Author's Note:
This is a series of linked D/s scenarios, with alternating points of view and with Edward and Bella alternating as dominant.
It's post-Breaking Dawn category (many years later so Nessie and Jake are grown and married) and a bit OOC in that E&B have developed a penchant for graphic language in the intervening years. And for a few other activities not in the original!
Our favorite couple live in their own home, at least as palatial as the original Cullen house, somewhere in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula.
This "Dracula" story-pair is Edward-dominant.

Don't know how this one got to be so long – Edward just got carried away I guess!

The characters and Twilight universe are Stephenie Meyer's. I'm just hotting it up.


Edward's point of view, Edward dominant:

I was comfortably settled on a couch in the conservatory, browsing through Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. It was a decade or so since I'd last read it and although I could recall it perfectly, I liked re-reading favorite passages.

Today however I was finding it hard to concentrate, memories of Bella's blue leather cure for my anniversary blues intruding on my thoughts as I recalled the events of a month ago.

The novel slipped off my lap as my eyes closed and I relived her dramatic entrance, whip and all. I made a small noise and my cock stirred, seeing her again as she ripped my clothes off, feeling her bend me over and slide her hand between my legs, gripping my erection. I thought of the state I'd been in after she'd spanked me and my breathing quickened, my jeans getting tight. The old black leather couch was still at the upholsterer's since I'd ripped the stuffing out in extremis as she straddled me. I groaned, my hand moving to my groin, pressing down on my now-hard cock.

How did she know me so well, know just what I needed? I rubbed the swelling in my jeans slowly, slumped back against the cushions, giving myself over to the memory of kneeling before Bella, her knee over my shoulder, my face buried between her legs. Oh Jesus. My hips rose up to meet my hand and I moaned.

Perhaps she heard me, brief though my sounds of pleasure had been. She was on the first floor, but easily able to pick up every noise in the house, and we were especially attuned to each other. I heard her descending the stairs, for some reason moving at a human pace, unusually slowly. It gave me a little longer to collect myself and get my hands off my junk. I propped the upended Defoe paperback open over my swollen groin as though I were just paused in my reading, and pretended to be resting.

She drifted into the room through the potted palms and gave me a kiss on the top of my disheveled head. Really, there was nothing to be done about my hair - I'd given up long ago.

Opening my eyes I gave her one of my best smiles, wondering how dilated my pupils were after my little memory-fest, and whether she'd noticed. Damn she was hot, her breasts outlined by a tight Nirvana T-shirt Jasper had given her last Christmas. Oh hell - she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her nipples. I controlled my breathing and tried not to shift restlessly under Robinson Crusoe.

Bella smirked a little and sat in the wicker chair beside me, crossing her legs languidly. I tried not to stare at her breasts too obviously. Perhaps I could persuade her to join me for some afternoon delight?

"Bella love - what have you been up to?"

"Well, I've been thinking about what we could try next."

"Try?" Did she mean what I hoped she meant or was I reading sexual innuendoes into everything in my current state? I looked at her questioningly.

"You know, after the blue leather and spanking."

Oh yes. I beamed at her, trying not to seem too desperate. "Your choice sweetheart. You deserve it, after that amazing experience."

"Mmmm, so you said. Well, I want us to act out a classic vampire scene, with you as Dracula and me as your innocent, virginal victim. You know, the whole Nineteenth Century bit."

"You want what?" I jerked round to stare at her, Defoe falling off my lap.

Bella glanced at the bulge there, amused.

"Don't be so uptight Edward, it'll be fun once we get into it, and it was my earliest fantasy about you. I know it's all utter nonsense and not at all what vampires are really like, but think of it as a tribute to Bram Stoker's literary classic. Admittedly a B-movie literary classic, but even so..."

"I'm not wearing bloody plastic fangs." I crossed my arms defensively.

Dracula, for Christ's sake. I avoided vampire movies like the plague. Emmett loved them - he found them vastly amusing and had a huge DVD collection. He told people that The Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski was his favorite, but I happened to know that a porn number called Busty Bloodsucking Brides of Satan really topped his list. I refused to watch any of them, of course.

Bella smiled fondly. "No fangs sweets, I promise, no fangs. Not when you've got your own razor-sharp choppers already."

