Well, this is it, the final chapter. The final battle earlier may or may not be too epic, but not everything has to be really epic. The defeat the enemy is all that matters, no matter what method it is.

Final Chapter
A World at Peach Finally! The Day to be Marked Down in History!

The sun shone down onto Ganondorf's face as he opened his eyes and sat back up. "What happened…?" He looked around and the first person he saw was Mewtwo, who had scars all over his body, standing a rock facing the sea. "You!"

Without turning around, Mewtwo said to Ganondorf, "It's all over. The Subspace Army has been defeated by the heroes. The other members are probably all thrown out of Subspace and landed out there somewhere in the real world."

"Figures…" Ganondorf grumbled as he stood back up. "Everything came to naught after all."

"There is no point in staying around now," Mewtwo said as he moved down from the rock. "For now, let us withdraw."

"So what are you going to do from now? Continue trying to come up with a new plan to take over the world which is what I plan to do after recovering from all these?"

"That question is better left to the future to answer. For now, I'm going to rest. May fate bring us together again, whether it be foe or enemy." After saying this, Mewtwo teleported away and left behind no trace of himself.

"Hmph! Your attitude is what makes me dislike you!" Ganondorf said. He turned to the path behind and then walked away with rage.

Bowser, who happened to be lying nearby, got up and said, "What happened? Where am I?"


"We bring to you the latest news report!" the news reporter announced. "For no reason, the black hole that had engulfed famous landmarks such as the Floating Stadium had started to disappear! It all happened without a word and the whole thing just shrank and revealed the stadium rightful place again! All the places that had been engulfed by the black hole are returning normal even as we speak!"

The TV was being watched by the Smashers' friends at the Paradise of Loveliness. "They did it!" Parry exclaimed. "They did it at last!"

"I knew they could do it!" Reed said. "The Smashers amaze me all the time!"

Susanna took a blow out of his cigarette and said, "Well, what say we prepare a special feast to celebrate when the Smashers come over? I'm sure they all will be surprised by it!"

"Good idea!"

"Let's began the party then!" Parry said.


The Smashers that participated in the final battle within Subspace were all standing at the cliff facing the beautiful scene of the sun. They all had a warm and great feeling within their hearts knowing that they had just accomplished something that concerned the entire world and perhaps the whole universe.

Roy was the first to speak up. "We sure did something big today."

"I couldn't agree any better," Ike said. "This is the greatest battle I've ever fought."

"Indeed," Marth agreed.

"It's all thanks to my greatness that we won!" Falco boasted.

"We all helped each other overcome this," Fox said. "Therefore we were successful in our greatest mission."

"The sun is nice!" Jigglypuff said.

"I feel stronger after going through all that!" Pichu said happily.

"I'm glad that all this is over," Pikachu said.

"Me too," Red said. "My Pokemon can finally get the rest they deserve!"

"The evil aura is gone," Lucario said.

"I can't wait to celebrate over this with some food!" Kirby said happily.

"I agree!" Yoshi said happily while drooling at the thought of food.

"Heheh! As the king of this place, I hereby declare this day to be a special holiday!" Dedede proclaimed. "It shall be called The Day the King Saved the Day!"

"I suggest a less selfish sounding name, your majesty," Meta-Knight told him.

"I'm glad that this is finally over," Zelda said happily. "There shouldn't be any catastrophe from now on."

"Even if more comes, we will always stop it!" Link said.

"Count me in!" Toon Link said.

"You always think about fighting, don't you?" Young Link asked him.

"I'm glad we made it through this unscratched, sis," Popo said to Nana.

"Yeah!" Nana replied. "We really make a great team!"

"Goddess Palutena… The world is safe. I have completed my mission," Pit said, tilting his head to look at the sky.

"Well, mission is done here," Snake said.

"That was great enjoyment! I'm glad I didn't miss out anything!" Sonic said happily.

"This truly is a day to be remembered!" Captain Falcon said.

"Indeed," Samus agreed.

"I managed to be brave… I did all my best…" Lucas said.

Ness patted him on the shoulder and said, "You did help quite a bit. You can always do it so long as you believe in yourself as well as your friends!"

"Finally, no more crazy things and monsters!" Olimar said.

"Yay! We did it!" Diddy said happily while jumping up and down. "I have proved myself to be a hero!"

"Yes!" DK said, flexing his arms.

"Phew… I'm glad all the bad guys are gone," Luigi said with a sigh of relief. "No more had things will happen again."

"The setting sun really is beautiful!" Peach commented.

"Eet sure eez after all that-a we have done!" Mario told her.

Master Hand flew in front of everyone and said, "Well, congratulations! Through teamwork and hardship, we have finally defeated the Subspace Army. If only I had been more aware of Tabuu's existence in the beginning, none of these would happen. I apologize for all this…"

"You do not have to apologize any further," Fox said to him. "It's all over now, so don't blame yourself."

"Yeah, it's not your fault that all these happened anyway," Roy said. "The enemy is simply too powerful, but with our combined efforts, we have brought him down!"

"Peace eez back-a!" Mario said. "We should-a all celebrate!"

"I'm willing to bet the others are waiting for us to go to Paradise of Loveliness for a feast," CF said.

"All right! Let's get going then and not make them wait!" Kirby said with excitement.

"I can't wait to eat something!" Yoshi said happily.

"Everything should return to normal now that the Subspace Army is gone!" Zelda said. She turned to look at where the Isle of Ancient originally was and said. "But…"

MH turned to the same direction and said, "Apparently, too much Subspace Bombs going off at once had utterly demolished the island. Looks like there is no method of restoring that place…" Everyone turned to look at ROB who seemed to be looking at the same direction with a sad face, though you couldn't really tell anything from his robotic face.

Peach approached him and said, "Don't be sad. We understand how you feel that your homeland is gone forever."

ROB lowered his head and said, "I am the last of my kind… I do not know how to describe my feelings now. It seems that this is a punishment for what I have done. Truly I deserve this fate…"

"Don't blame yourself for everything!" Mario said to him. "Look-a on da bright side! You atoned for everything you've done and we are all proud-a of you! Even if you are da last-a of your kind, you still have friends like uz!"

"Yeah, Mario is right!" Ness said to ROB. "Therefore you are not alone. You still have reliable friends like us!"

"Listen to them, ROB," MH said to him. "You still have a bright future ahead of you. Do not let the thought of this drag you down. Now that you are the last of your kind, you will have to live to the fullest and I'm sure your fellow robots are all proud of you in their afterlife!"

ROB looked up again and said, "I thank you for everything that you've said. I feel more encouraged now."

"C'mon! Let's get going then!" Yoshi said. "I can't wait to start a party already!"

"Okay, everyone!" MH said. "If you have nothing else to do, let's go have some fun together!"


Everyone left the place while talking to each other happily. ROB went with them, but then he turned to look at the setting sun one last time. "Rest in peace, my kind. You all did well. I will never forget about you all…" He turned to the rest and followed after them again. He quietly muttered something to himself. "The sunset truly is beautiful…"


There's not much to say after this story is finished asides from telling you that respective characters belong to their rightful owners and that my OCs mentioned in some of the chapters all belong to me.

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