Author's Note: This a short story on how I believe Snape's friendship with Mulciber and love of the Dark Arts drove Lily away. Find out what Mulciber tried to do to Mary Macdonald and how Dumbledore will react. Avery, Voldemort, Slughorn, Mcgonagall, James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius and even Lucius Malfoy and Regulus Black also have roles.


"Walk away from the sun, come slowly undone
I can see in your eyes I've already won
I could bleed for a smile, I could cry for some fun
Walk away from the sun, and tell everyone

There's so much left in the air
So much to tell from a stare
There's so much left to defend
But I am no fun

So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone
I can tell by your smile you're coming undone
I could bleed for a smile; could die for a gun
Walk away from the sun and kill everyone

So tiny dancer beware, we're medicated and scared
This smile is so hard to wear, but I have no gun

So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone
I can tell by your smile you're coming undone
I could bleed for a smile; could die for a gun
Walk away from the sun and kill everyone

And you're fading with every day
(You could've been the next one, should've been enough for me)
You're fading with every day
(You could've been the next one, should've been enough for me)
You're fading with every day
(You could've been the next one, should've been enough for me)
And you're fading with every day... whoa

There's so much left in the air
So much to tell from your stare
There's so much left to defend
But I am no fun"

"Walk Away from the Sun" by Seether


"'….Mulciber! What do you see in him, Sev, he's creepy! D'you know what he tried to do to Mary Macdonald the other day?...'

'That was nothing,' said Snape. "It was a laugh, that's all-'

'It was dark magic and if you think that's funny…'"

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, P. 673 U.S. Ed.

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Prologue: Quidditch Practice

Two boys sat alone together way up on benches in the stands of the Hogwart's Quidditch field. It was an unusually warm and sunny bright day for April. Usually it was rainy or at least cloudy every day in the month of April in Scotland's Highlands. The grounds were still soaked from yesterday's rainstorm, the pure scent of fresh rainwater exuded up from the soil.

Gryffindors had obviously decided to take advantage of the warm weather and the hiatus in the rainfall, and so were out for an extra Quidditch practice. They had an upcoming match against the Slytherins and were determined to win, especially because if they won by a wide enough margin, it would put the cup in Gryffndor's favour.

The two boys sitting in the back of the stands were both in fifth year. They had come to watch the practice with the rest of the group of Slytherins. The purpose was, of course to wish as much bad luck to the team as possible. Both boys had prefect badges on their plain black robes; the badges were gleaming tenuously in the sunlight.

"Look at this Sev," said the brawnier boy of the two.

Sixteen-year-old Severus Snape leaned in a bit closer to get a closer look at the book his friend held in his lap. Unlike his friend, Mulciber, Snape was thin and pale in complexion, bordering on sallow especially in the sun. Snape was still youthful but his features were sharp and angular, and he looked rather gangly, like he'd just shot up several inches recently. He was not exactly an attractive young man.

But neither was Mulciber very handsome either. Mulciber was now sniggering churlishly. A couple of Slytherins turned around and frowned at the pair. But they didn't say anything. It was already obvious the two had a cordial, if not intimate friendship, and the other Slytherins did not want to be bothered. They'd rather poke fun at the Gryffindors.

Mulciber's eyes slanted as he read closely from the book, in which there were several drawings and moving, magical photographs. The pictures depicted mostly women in all types of suggestive and degrading poses. Judging from their faces, they looked to be in terrible pain.

Mulciber glanced up suddenly, as if remembering something. "Hey – where did Avery go?"

"Didn't I tell you? He got Saturday detention with our Head of House."


"Nothing serious," said Snape, yet he sounded semi-sarcastic. "It's just he refused to make up his potions lab on time, AND he refused to finish Flitwick's essay. Twice. I don't blame Slughorn, the poor bloke had to put his foot down."

"Yeah, Snape, you almost never get detention," noted Mulciber.

"I wasn't about to give in and do Avery's workload. He had it coming to him! He's a rule-breaker. He's got to start towing the line like the rest of us." Mulciber laughed at this. He certainly didn't consider himself to be within the confines of the rules and neither were his two friends.

Mulciber's features – although just like Snape's in that they were not exactly attractive were still starkly the opposite to his. While Snape was pale and almost delicate in frame, Mulciber was heavier and with ruddy skin.

Snape was staring at the drawings too with his own kind of fascination. He flipped a page over to read some more on the theories surrounding the Dark Magic involved. And Mulciber suddenly looked up from his book and stared intently across the Quidditch field.

Gryffindors in their fiery red robes were still practicing. All of them were on brooms high in the air. Snape looked up to see what his associate was watching so closely and then nodded to himself. Of course. It had become Mulciber's obsession over the last two weeks.

But he wasn't as interested in that as he always feigned to be with his friend. Rather his black eyes drifted below to the ground. There was a jealous, resentful look on Snape's face now. He could see beautiful Lily Evans, currently hanging out with Remus and Peter. Snape sneered to himself to watch Peter, clapping his hands jovially as James Potter caught the Snitch for the first time today.

"Why couldn't she have come sit with us?" Snape mused. But he meant to ruminate to himself.

"What was that, Severus?" asked Mulciber, in his usual hoarse voice. And Mulciber forced his eyes away from the object of his current obsession.

"Lily…" said Snape faintly, with the slightest trace of regret.

"Forget about the Mudblood! She's worthless…Especially for us. And you do know why," said Mulciber darkly, and it wasn't a question. For in their minds it was almost a certainty for their futures.

There was a sparkle in Snape's eyes, and a pronounced gleam. "Because we're going to be joining the Dark Lord," he said importantly. Although, deep down Snape felt a twinge of despair at this thought, especially if it would mean leaving her forever.

