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"How Did you find out ?" I asked question

"Edward told me obviously and I'm going to torture you with this for the rest of your existence " said Bella

"You better not "

"I'm going to tell the whole school the story of how Emmett big tough guy Cullen has crashed little children's parties and sleeps with a giant bear the size of him"

"Really then I bet would be interested to hear about a certain thing on your lower hip"

"You wouldn't"

"Oh don't doubt me little sis'

"You know Edward is going to kill you for this too" he proably was he was sometimes too protective of her

"Oh it'll be worth it knowing he knows"

"Don't-" Bella started to say but I cut her off


As Edward came down the stairs Bella turned redder if that was possible Edward went over and wrapped his arms around her

"Edward you know last weekend-"

"Oh your goanna tell him let me get the camera" said Alice bouncing down the stairs

"What Emmet's goanna tell ,I gotta see this" Jasper joined

In soon everyone was in the living room only Esme Carsile and Edward didn't know what was going on

"Well last weekend you know how you had me baby-sit bella"

"Yeah" Edward siad

"Well something kind of happened"

"Like what" Edward growled

"Just listen I was sitting in the kitchen watching bella do her homework and I got bored and in a civilized manner asked bella if she wanted to do something"

"Civilized" bella interrupted "don't you mean bella this is boring can we please do something fun until I finally cracked"

"Well anyway" I said with girly attitude "I decided that I was goanna try to test my theory if vampires could get drunk again" I said mumbling a little about how it didn't work "and when we got the bar Bella ordered a Shirley temple so she ordered a virgin but I thought it would be funny to sneak a little vodka in there so I did while bella was in the bathroom but accidentally put too much in but when bella got back she said it was the best and ordered another one."

At this point bella was blushing bright red

"She was already kind of drunk clearly not a heavy drinker do I snuck the same amount I did last time in after that she was completely drunk "

I paused but Edward thought I was done and started growling "EMMET I'MGONNA KILL YOU!!"

"Wait is said I'm not done"

"What ??" Edward said flicking the 't'

"Wait after that I decided to take bella somewhere…"

"Where ?"

"A tattoo parlor" I mumbled real quite

"A TATTOO PARLOR" Edward Roared

"And she kind of thought it was a good idea so we went and she got a tattoo on her waist in front"

"EMMETT I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!" Edward started chasing me

After Edward chasing me around for hours an destroying my x box we went inside

"Well" Edward said "now that's over with I have one more question" he said turning to bella who currently had her face in her hands

This is goanna be good Alice turned the camera back on

"Anything" bella said

"What is it? " Edward said simplt

Bella blushed like crazy

"Well ?"

"Um…umm…" bella stuttered nervously

"Bella it can't be that bad unless it says Jacob…" Edward said trailing off questionably

"I'm not that dumb" Bella said fiercly

"Well then what does it say?" Edward said getting imapatient

"Er uhhhh"


Finally I couldn't take it and I went over to bella and with planning on vampire speed pulled a little on the edge of her pants but when I saw it I gasped and couldn't look away..

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