AN: This is a series of linked D/s scenarios, with alternating points of view and with Edward and Bella alternating as dominant.
It's post-Breaking Dawn category (many years later so Nessie and Jake are grown and married) and a bit OOC in that E&B have developed a penchant for graphic language in the intervening years. And for a few other activities not in the original!
Our favorite couple live in their own home, at least as palatial as the original Cullen house, somewhere in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula. But for these first four stories they're visiting Munich.

The characters and Twilight universe are Stephenie Meyer's. I'm just hotting it up.


Edward's Slave

Bella's point of view, Edward dominant:

We were in Munich for a couple of weeks as Edward had bumped into Kurt, an old friend from the New Orleans scene in the fifties. Kurt dated from the time of Mozart and had always been a musician, but had fallen in love with jazz in a big way and was now a talented saxophonist. He'd invited us across so that Edward could play with his ensemble there during a festival.

Edward played jazz piano as well as classical, and with the two of them adding their pale glamour to the group, the club was packed out every night. I loved to watch Edward loosen up and lose himself in the rhythms: he was so sexy when he played jazz, his hair falling over his face, his body moving to the syncopated beat. I could hardly wait to get him back to the hotel after the shows were over.

Kurt sometimes delayed us though, insisting on taking us to his favourite nightclubs for dancing and to meet other friends. Most were human - other musicians - but there were a few of our kind in the club scene there, burgundy eyes concealed by the dim lighting. Even though many years had passed since I had a heartbeat myself, I was still a little uncomfortable around those who preyed on humans. But I liked Kurt - he joked about having a "balanced diet" - bears and bison from the Bavarian forests, and some human prey. As Edward had done in the past, he sought out criminals he felt the world was better rid of. Kurt was impressed that we were still vegetarians but said he was too old to change.

One night Kurt said he was taking us out after the show to "broaden our horizons". In a run-down part of the city a red neon sign flashed "Beherrsche Mich" at the end of a dark alley. Edward raised his eyebrows on seeing the sign but my German wasn't good enough to translate it.

"What's it mean?" I glanced at Edward curiously.

"Beherrsche Mich: Dominate Me" he said. The words slid off his tongue, his accent perfect. "This may be...interesting. Don't worry, we can slip away whenever you want."

"I'm up for it. Let's see what it's like."

The club was quite large inside with the obligatory dim lights of course. There was a lot of chrome and black: leather furniture, velvet-look wallpaper, mirrors everywhere. Menacing techno dance music pumped from the far end. But it was the couples who fascinated me. I mean, I'd heard about this of course, but I'd never been to one of these places. One stunning blonde woman was all in red leather, with a man on a leash crawling after her. Sometimes she let him lick her boots. Another man had tight black pants, tall boots and a loose white silk shirt. He was with a woman wearing a short negligee and high heels, and from time to time he smacked her across the ass with a riding crop. She seemed to like it. And there were male/male and female/female pairings, moving together on the dance floor in leather and vinyl, chains and straps and studs twisting and glinting in the dim reddish lights. A lot of piercings.

We leaned on the central bar and watched the show. We were obviously "tourists" to the scene but with our pallor and slightly feral edge we fitted in well enough. I noticed Edward attracting some attention from a bunch of gay guys off to one side, as he leaned back on his elbows in his long black leather coat, hair still dishevelled, maroon silk shirt open at the throat and black jeans tight on his long legs. Damn he was hot. I imagined him all in black leather and had to grip the bar for support.

Kurt seemed well known here, and greeted several people, introducing us. I couldn't follow the German well although I caught a few words as Edward talked with them. One man bent over my hand and kissed it messily, and I felt Edward tense beside me and caught his faint snarl under the techno beat, inaudible to anyone else but Kurt and me.

Kurt grinned, "Down boy" he said, "they know she's yours. Go have a dance."

Edward turned to me. "Shall we? Not really my sort of music but it's not the best place for conversation, and there's a certain energy here."