She was suddenly beside me on the couch, running her hand down my cheek and kissing my jaw. I leaned into her touch, sighing. I wasn't going to be able to resist her, no matter how much I disliked the idea of playing out a tired vampire cliché. Whatever my Bella wanted, she got.

She snuggled up to me on the couch, running her hand down my chest and pressing soft kisses to my cheeks and forehead. I melted against her. Perhaps it would be alright, perhaps playing Dracula would be a turn-on if Bella was my victim.

My groin got a little tighter at the thought of bending her lovely, pale neck to one side and pretending to bite her throat, as I had at her junior prom so many years ago. Back then I was trying to warn her, to frighten her away. I snorted softly: a fat lot of good that had done.

Her hand slid to the bulge in my jeans as our mouths met. She stroked my shaft through the denim and bit my lower lip gently, sliding her tongue between my lips. My mouth opened and I gasped, pressing myself up into her hand. I pulled her onto my lap and she slid right down, rubbing her crotch deliciously against my stiffening cock.

A last thought came to me before my brain dissolved - dank crypts and torches, no way. I broke off the kiss briefly, staring at her with narrowed eyes. "No fucking coffins either" I panted, my hands busy beneath her T-shirt. I had some standards, after all.

She smiled reassuringly and let me pull off her shirt. So lovely. I pressed her breasts together and pushed my face into her cleavage, moaning. Anything, I would do anything.


I stood motionless at the foot of the stairs where the sweeping wooden banisters met our black and white marble-tiled hallway. Bella had written the script and arranged our costumes so I was wearing evening dress from the late 19th Century. It was quite elegant if a little fussy for my tastes and attaching the stiff collar had been trickier than I'd expected. Doubtless the real Count Dracula would have had a valet to assist him.

Looking down at myself I smoothed my dark green brocade waistcoat, wondering if she'd chosen it knowing that my eyes had once been green. It was the sort of small detail that would be typical of Bella. I smiled affectionately then remembered that tonight I was not Edward, her loving husband. Tonight I was an aristocratic Transylvanian monster determined to lure innocent Bella into my clutches and drain her of blood. I must get in role, she would be coming downstairs any moment.

Usually I preferred not to remember those desperate days after I had first encountered her when I so nearly acted precisely like the Count and dragged Bella off into the forest to open her throat and consume her. But for tonight I must relive that terrible thirst, must let it color my reactions. Tonight she was again my prey and I her predator. My breathing quickened slightly. There was no temptation at all to drink her blood now that she was changed, so I could let myself pretend in safety - I could act out the thirst.

We had discussed this when she was explaining tonight's script. She wanted me to bite her - not to drain her blood of course, that was impossible, but she wanted me to be rough and use my teeth. She said it would be erotic and I knew that as long as I showed some care, it would leave only shallow marks which would fade rapidly. I didn't want to hurt her but I knew that humans bit each other during intercourse to heighten the excitement, and she seemed to need this. I hoped that I could loosen my usual restraints sufficiently to give her what she asked.

I ran my hand through my hair, thinking about sinking my teeth into Bella's throat, feeling the heat in my groin. Twin candelabra burned, flanking the door to the dining room and casting flickering shadows across the hallway and stairs. She had set the scene beautifully.

My ears caught the faint rustling as she left her room and began to descend and I gazed upwards, not wanting to miss her entrance. God she was lovely, her gown stirring faint, ancient memories of my childhood when women still wore long dresses. Far from dampening my desire, seeing her covered head to toe in rustling satin was powerfully erotic, and I stared at her small corseted waist, seeing how the full skirt and bustle enhanced the swell of her hips and ass, making me want to pull her to the floor, push up the layers of fabric and take her.

She moved with such grace, seeming to float down the curving stairs. Her dress was a deep blue, my favorite color: she knew exactly how to push my buttons. Her skin was translucent and I could barely take my eyes from the swell of her pale breasts. Only her beautiful face drew me away from that tempting décolletage. Her dark hair was twisted on her head in an elaborate style, lengthening that white throat. Bella's eyes were wide and her cheeks pink with blusher as she played the part of a young girl excited to be dining with the mysterious foreign Count.

I was transfixed. With an effort, I made myself start breathing again and took her gloved hand, bending over it and kissing the back of her hand above the net of the glove for slightly longer than was polite. My lips lingered on her skin and I had to force myself not to lick her. She smelled enticing.

"Misss Bella. A vision of lovelinesss."

