost! Plus, he fought well too! Let's give him a big hand too!"

Mario and Kirby waved hands to their clapping fans. It was at this moment when they all heard a loud sound that sounded like engine. "What's that?" everyone asked. They looked up into the air for the source of the sound and suddenly saw that the sky was starting to change color. "Eh?"

"Looks like rain…" Zelda stated while looking at the clouds that were starting to turn purple.

"I've never heard of purple cloud…" Peach said.

Kirby and Mario watched the clouds that were turning purple, but then something showed up in the sky. It looked like a gigantic battleship of sorts. "Hey! That's the Halberd!" Kirby said. "It's only Meta-Knight, I guess."

"What-a eez he going here with that-a?" Mario asked.

"Probably to congratulate me or you…? It's a bit exaggerating if you ask me."


Meanwhile, aboard the Halberd…

There was someone sitting in the control room of the Halberd. As he petted a turtle that was sitting on his lap, he gave out commands to a bunch of odd-looking creatures at the controls. "Release the Primids," he said.


Back out there, everyone saw a hatch opening at the bottom of the Halberd and lots of purple pellets fell down.

"What's that?"

"Looks like dust bunnies…"


"Looks poisonous if they are…"

The purple pellets touched the ground and wriggled around as if they have a life of their own. The pellets bunched together in groups and started to take the form of humanoid beings. The beings had a round head and a somewhat oval body that was supported by limbs. "What's this…?" Kirby asked.

"Does Meta-Knight-a have theez with him all da time?" Mario asked him.

"None of that I know… What is he up to? He's always been a mystery person to me…"

"What's happening over there?!" Talko shouted from the speaker room. "This isn't part of the show, is it?"

The weird humanoid creatures, called Primids, looked around after they had been created from the purple pellets, and when they laid their eyes on Mario and Kirby, they started approaching them like zombies. "I have a bad-a feeling about-a theez…" Mario said.

"Me too…" Kirby added.

One of the Primid approached Mario, who reached out his hand and said, "Hello! Shake-a hands?"

The response that Mario received was a sock to the face from the Primid.


"Ow! What-a wuz that-a for?!"

The Primid approached him again, but Kirby quickly gave it a swift kick to the waist and sent it flying. The Primid crashed onto the ground and disintegrated into purple pellets again.

"What are these?!" Kirby asked.

"Whatever they are, they don't-a look friendly…" Mario stated.

The audiences were all baffled and terrified to see what was going on. "What are those things?!" Susanna asked.

"I don't know…" Reed said. "But Mario and Kirby are fighting them, so we should be safe."

"You're right."

"They look cute…" Catrina stated.

Peach and Zelda were looking very worried too. "Will they be all right?" Zelda asked.

"Don't worry," Peach said. "I trust in Mario that he will destroy all those strange creatures. There's no need for us to be afraid."

"All right! Aliens! I finally landed my eyes on those at last!" shouted a voice. Everyone turned his or her attentions to Haruhi as she snapped pictures enthusiastically at the situation going on in the arena.


Down in the arena, the fight went on for Mario and Kirby against the Primids. These strange creatures were all pushovers and walked like mindless zombies, so the duo had absolutely no problem dealing with them.

Mario grabbed a Primid by its hand and flung it into another group and destroyed them all. Kirby swung a large hammer at one and knocked it all the way into another group.

This kept up for a while until all the Primids were destroyed. "Anymore?" Mario asked as he stood back to back with Kirby.

Kirby looked into the air and thought he saw something coming down from the Halberd. "There's something approaching! This one looks different!"

What came down from the Halberd was a strange, stout being that was fully cloaked. All you could see of his body were the pair of eyes coming out from the holes on the head. This strange being was carrying a large metal ball underneath it. This being flew down to the arena accompanied by two robots, and when they came low enough, the being dropped the metal ball onto the ground and the two robots approached the sides of the ball.

"Hey! Who are you?" Kirby asked the being.

The being shifted its eyes to Kirby and replied, "I am the Ancient Minister."

"What are you doing then?"

"This is nothing that you should know. If you value your life, I recommend that you leave this place now," AM replied.

"What did you say?"