I was keen to dance and burn off some of the tension coiling in my belly, but as we swayed and rubbed against each other it only increased my excitement. Dancing was one of the gifts of my change - I could move with the best of them now, graceful and sinuous. In this exotic place the usual connection between us was heightened as we slid against one another to the throbbing beat, tantalising and touching, Edward behind me now, his hands holding my hips against him as we writhed together, then reversing me, his groin pressed to mine as he pulled me tight again to bump and grind. His eyes were hot on my face and I could feel his arousal as we moved. I let him see how much I wanted him, eyes heavy-lidded and throat arched back, biting my lip.

We didn't last long. He bundled me into a taxi and we were all over each other the moment the door closed, then frantic on the plush rug in the hotel suite, ripping our clothes off. I think all that survived intact was his leather coat.


Afterwards we whispered together, caressing each other.

"Wow, that was hot." I was breathless. "You seemed quite turned on by the ambience."

"You make me so hot Bella - God, if you could have seen yourself in those tight pants and spike heels - no wonder all the men were drooling over you."

"Apart from the gay ones - they were very taken with you in that coat." I grinned as he shook his head, smiling crookedly.

"So did you like it then - the leather, the B&D stuff?"

"It was seeing you in that place that drove me crazy. The thought of you in red leather..." He growled and pressed me to the floor, mouth on my neck again.

"Not blue this time then?" I whispered, teasing.

"Jesus, blue leather - I'm not sure I could survive seeing you in blue leather. Oh Bella..."

Then we were beyond words again.


The next day Edward had a practice session at Kurt's place with the combo, working on some new numbers they were adapting as the jazz club would be closed that night.

I went shopping.

First I talked to the hotel concierge. It was an expensive hotel, and the staff spoke fluent English. He made some inquiries and had no difficulty directing me to the right shops.

The bellhop carried all the bags and boxes up to our suite several hours later. I was pleased with my excursion, for once not begrudging the dent in our credit cards. This was going to be fun.

I prepared carefully before he got back to the hotel. Low lights and red candles, a long bath with scented oil. Then I put on a new blue silk bathrobe.

I was in the bedroom lounging on the bed when he returned. He shut the door then stopped dead. I imagined him taking in the candles and dimmed lights, mind racing, assessing, then heard his breathing quicken a little. He was suddenly at the doorway to the bedroom, the long black coat making him seem even taller, looking at me through hooded eyes, smiling a little.

"I like the new robe."

"Take off the coat and boots and come over here."

He complied with alacrity, moving to take me in his arms, but I just kissed him softly then held him back.

"I want to try something - humor me Edward, OK? Yesterday at that club, I imagined you in leather and I almost came then and there."

He grinned: "Me too."

"So, I've had a little splurge today, on some...accessories."

"You bought yourself a leather bodysuit?" He was excited and amused in equal measure.

"I didn't just buy things for myself Edward. You know me, always thinking of others..." I fluttered my eyelashes at him. Actually, thinking entirely of myself ogling you, my love.

"What did you buy me?"

"Not yet - you'll see soon. Edward, I want us to take turns in the roles, to see how it feels. And I want you to go first, to beherrsche dominate me."

"You want that? Me being masterful, controlling you?"

"Yes, for now, to put the roles on and play a little. Remember how hot it was yesterday..."

"Mmmmmm." He kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, teasing.

"And then what, you said taking turns?"

He wasn't saying no, anyway.

"Yes, then it'll be my turn to dominate you."

He drew his breath in. "If I let you." He gave me the crooked smile.

"Oh, you'll let me'll want to let me."

I gave him my sultriest look, and he shuddered and leaned into the kiss, whispering into my mouth.

"For you my love, anything."


I broke it off before things got away on us, and slid back.

"First I'm going to bathe you, and you have to let me do everything for you and act like your slave."

"My slave huh? I could get used to this."