I had decided to try a Béla Lugosi accent, hoping it wouldn't be too corny. Her eyes widened - she seemed to like it. I'd had to prepare by borrowing Emmett's DVD of the 1931 classic movie, causing him to tease me about finally broadening my tastes beyond classical music and opera. He'd even winked and offered me Busty Bloodsucking Brides of Satan but of course I'd drawn the line there.

Bella smiled nervously, making her voice a little breathless. "You are too kind, Count. Thank you for your hospitality, the castle is very...atmospheric."

I ushered her into the dining room, my hand grazing the small of her back. "Please, come zis way." Settling her in the chair, I bent over and let my nose just touch her hair, drinking in her sweet perfume. I lowered my voice, almost whispering. "I have given ze servants ze night off, but I will...tend to you myself." Oh yes, I had every intention of tending to her. To every inch of her.

Bella simpered a little, looking down. "Thank you. I am sure that I will be very...well looked after." Nice double entendre there. I grinned into her hair then took my seat.

Bella had arranged the room beautifully with silver service, a bowl of roses and a rich white tablecloth. More dripping candles lit the table softly. Nice to see some of my antiques collection getting a workout. She had set out our meal on a polished oak sideboard at the side of the dining room. We would of course only pretend to eat and drink, to set the scene as in a Dracula movie.

I poured us both some white wine and served the various courses. We pushed the food around our plates while we pretended to eat and to sip wine from our glasses, conversing politely.

Bella had written a script which was true to the spirit if not the details of the original. She played a girl on the Grand Tour across Europe with her best friend Mina and family. In the script she had been caught in a snowstorm near my castle and wandered off into the dark forests when their sleigh overturned. My servants had found her and brought her to me. Delighted to have fresh prey delivered on a platter, I had offered her hospitality, pretending that every effort would be made to locate her friends. It was a simple enough story and I had no difficulty memorising it.

"And how are you finding Transylvania, Misss Bella?" I stared at her intently - her eyes were wide and dark. I tried to imagine myself possessed of special mental powers to mesmerize my victims. Not far off in fact, had Bella still been human - she always did say that I dazzled her.

Bella was perfectly in role, naive and a little breathless. "My introduction has been somewhat unfortunate I fear. It seems a cold land of snow, bleak forests and fearful creatures. I heard wolves howling as I wandered and was very much afraid. How do you bear being cooped up here?"

"'Cooped up'?" I pretended to be offended by her words. "Zis is my ancestral home. My family traces its lineage back many centuries. Where else should I wish to be?"

Bella gasped a little and feigned being flustered. "My apologies, I fear I spoke out of turn. It is just...the talk in the last inn we stayed at. It frightened me..." She widened her eyes further, gazing up at me with her mouth a little open.

God her breasts were exciting, rising and falling above her tightly corseted torso. I so wanted to kiss them. Or bite them, I thought with a sudden thrill, feeling my trousers get tight under the table.

"Talk? Vat talk?" I made myself follow the script and not leer at her too openly. The deep shadowy cleft between her heaving breasts kept distracting me. I wanted to rip off the concealing lace and stick my tongue in there. I shifted my hips a little; it was getting uncomfortably tight down there.

Bella was thoroughly into her part now, leaning forward so that even more delicious cleavage showed and clutching at my arm dramatically. "The innkeeper's wife said...well, she talked of dark creatures in the woods. She called them wampyres - vampires - and said they were evil undead beings who drank blood. She mentioned werewolves as well..."

She was tormenting me, her breasts swelling enticingly. I found I was licking my lips as I stared at her. "And you believed such nonsense?"

I had to get back in control. I wrenched my gaze from her décolletage and gave her the Dracula stare, hypnotic and dark. Bella stared back, her mouth a little slack, her eyes wide. God it was so exciting to feel that I was controlling her mind, seducing her with my vampiric powers. My nostrils flared.

She gasped faintly, bringing herself back to the script. "Well, no, seems far-fetched now, here, but when I was in the forest and I heard the howling..."

I was dismissive. "You thought a werewolf was nearby? Such things are but legends Bella, fanciful gossip by ignorant peasants. Next you will be believing zat I am a vampire." I intensified the hypnotic stare and chuckled harshly. Oh but I am, my Bella, and it's you I'll be dining on tonight. I managed not to show my teeth in a feral grin. Venom pooled in my mouth.

