Director: I don't claim anything at all time.

Aspharr: Do you, completely sure?

Director, Myifee and Lord Vydenn: No.

Aspharr: Okay.

Inside the Castle of Varrvazarr at Aspharr's Room

"Nn…" Said Aspharr, opening his eyes slowly from his long sleeping day at the window where the light breached through. It dazed his eyes for some time but it dozen his memories about what happen yesterday from such jogging against away from the castle's border. But without the feeling guilt inside, it suddenly disappear like what everyone should have forgot when deep within them. He leaves out of his bed and fix it to be neat like all royalties does when leaving their room. Then he himself left.

A big looking mercenary walks in to find the knight on his feet without shaking of fear or anything anymore for the condition. He hollered for the attention knight's word and it had. Aspharr's face was at his direction and smiles. "Good morning, Myifee." Walking toward him. Myifee, the mercenary gave a warm and graceful hug with his body against to the Temple Knight leader, Aspharr.

"Have you slept well?" Question Myifee tilting his head for an awaiting answer. Aspharr nod and it confines Myifee. "Well, let's get something to eat okay?"

They departed together to the cafeteria room area and gather their plateful of food. It filled instantly and return same destination seat they promised to meet at. It covers no people around so they allow themselves to sit and eat their breakfast.

Aspharr's food was filled with toast cover with peanut butter with strawberry jam. His hand was carried too, with a metallic cup fill instantly of ginger tea. For Myifee's, his plate wasn't breakfast for plain services. It was lunch mostly like, big hot meat; water bottle fill with water, coffee and like sauce bid its taste among with the mean. It given himself a savor taste when a bitten given across the meat.

The knight respectfully places a toast on to his lips and bit it gently. Then sips a small of the ginger tea and together gallop to his throat. Foaming with relaxing feeling, they ate quite a while until it settles their stomach aside from more hunger. Aspharr take his eyes at the mercenary and gives a bright smile. "So…"

He was speechless to say to his companion. Myifee looks at him, tilting same time and smiles. "Yeah?"

"Well, I want to say that… Thank you for, um, you know, taken me in back here. I don't really remember anything what re-called yesterday but I do remember only a bit though… It's matter of fact interesting I may not remember but with you or Lord Vydenn tell me, I might remember. But anyway, I do still remember arms took me and felt the wind passes through my arm and so… I think I knew it was you who taken me, or maybe together with Lord Vydenn so thank you. If you see him, tell him thank you too."

His teammate of the Temple Knight gave a nod. Without a say, they shake hand for an exchanging smile too with their faces and take their leave departure from different travels. Knowing they'll bump again they believe it wasn't quite optional to say it now when they about view one to another again later then in a meeting cross-room? Then later hour pass, it was a miracle they did see each other.

Inside the Castle of Varrvazarr at the meeting room

The room was already packed up with generals and child of King Varrvazarr's children name Vyarrhartenn, Vyden and lastly Vydenn. Aspharr enters the room bit later than Myifee's attendance. Out of shyness he felt there would be a troublesome to make up for the tardy but the king's eldest child, Vyarrhartenn excused him with a smile by his face's view. "You are not tired, sit my friend." So Aspharr did by obeying.

Myifee sits his body against the wall and crossing pack his arms together with knowledge face going on. "The purpose…" Said the oldest child placing his hand on the desk with a pen, "Is that goblins has not yet to fail for their defeat and will plan to attack in the afternoon at fourteen o'clock." Aspharr give a glare at the table-motivated map showing a prediction of the movement of the goblin's advantage.

"Where is Heppe?" Said Aspharr question about his friend closely to himself and Inphyy but mostly to Inphyy. "Isn't he supposed to be on guard, patrol to look at the deck giving us a sign of an attack?"

The second oldest after Lord Vyarrhartenn shakes his head for the answer for the time being and spoke then. "No, Heppe is on patrol of his army's group and organizing their steps for an attack tomorrow first when we advantage their locks." His hand raise high to point where Heppe's first direction attack whereabouts from telling and infer at the north west side. "There he will advantage there and---."

"Wait!" Objected Aspharr slamming his hands to the motivated-table. "Is he not going to be with me in this war time year? It is he who accompanies me through last war against the goblins! I need him---…" The middle brother interrupts cruelty by rearing his voice edging tone.


Aspharr glares upon the ground with his hand declaring with a fight with the middle child of Varrvazarr's child but give in by looking toward against him. "You will not, the one who will accompany you this war time is my youngest brother, Vydenn. So goes along with Myifee. Now that we had loosen Inphyy from the last war, we will have to go with this flowing advantage to block off their rear attacks from the castle's wall."

Myifee close his eyes. "What about Klarran?"

Vyarrhartenn recalls his question to Myifee. "Who?"

"Klarran, the priest old man."

His scrub his chin and thought for a while then looks back up. "I, my brother Vyden and he will be attacking from the East behind the woods. We will take the archers with us, but many will be the at the top castle's passage way for the archer advantage more."

Aspharr has been silent for a while thinking about how his people will advantage themselves when coming near an attack with a close by enemies. "As for you…" Said Vyarrhartenn grabbing his strong metal golden wings that attach his shoulder blade. "You will be in the castle."