I was counting on it.

In the bathroom I slipped off my robe and undressed him, leading him to the large tiled shower stall. I filled my hands with scented body wash and soaped every part of him as he stood there, eyes closed, a beautiful statue under my touch. He gasped as I slid my soapy hands over his cock and ran them between his legs, stirring, getting hard. Then I soaped his long legs, even his toes. I rinsed him off with the faucet hose and quickly cleaned the soap off myself. I dried him then myself with a towel and taking his hand, led him into the dressing room. He drew his breath in sharply at the clothing laid out there. I was pretty sure I had the sizes right - I was used to buying for him now, with all the clothing we destroyed in our impatience. Most of this would be more durable though.

The trousers were tight-fitting black leather, with black boxers underneath and a clinging, black leather jacket on top. And there were black patent leather boots with heels higher than he usually wore, to make him even taller. Leather gloves and a whip were lying beside the boots.

"I'm not going to hurt you." His voice was low and tense.

"Of course not, but we can play the roles and still have fun. They're props, Edward."

He relaxed, looking sideways at me with a small smile.
"You're bossy, as slaves go."

"OK, in role from now on, I'll leave you to change, and go get myself organised."

He looked interested at that but I just blew him a kiss and went to the other bedroom where my outfit waited. I hadn't been sure what I should wear but hoped the sexy maid costume would take his fancy. We'd never dressed up before, but forever is a long time, and I thought we needed to branch out a bit. I slid on the black stockings and garter belt over panties slit for access, then the black lace push-up bra and short silk dress with a frilled white apron on top. The neckline was low and exposed the tops of my breasts. I slipped on my spike heels, brushed my hair and sprayed a little more perfume behind my ears. I was ready. Now what? Suddenly I felt nervous.


"Bella! Come here." His voice from the other room was stern, demanding. Yes! He was getting into the spirit of it. I went into the other room.

Oh. My. God. He was standing in the middle of the room, the candles flickering. His black-clad legs were astride and he was slapping the whip against the palm of his gloved hand. The zipper on his jacket was pulled halfway down, exposing his beautiful chest and neck. My mouth fell open as I drank him in, speechless. It was too much: I felt myself getting wet.

"I said come here."

Staring at me haughtily as I walked across and stood before him, looking down meekly. What should I do? No, he was in control. I shivered happily. He was in control of me.

He took the whip and used it to tilt my head up so that I was looking up at him. Further up than usual, he was tall in the boots.

"Nice outfit."

He didn't smile, it wasn't a joke. Ohhhh. He was touching my breasts with the whip. I bit back a whimper.

"Now you're going to take it off for me."

Did he mean what I thought? Could I do this?

Edward flashed across to the CD player and located a track on his iPod. Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" started playing, the beat raunchy, suggestive. Yes, he meant what I thought.

He stood over me again. "Strip, Bella, and do it slowly." He leaned in, whispering as he held my eyes, dazzling me: "If you're a good girl you might get a reward."

Oh God, yes, I would be a very good girl.


He seated himself in an armchair, facing me, legs spread arrogantly.

I used all the tricks I'd seen in movies or read about - slow unbuttoning, rubbing the silky fabric across me before letting it drop, throwing my chest forward while unhooking my bra then shaking my hair back while pushing my breasts out. Sliding the stockings slowly off, my leg up on a chair, positioning it to face him so he could see my panties were slit at the crotch. He began shifting in his chair at that, adjusting his leather trousers, a look of distress dislodging his haughty sneer for a moment.

Finally I was left with just the panties and my high heels. He turned the music off with the CD remote.

"Come here." His voice was thick, his eyes black. He opened his legs and I came right up to his groin.

"Dance for me." He meant a lap dance.

I looked at him through half-closed lids and licked my lips as I gyrated in the crook of his legs, crouching to brush his swollen groin with my breasts (he moaned), turning and touching my toes with straight legs so as to expose my slit panties to his face. He reached for me then shook his head.