Bella was lost in my eyes again. She shook herself slightly, continuing with the script. "The innkeeper's wife showed me ropes of garlic hung about the hostelry. She said it kept wampyres, I mean vampires, away."

I snorted, waving my hand to brush off her concerns. "Really, zuch idiocy. And vat else is a charm against zese monsters, pray tell?"

"Holy water. Oh, and the crucifix." Yes, I had noticed the gold jewelry around her neck. She must have added it to her costume at the last minute. She reached back and unclasped the chain then held the gleaming cross out towards me. "See, if you were a vampire you would not be able to touch this."

Obviously I had to behave as though this ridiculous scrap of metal actually troubled me. I drew back theatrically, pretending to be affronted so as to conceal my fear and anger. "Stop zis nonsense, it is utter superstition." Keeping well away from the crucifix, I got up and distanced myself at the sideboard, fetching plates of cheese and grapes.

Bella re-clasped the golden chain, her arms raised, making her breasts press together so round and alluring. I swallowed more venom, breathing a little heavily.

She acted naive and ashamed, distracting herself by pretending to drink more wine. "Please excuse me, I am a foolish girl sometimes. I meant no offence..."

I placed my hand over her small one where it lay on the table - Dracula would have used her discomfiture to seduce her. My thumb stroked small circles on the back of her fingers and I turned the vampire stare on full blast, capturing her eyes. Her pupils dilated and her lower lip sagged open, quivering. Fuck but I wanted to bite it, to draw it into my mouth.

I leaned in a little, my trapped erection aching in the tight dress trousers. Look at me Bella, you are in my power, you are my prey. The candles flickered as we sat completely still, my hand holding hers, our eyes locked together, neither of us breathing. Her eyes were glazed and helpless and it was intensely arousing. I wanted to push her down on the dining room table and ravage her. I had to get her upstairs or I was going to come in my pants.

"But you are tired, Bella, zo very tired. You 'ave had an exhausting day and need to sleeep. Let me escort you to ze stairs so zat you can make ready...for bed." I kept my voice low and hypnotic.

She seemed unable to move, gaping up at me, lost. I took her arm and raised her, escorting her back to the stairs and kissing her hand, pressing my lips to her skin for a long time and fighting the urge to take her fingers into my mouth one by one and suck them.

"Sweet dreamss, Misss Bella."

Still looking glazed she turned away and ascended the stairs slowly, as though in a trance. The bustle swayed and rustled deliciously as her hips moved. I almost whimpered and my fingers twitched helplessly, itching to push her down on the wooden treads and pin her there, ripping away the satin and silk of her skirts to expose her soft buttocks. I would spread her legs wide and thrust my now painfully swollen cock hard up into her wet flesh, I would...No. Jesus. I wrenched myself back into a semblance of control, swallowing venom convulsively as my groin throbbed.

I extinguished the candles downstairs and made sure the spirit lamps under the food platters were out. Fire was still a possible danger to us and the house was thoroughly smoke-alarmed. Not that we wouldn't detect a blaze immediately of course, so the risk was miniscule.

Bella would be undressing now and I thought of her fingers undoing all those laces and hooks, peeling off the layers one by one. I had to watch her. I spun and raced outside, flashing around the side of the house then running up the stone wall below our room for a few steps before kicking off and leaping for the balcony outside our bedroom window. Vaulting over the railing I dropped silently into a crouch in the darkness, staring at the scene playing out lit by flickering orange light, inside the French doors.

Bella was facing to the side, reaching behind herself, her back deeply arched as she undid the last hooks at the base of her bodice. As the final fastening gave way she slid the satin off her arms and laid it on a chair beside the bed, exposing a tightly laced corset. Her breasts were clearly visible, cradled in thin white silk just above the boning of the undergarment. Oh God, the way they moved when she shook herself a little, bending around now to attend to her skirts. She undid the waistband of her full skirt and untied the bustle, letting it all fall and stepping out of the mass of fabric, stretching voluptuously.

I bit my lip to suppress a whimper and slid to my knees on the slate tiles, transfixed by her curves straining under the thin silk petticoat, cinched tight by the corset which accentuated her slender waist. Her silk-clad legs were visible now from the knee down and she had kicked off her shoes. I saw that tendrils of dark hair had escaped her coiffure and trailed down her neck and temples. The warm candlelight threw her into sharp relief, deepening the dark cleft between her breasts as she turned towards my vantage point in the shadows and undid the laces of the corset with tantalizing slowness, like a striptease. Which of course it was.