The two robots planted their hands into sockets built at the sides of the ball and pulled back. This opened the metal ball slightly and revealed its innards. When Mario and Kirby saw what was inside it, they were shocked. "Eetz a bomb!" Mario gasped loudly.

"A bomb!?" everyone in the stadium screamed.

"Oh no! Someone set us up the bomb!" Talko gasped. "Quick! Let's get out of here before we're all screwed!"

It goes without saying that the audience screamed and ran for the exit like crazy to escape the bomb that may explode anytime soon. "I don't want to die yet!!!" Reed screamed. There were too many people and it was hard trying to escape.

"Out of the way!" Susanna screamed as he used his muscular body to charge his way through the crowd.

Peach, Zelda, and Parry were in great panic too. "We have to get out of here!" Zelda said.

"But Mario is still there!" Peach said.

"Don't worry! I'm sure he can handle things himself! Trust in him!"

As they were gonna turn to leave, something big suddenly crashed down from the air before them. "What?!" Peach gasped.

The appearance of this being freaked out everyone and they all ran even faster than before. When the two girls tried to run, the being attacked them.

Down in the arena, Mario made a run for the bomb and said, "I'm gonna defuse eet!"

"Please do not interfere," AM said, and he shot out an eye beam at him. Mario leaped back to avoid the beam and he suddenly heard a scream.

"HELP ME!!!! MARIO!!!"

"What?" Mario turned around and saw the being that appeared earlier. It was a large Piranha Plant with a flower-like head—Petey Piranha. "Petey?!"

The large plant monster held a pair of cages in his hands and each of them contained Peach and Zelda. Parry was flying in circles around the monster's head and shouted, "Hey! Let those two go at once!"

Petey let out a really loud roar and Parry freaked out and he flew away. "Hey! Let those two go at once!" Kirby shouted. Petey turned to him and roared loudly and Kirby rolled back as a result.

Mario looked at the bomb and saw that was still at least 3 minutes before it would explode, and so he decided to save the two girls first. "I'll save you!" he shouted as he ran towards Petey.

Petey hopped aside suddenly and a cannonball shot forth from behind him. Mario had no time to avoid this as the cannonball crashed into him.


"AAAAAAAAAAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Mario was sent flying into the sky where he disappeared over the horizon upon getting hit by the cannonball.

"Mario!" Kirby gasped. He heard Petey roar again and turned around to see the plant monster approaching him. "Uh oh…"

"Help us!" Peach cried while shaking the bars of the cage.

"What does this monster want from us?!" Zelda wondered.

Kirby bravely stood forward and said, "Hey you! You better let those two go at once or else…" Petey didn't bother listening to Kirby and slammed down the cage containing Peach onto him. "Whoa!" He got away in time to avoid it though.

Peach banged her head against the cage as a result. "Ow! That hurts!"

Kirby ran to the side of the monster and whipped out his hammer and smacked him in the waist. Petey turned to him angrily and swung the cage containing Zelda this time. Kirby quickly countered this by smacking the cage with his hammer.


This shook Zelda and her head went in between the bars at the back of the cage from this. "Ow! Watch what you're doing!" she shouted. When she tried to pull her head back in, she couldn't. "Uh oh…"

Petey continued to slam down the cage over and over on Kirby, who jumped around to avoid getting squashed. It's a pity the two girls had to suffer getting trashed around inside the cage. Good thing Zelda's head was sticking out of the back, so she didn't have to fear getting her head smashed against the ground, but still, it's painful for her neck.

"Hey! Stop that already! You'll give them brain damage!" Kirby shouted. He quickly flew up high into the air and turned into a rock and smashed down onto Petey's head. The impact was really strong and Petey fell down face first onto the ground. Kirby landed on his back and tapped dance on him rapidly, but Petey got back up again and shook him off. He angrily turned to Kirby and spit out a pile of goo.

When the goo touched the ground, a Piranha Plant grew out of it and snapped its jaws at Kirby. Petey spit out more goo and thus many Piranha Plants were created as a result. "You think I'm going to back off from this?" Kirby asked. He ran towards one of the plants and right before it attempted to bite Kirby, he gave a kick to the side of its head and knocked it into the air. Another plant tried to bite him, but Kirby opened his mouth and swallowed it instead, but he spit it back out at another plant to destroy them altogether.