"No, you haven't earned that yet."

Damn, I so needed him to slide his fingers into me, I was half-crazy with the heat between my legs.

"Shall I relieve the pressure Master?" I whispered suggestively, stroking my hand across the swelling in his pants.

"Yes." He could barely speak, his breathing ragged. "On your knees slave, now."

I dropped to the carpet and undid his pants, pulling his boxers down a little. His cock sprang out and he groaned with relief as I slid my mouth over him. He began to pump his cock into my throat as I sucked him, trying to get all of him in, unable to. His hands fell to my hair and twined there, holding me as he fucked my mouth harder than ever before. I couldn't breathe, but of course that didn't matter. I felt him tense sharply then and he arched back, gasping, and came in my mouth, groaning. I licked him clean then slid his boxers up and fastened his zipper. Then I waited passively on my knees before him, head bowed, hoping that now it might be time for my reward.


He used the whip again to lift my face. Still in role.

"Very good, Bella. You've pleased me, so now you will have pleasure as well."

I very nearly came when he said that, the heat between my thighs pulsing.

"Take the rest of your clothes off and lie down on the bed" he ordered.

I lay on my back in the center, waiting for him to come and make love to me. But he stopped at the foot of the bed, regarding me. He unzipped the jacket and took it off, then the gloves and boots. But he stopped there. He was so beautiful in the flickering candle-light, chest bare, glistening, his hair dishevelled. I whimpered helplessly. I wanted him in me so badly it was like pain.

"Spread your legs."

I opened myself to his gaze.


Completely open to him now.

"Master?" I pleaded, eyes closed. Please fuck me, please.

"Touch yourself Bella."

My eyes shot open, meeting his dark gaze. His voice was soft but it was still a command.

"Touch yourself now for me, you know you want to."

I had never done that in front of him. I was uncertain, but I had to do what he said. He was in control.

I slid my hand down and began to stroke myself. I was swollen and wet, and I was so close to the edge, I knew it would not be long.

"Touch your breast too." He moved onto the bed and slid forward, kneeling between my legs, watching me avidly.

I took my breast in my other hand, squeezing it and caressing the nipple. I arched back as the pleasure ran from breast to groin, lacing me with fire. It was intensely exciting to be so open and uninhibited in front of him. I wanted him to see everything, to hold nothing back.

He had unzipped himself now and was stroking his cock as he knelt there watching me.

His dark eyes held my gaze: "Make yourself come for me Bella."

That was all it took. The words triggered me and I convulsed, crying out, writhing in front of him.

He was up and ripping away the leather trousers, the boxers, then back on me urgently, his fingers invading me before the last aftershocks subsided.

It was too much, I was too sensitive and I moaned and thrashed as he thrust his fingers in me, sucking and biting my breasts and neck, his cock hard against my thighs again.

"No, too much, too much," I whimpered, pleasure and pain burning in me.

"Yes Bella, too much, but you want it don't you." Whispering, hot. "You want your master inside you."

"Yes, oh inside me now yes." Moving on his fingers, my cunt greedy, needing him to take me and fill me. "Master take me now, take me... beherrsche mich!"

He was rough now, grunting and ramming himself into me, all control gone, pumping frantically.

Then we were arching and thrusting as I screamed his name. Edward clutched my breast like a drowning man, crying out incoherently into my neck.


It was minutes before we could even speak.

"Fuck." He said then, his voice weak and shaky.

I felt ripped apart and made new. I could only reach for him and kiss him, showing how much I loved him, loved what he'd done to me.

"I think I like that." I whispered, and he drew me into his arms and rocked me, kissing my hair.

"Oh Bella, Bella, what am I going to do with you?"

"Fuck me again?"

He laughed softly and kissed me: "You got that right."

"My turn tomorrow, my love," I whispered.

He shuddered, clinging to me.


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