As the lacings gradually came free I found that my hand had moved to my groin of its own volition and was rubbing my erection again, painfully constrained in the dress pants. I undid the waistband and upper fly button, moaning quietly in relief as the head of my swollen cock, free at last, thrust up out of the top of my trousers. I ran my thumb over the slick wet head as Bella stripped off her corset and laid it on the chair. She pulled the silk petticoat up over her head, slowly exposing her thigh-high gartered stockings, her silk drawers then her beautiful full breasts, now free and naked in the flickering light.

I groaned and undid the remaining fly buttons rapidly, pulling out my cock and thrusting my left hand down to knead my balls. My right hand gripped the shaft, palming the fluid leaking from the tip so as to pump slickly up and down, my thumb flicking across the head at intervals. My mouth was open and my breathing ragged as I watched Bella twirl slowly before me, teasing me in her stockings and translucent silk drawers through which the dark V of her sex was clearly visible. Her breasts bounced as she raised her hands to her hair and thrust out her chest, and I increased my pace, grunting softly.

Bella turned in a slow circle, displaying herself to me as she unpinned her hair and let the long, dark curls fall loose across her shoulders. She put her head back and shook herself, causing her breasts to move in a way that damn near made me come on the spot. I forced myself to stop, there on my knees with both hands on my cock, my legs trembling. No, I must wait, I wanted to come inside her, to take her. Groaning, I pressed my aching erection back into my too-tight pants and did up the buttons with great difficulty, fingers shaking. I wrapped my arms around myself to keep them off my dick which was screaming to be touched, and stared in through the window.

She was sitting on the bed, facing me, pulling off her garters. She slipped a white lace nightdress over her head, leaving her stockings and drawers on, and lay back against the pillows pretending to sleep. I rose to my feet, winced and adjusted myself, then approached the French doors, opening them silently.


I crawled across the bed like a big cat stalking its prey and leaned over her. Bella's eyes fluttered open and she blinked, seemingly dazed and disoriented. She looked up at me and I turned the stare on again.

"Yesss Bella, all iss well, come now, sit up and look at me."

She pushed up onto her elbows, her eyes wide dark pools, transfixed.

I played out my part as Dracula, mesmerizing her. "You want to do vat I say, don't you my love?"

"Yes." Her voice was soft, a slurred whisper. She was totally into this now, fully passive. A blaze of heat washed through me: it was intoxicating.

"You are in my power Bella, completely under my control are you not?"

"Yes" she whispered again, her mouth slack.

I had to get rid of the damn crucifix somehow. "You have not made yourself fully ready for bed Bella. Take off your jewelry." I gestured at the cross around her neck.

She could not take it off lying back on her elbows so I reached forward and held her about the waist, pulling her up so that she was sitting. Her body felt warm and soft and I kept on holding her, not wanting to let go. I whispered encouragement to her as she undid the clasp and slid off the necklace. Then she reached out, offering it to me.

Jesus - the Count wouldn't have been able to cope with having a cross pushed right in his face so I leaned back sharply, twisting away and grimacing as though in pain. "No Bella, throw it onto that chair there, off to the side."

And she did as she was told then turned back to me again, eyes wide, literally in my hands. Heat welled up from my groin again. That stupid cross was gone and now I would take her - no-one could stop me. I slid her back onto the pillows and stretched myself beside her, grasping her shoulder and pressing her to the bed.

"That's my good Bella, my lovely girl. Now you are fully mine." I leaned in, keeping my eyes locked on her to maintain control, and brushed my lips lightly across hers. Her body arched up a little under me and I pressed her back.

"Mine," I whispered hot against her mouth, then I forced her lips open and kissed her hard, sliding my knee across her and pinning her to the bed. My hands slid into her hair and I crushed her to me, ravaging her mouth with my tongue. God she tasted good.

She writhed up against me again, gasping, and a low growl ripped from my throat. Her neck was so fucking tempting as she arched and moaned and my lips fell to her throat, sucking and licking at the pale skin, my arms wrapped tight around her, pulling her against my mouth. I forced my leg between her thighs, rubbing my erection hard on her mound in a frenzy of want as I kissed and sucked her neck fiercely.