Petey leaped up into the sky and tried to smash Kirby with a devastating butt slam. Kirby quickly changed into a spike ball and Petey got his butt impaled when he landed on him and jumped around while yelping in pain. Kirby quickly jumped at him and gave him a strong kick to the stomach followed by an uppercut to the chin, which was followed by a diving punch from above.


After landing from this, Kirby whipped out a hammer and leaped at Petey's head and did a spinning hammer attack to his head over and over.


After receiving tons of hit to the face, Petey was knocked dizzy and silly and could barely stand still. Kirby got into fighting stance and said, "Got some more strength? I can still take on you! Oh wait… I almost forgot the bomb…" He turned to the bomb and saw that there was only one minute left! "Uh oh…"

Petey shook his head and returned to his senses. He roared angrily and was going to attack again when suddenly he was hit from behind by an explosive.


The plant monster was blown and burned badly by the explosion and crashed onto the ground in flames. The cages were destroyed as a result and both the girls tumbled out. Zelda placed her hand on her neck and said, "Ow… Good to be free though…"

Peach dusted herself and said, "Man… I have to wash myself the first thing I get back home…"

Kirby approached them and said, "Thanks goodness you're all right! What happened just now though?"

"That guy was taking too long and we didn't want to be around here when the bomb goes off," said a new voice.

"Who's there?" Kirby asked. He turned the direction the bomb came from and saw two people approaching.

It was Wario and Waluigi, and they were carrying with them a cannon. "Well, let's get this show on the road," Wario said

"Yeah, it's going to be fun!" Waluigi stated.

AM turned to them and said, "What have you done to our own men?"

"There's no use for someone who cannot take out a simple puffball," Wario said. "So we taught him for not fighting like a real man!"

"Yeah, so he got what he deserves!" Waluigi added.

"Your act is disgraceful. Harming our own comrade is unacceptable," AM said with a hint of anger.

"Bah! Say what you want!" Wario grumbled. "We do not have time left to stay here! Let's get this done fast!" He turned to Waluigi and shouted to him, "Get that woman fast and let's get out of here!"

"Okay, you didn't have to shout at me!" Waluigi replied rudely. "I've got this all ready already!" He turned the cannon to Zelda who was still on the ground and pulled the trigger. "Fire!"

"Hey! What are you doing to her?!" Kirby shouted. "Don't!"

Zelda looked up just in time to see the cannonball flying towards her. "Oh no!" She had no time to avoid the cannonball as it came in contact with her. When the cannonball came near though, it suddenly transformed into a chain that wrapped itself around Zelda's body, restraining her movements.

"Ya! What is this?!" she gasped, trying to struggle free.

"Haha! Get over here!" Wario said as he took out a large magnet that pulled Zelda over since those chains were made of metal. She was helplessly pulled towards the magnet and Wario laughed proudly, "Haha! We got one!"

"They got Zelda!" Peach gasped in horror.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Kirby shouted angrily. "Let her go at once!"

"Sorry, no can do! Time is running out! Let's beat it!" Wario said.

AM came down and a hook like extension came out from underneath him. Wario and Waluigi quickly grabbed onto it and the AM flew towards the Halberd which was hovering high in the sky, and Zelda was taken with them too. "Help!!!" she cried.

"Oh no! They're getting away!" Kirby gasped.

Parry flew down next to him and said in great panic, "The bomb! It's blowing up!"

They turned to the bomb and were shocked that there was only five seconds left! Kirby quickly whipped out his cell phone and pressed a number on it, and the moment he did, a warp star came flying to him at a fast speed and caught all three of them and took off into the air just before the bomb exploded.

When the timer on the bomb reached zero, the whole thing glowed with purple light and then a purple sphere started to appear around it. It looked like a black hole that started to expand and swallow up the whole place…


I did all my best for the first chapter just so I can grab your attention. How different is it from the original can you tell? There's bound to be much more twists and changes from the original, so stick with it! Hope you like what you read so far!

List of my OC: Parry, Reed, Susanna, Catrina, Talko

You should be familiar with them all if you've been reading my stories for a long time.