Declaring again with a devotion voice this time, Vyarrhartenn declines to hear by hushing him saying, "That is final."

The knight wants to give a hard punch against the eldest son but he knew he'll be a burden and comes for his death although he desire so but his sister is watching so he kept his mouth shut for a while. But upsetting this conversation, he leaves instantly to not hear more of this "stupid" plan for even more objections.

Lord Vydenn dare himself to leave the meeting room but Vyarrhartenn, his eldest brother cense his arm in front of his brother. "No, he must do what is best told. It is only the way to do this." The youngest give a silence self to his brother without saying anything as the stepping of Aspharr's died away gravely…

Outside the Castle of Varrvazarr

"Damn it Vyarrhartenn, you stubborn mule! I wish you were never being around bossing me like you were taking command of the Temple Knights! Damn it! But… It's true though, maybe… I am not strong just yet… Well, I will must go with it for the name of the Temple Knight and for freedom." Aspharr gives himself up just for the matter of time there was a rung hollering bell erupted through. It roared against the blue knight's ear for a ringing.

"Damn it!" A call loudly from the other side, and it was Vyden who said. "Have they come early so soon?"

A soldier from high above nears the ceiling with a viewing out look device to his eyes and cries back. "It is they, the goblins!" Vyarrhartenn and Vyden look each other and damned each other, hurrying to close the gate and provoke units to spread to their location before the plans turns into a failure looks to embarrass the Temple Knight. Aspharr didn't turn his back to realize the gate was closing. His eyes were out glazing at the sunset's brightness. It hit his eyes with it's light's strength that somewhat flaring throughout his view.

Myifee found himself noticing about Aspharr's absent from his troops. He wasn't in patrolled area that he quickly leaves his troop. One of the soldiers was a new recruit; terrify to speak asking where he would be going. But one luckily asks, "Sir, you are not to leave your patrol unless the Lords told you so for an advantage commands."

The mercenary understands but said, "I'll be quickly back. If I do not return less than five minutes then go on with Lord Vyden's troop or better yet with Lord Vydenn, all right?" The leader commander nods. "YES SIR!"

"At ease, when I am not here give in orders Hiro."

"Yes sir. At ease troops!" Commanded Hiro and obeys his troops done.

Myifee leaves the party of his troops to inspect the inside castle of finding where was Aspharr at. "Damn it, where is he? I hope he didn't go out to fight! Or better yet… No… He can't be… Damn it, Lord Vyarrhartenn!"

The eldest child tosses his attention to the mercenary. "What is it you fool?"

"Lord Vyarrhartenn, open the gates!"

"Why is that, do you want all our men to die?"

"Do it, Aspharr might be outside!"

Vyarrhartenn glares toward at the mercenary colorlessly and uncaring way, "What do you mean, he is here with us, no he should be here with us right now!"

"Look again, you idiot!"

"Sighs, you really do get my nerve Myifee… Soldier!" Calling out the eldest child to the stationer that stands attention up in high buildings for enemies. "Look for the unit name of Aspharr, he is a design of silver armor and blue four silk cloth! Now."

"Yes sir!" Said the soldier and inspects quick before the quicken assault of the goblin began thoroughly rushed way. The eyelid gave a quick glare around the battle field where all it started. It taken side to side to find but as he saw a surrounding field of goblin he located the leader Temple Knight Aspharr. "Sir I found him, he is already combating with the enemies. It seem like we closed the gate while he was out, sir!"

Vyarrhartenn toss his cape around his locking shoulders to secure its place in one peace. Forgetting about that tactics they will do, they re-open the gates and come aiding the knight's way. "Soldiers, double time, ready, go!" Said commanding Myifee to his units, they railed their weapon against their chest and start to make an assaulting attack towards the goblin for aid of Aspharr's.

Castle of Varrvazarr's front gate, the battlefield

Aspharr gasped for air for swinging his blue orb spear in his hands that have left now for more energy to attack more. But it grew so tiresome his body moved it's own and enemies dodges one by one. "He's weak, capture him!" Order the leader goblin and they comes against to Aspharr for a tied down. Defenseless, his legs bend into a knee for a lost power and collapsed.

"I'm… Sorry Inphyy… I wasn't… Meant to be as a Temple… Knight like you…"

Don't… Give up… Aspharr… Don't give up! Said together of two voices that cease his eyes a bit awoken by lessen energy he has before fainting out of pain and tiresome attacks he did to defeat the goblin. It was Myifee and Lord Vydenn; they hurried faster than the other two uncaring brothers of Lord Vydenn's.

"Myifee, distract them while I take Aspharr back!" Obeys Lord Vydenn guiding Aspharr to his back. "He must have been killing a lot for us so that means there are little for us to deal with. I shall be back instantly. Please do your best!" His dashing experience bit faster when carrying the tiring knight back to the base of the Varrvazarr's castle and settles him on a bench and rushes back to the battlefield joining the on taking mercenary who takes all glory.

"There must be few left!"

"There has to be!" Said Lord Vydenn much more tired yet flaring up with more power. "Little bit more and we are finished!"

Nodding, they team up again and dashes toward to the goal.