But no, I wanted to take her and bite her when I was fully inside her, not yet.

I had to feel her, to push my fingers up inside her. Running my hand down her hip and thigh I grabbed at the nightdress and pulled it up roughly, letting her feel my fingers on her leg as I did so. She gasped and her thigh trembled. Ah yes, the stockings. Well, they would have to go.

"Not fully ready for bed indeed, Bella. Zese stockings need to come off."

I slid the loose silk hose down, stroking the backs of her knees as I did so and caressing her calves. Then I ran my hand up her leg again, right up to her inner thigh where the skin was soft as a rose petal. I pushed her legs open a little more with my knee and ran the tips of my fingers lightly across her silk drawers, where they were already damp and fragrant.

Bella shuddered pleasurably, bucking slightly, then looking embarrassed, remembering her role. She pretended to turn away from me as though overcome by shame, even though I could still feel her quivering against my stroking hand.

"Don't turn away Bella. Zis is what you want my love. Zis is what you need." I pressed my fingers into her damp slit, rubbing the silk against her clit as I watched her come undone.

"Oh yes, oh please..." She was arching up hard against my hand now, panting, her eyes dilated.

"Open your legs for me Bella. Open them now." Fuck she was hot. I stared at her as she spread her legs even wider. Her eyes were blown, completely black. I had to feel her.

"So responsive, so wanton..." I muttered desperately, sliding my fingers up inside the loose legs of her drawers and into her warm slick cunt, thrusting them into her as she cried out, thrashing and sobbing on my hand.

Incoherent with desire I closed my eyes, clinging to her as I fingered her, closing my eyes and groaning into her throat. "Fuck yes Bella, so wet, so hot, your cunt...feel me inside you? Do you? Do you like that Bella, do you want me to touch you...there?" I curled my fingers and found the place that made her fall apart.

"Yes yes yes please touch me there, touch me there...oh please...oh please." And she spasmed, arching up off the bed, trapped between my hand inside her and my mouth clamped hard on her throat as she screamed her orgasm.


I held her until the tremors ceased and she lay passive again.

My cock was about to break through the fabric of my trousers and all I could think about was ramming it into her and fucking her hard. I leapt from the bed and ripped my clothing off, wrenching away buttons and hooks, tearing the constricting pants off frantically, snarling softly in the back of my throat.

Freed from its painful confinement my engorged member stood out rock hard, bouncing a little as I crawled back across the bed. Bella stared at my cock, her mouth slack. A thread of viscous fluid leaked from the head, sticking to my thigh as my cock swayed beneath me. I had to get inside her.

I fiddled briefly with the ribbons fastening her negligee then just tore the damn thing brutally apart, baring her to the waist. She stared up at me helplessly, mouth open and breathing fast as I pushed the nightdress up around her waist and hooked a finger in her silk drawers, ripping them away and exposing her damp curls. Her labia were swollen and I could see the dark cleft of her slit clearly. I was tempted to just thrust right up into her but she moved a little and her breasts distracted me.

Staring at her I slid forward, lying propped on my elbows, my cock pressed against her soft moist sex. I leaned down and took her breast into my mouth, licking her nipple and then, as it stiffened and swelled, biting it until she gasped and pressed her groin up against mine. Moaning, I closed my eyes in ecstasy, rubbing my cock against her and sucking her breasts greedily. She writhed beneath me, whimpering, and it was too much, I could wait no longer.

Kneeling above Bella I tore the nightdress fully apart and pulled it off her, pushing it back from her body, the length of which was now naked and open to me. I stretched myself out on her, taking her mouth again in a hard kiss and rubbing my erection between her legs. I grabbed her thigh, pulling her leg up and hitching it around my hip.

Then my hand slid between her folds her again and she was so wet, so warm as I took my cock and thrust myself deeply up into her, grunting with desperate relief to be sheathed in her cunt at last. I held her immobile, my hands gripping her wrist and her hips, my mouth clamped to her neck as I fucked her hard, my hips pounding, completely out of control in the extremity of lust.

I had waited for hours, hard and burning in our drawn-out seduction. I would not last long. I felt the tension building and reared back, grabbing her wrists and stretching her arms to each side to spread-eagle her. I leaned over her, mindless and hot as my hips pistoned between her legs. Her eyes rolled back, her whole body arching under me as she convulsed and I felt her cunt grip me, sucking me down into my own release.

Now, bite her now! I sobbed my need against her throat. "Take you, drink you, make you mine, mine forever, all your sweet blood...all mine..."

She arched her neck to the side, offering herself up and I sank my teeth into her, remembering the ecstasy of drinking her blood in the ballet studio. I gripped her neck in my jaws and pinned her to the bed, my hips jerking as it all flooded out of my cock in a glorious burning rush.


Afterwards I collapsed half across her, unable to move for the longest time, my cock still deeply buried. Had I been human I would have fallen asleep.

Gradually I came to myself, my cock half-hard inside her. I licked her neck gently where I'd bitten her. The marks were clearly visible but not too deep.

Bella kissed my hair - she didn't seem distressed as she stroked my back, running her fingers down my ass and up across my hip, making me shudder and twitch inside her. She lifted her hips, thrusting a little against me, her muscles squeezing my cock to let me know she wanted me again. I began to move slowly, languorously, sliding in and out as I curled around her, my face in her hair.

Bella's fingers were soft on my ass, circling and then stroking between my buttocks. I arched back as she touched my anus, caressing it until I pressed hard against her and groaned, thrusting faster and raising myself up so as to grip her and push myself in deeply. She fingered my asshole, making me clench my muscles and grunt, rutting her harder.

Her touches seemed to unlock something feral in me, some animal self. I wanted her again and I wanted to be rough. I stared down at her, panting, then kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue. She writhed underneath me and I growled, knowing what I needed.

I pulled out and flipped her over, pushing her onto all fours and spreading her legs apart urgently, pressing her chest down. Incoherent mutterings were all I could manage as I fumbled to position her, trembling with excitement. "Fuck yes...take you from behind...take you any way I want..."

Bella whimpered as I knelt behind her and pulled her hips back, entering her roughly, thrusting myself hard into her then pulling nearly out, then deeply in again. My balls slapped against her clit and she whined and writhed as I hammered myself into her.

I was lost in an animalistic frenzy, raw with need as it all dissolved. Not vampire, not human, just a rutting beast as I held her down and took her, my hands pinning hers to the bed, my teeth clamped tight to the nape of her neck, venom dripping down as I pumped myself into my female, my mate.

She bucked hard beneath me, moaning, and I spasmed inside her, crying out as a roaring blankness overtook me.


I fell onto her back, unable to move for a while, then crawled off and curled in a heap on the bed, panting and shuddering. Gradually my breathing steadied. Bella pulled the covers back and nudged me beneath them, curling herself around me. I clung to her, shattered, sure I'd gone too far. I stroked her neck and kissed the bite marks again, cleaning the splashes of venom away with my tongue.

"Sorry, I got carried away with the biting. Are you alright? It doesn't hurt too much?" Whispering, almost afraid to ask.

Amazingly, she seemed perfectly alright. "I'm fine, Edward, I'm OK. Actually I liked it." She grinned at me. "It took me back to when I was human. I kind of wanted you to bite me then, even though it scared me. But it was hot, that you came so close sometimes."

I sighed with relief, combing her hair with my fingers and nuzzling her face. God, I really thought I'd overdone it that time. I kissed her neck gently.

"It's exciting to bite you now," I admitted, trying to calm down since she seemed to have enjoyed herself. "When I can't do much harm. I could never let go then, never give free rein and it was all mixed up - the thirst and the lust - confusing me." I grinned, kissing her and whispering against her lips. "Now it's just lust, so much simpler."

Bella snuggled into me, smiling. "So you liked being Dracula? Not too ridiculous?"

"No, it was remarkably easy to slip into the role. You were so into it, you drew me in." I pressed my lips to her neck and twined our legs together. "Sorry I lost it and ripped up the costumes."

"We'll buy them replacements, not to worry."

"You're hot in a bustle..." I murmured, remembering how it had accentuated her slender waist. I tucked my head into her neck and licked her ear. "Have to get you to wear one more often."

"Yeah right, that'll be practical when we're hunting."

I grinned, nuzzling the spot below her ear that turned her into a puddle of goo. Silly Bella.


End Notes:
As with the previous chapter from Bella's POV it's not a true D/s story I know, but a similarish vibe with the vampire mind-control thing and biting. I'll make it a proper D/s scene next time, when Bella will be dominant again.
Love the reviews, they encourage me to think up more scenarios.