"Too right we are. So that means Evans is dung. From what we've seen in the Prophet it's obvious the Death Eaters get all the muggles and mudbloods they want! Imagine an endless supply of victims to torture!" Although Mulciber spoke loudly it was fortunate that there was too much chattering going on in the crowd. Mulciber and Snape were nearly impossible to overhear and what was more, they knew it. Their friendship had consisted of many, many private conversations in plain sight and nobody had ever suspected. Except for one. The headmaster. Dumbledore seemed to have an idea of what their friendship was like.

And Mulciber went back to staring into the distance. Snape glanced briefly, following his friend's gaze – there was Mary Macdonald, a fairly attractive brunette haired girl who happened to be a chaser on the Gryffindor team. She was in the same year as Snape and not yet sixteen.

"I'm going to have her," announced Mulciber suddenly. It was of course what he'd been obsessing over, this girl.

Snape nodded dully in assent.

And Mulciber grunted harshly, "I'm going to hurt her!"

Snape admitted, "She's only Halfblood like me. She's not from a Pureblood family,"

"So what? I don't care. Just as long as the bitch isn't Mudblood. That's all that matters. She'll be my first. I'm fine with that and I know just the place to corner her…"

Snape pondered this thought pensively for a moment. He seemed to be thinking it over some more.

"You're going to use the Imperius Curse right?"

"Uh-huh," said Mulciber distractedly. He'd gone back to eyeing Mary Macdonald again.

He watched her sail over to a handsome boy on his broomstick that also played as a chaser for Gryffindor like Mary. Mulciber couldn't hear what she was saying, but he saw her smile widely and her eyes seemed to dazzle when she looked at that boy. She shook her long mane of golden-brown hair and then brushed through it, unconsciously with her fingers.

Mulciber leaned in closer, watching with a fervor. His imagination took over in that instance. He couldn't wait to control her. Maybe he'd tie her wrists and then he'd pull her hair until it ripped her scalp. And Sirius Black was popular no doubt. Mulciber figured the only reason that someone like Macdonald would want him was because he was Pureblood.

And then Snape was watching with a mutinous look on his face. He felt a stab of jealously at James Potter as he sailed almost effortlessly across the Quidditch pitch on his perfect broom, with his perfect hair, and perfect everything. He went over to Mary and Sirius and said something that was unintelligible for Mulciber and Snape to hear from such a distance.

But the Quaffle was suddenly rushing towards Sirius. Sirius caught it and whooshed away to practice scoring.

But Mary remained motionless in the air with James at her side now. Snape watched as James threw his head back, obviously he was laughing at something that Mary just said. 'Git,' thought Snape simply, a surge of malevolence rising in his chest.

And then James was looking away from Mary, over at the other end of the field, towards the back of his friend Sirius. And James's head turned again to look back at Mary. There was a slightly calculating look and his green eyes looked unusually shrewd.

Snape's keen intuition picked right up on it. "You know I think Mary wants to go out with Sirius Black! And what's more Potter knows. His best mate knows!"

"Yeah, I've noticed. But I could care less. Once I ruin Macdonald, Black will never want her!" said Mulciber almost happily.

And then Mary was racing away on her broom to go and catch the Quaffle. Sirius turned abruptly, swerving on his broom to let her get it instead of himself. Mary felt Sirius's laughing, kind eyes on her and she stopped short. The Quaffle had just gotten into her grasp when it slipped through her fingers as effortlessly as if through water.

She had dropped the Quaffle, despite catching it a second ago. She had lost her concentration when she saw Sirius was looking at her. An uproar of tumultuous jeers broke from the Slytherins.

"Stupid bitch…Stupid, stupid ugly little bitch," said Mulciber with hatred. "She's so horny for Black…But he's already had plenty of girlfriends. He'll never want her."

Snape didn't answer, but just listened. That was what he was usually resigned to doing with Mulciber. At least for the time when Snape wasn't helping Mulciber with his homework, or offering his insights onto their next nasty prank or displaying his extensive knowledge of the Dark Arts.

Mulciber suddenly elbowed Snape in the ribs. "Hey…Do you think she's ever sucked anyone's cock? I bet those fat lips of hers will be great for it!"

"Yeah…" muttered Snape, half-heartedly. The truth of the matter was, since Lily had decided not to be with him, as usual, he'd rather not be here at all. Snape's thoughts receded back to the castle and he imagined himself holed up in the library studying for his O.W.L.s. That's what he should be doing today, not watching his friend ogle over a silly girl.

And Snape brought up, wrenching it from himself for what felt like the tenth time today, "You know…I hope this works."

"Of course it will!" said Mulciber, with a hint of anger. "Besides Severus – you're the one who came up with all the planning and scheming. The mastermind behind it all, as you always are. I've yet to see any of your plots fail."

"It won't…But I still have a bad feeling about this, Mulciber. We could get into serious trouble...It's one of the Unforgivables! If the ministry finds out we'll be serving terms in Azkaban before we ever serve as Death Eaters."

"Oh, will you stop being such a worrywart!" snarled Mulciber. "It's going to be fun."

For the rest of the hour Snape and Mulciber spent their time riffing through the heavy tome in Mulciber's lap. It was a pornographic book called, 'A Compendium of the Dark Arts.' At the same time, Mulciber told Snape all sorts of nasty jokes he'd created. All of them centered on Mary as the brunt of them.

Snape did find them funny and he joined in with his own sneering laughter. He genuinely enjoyed Mulciber's evil humour as his was similar at times.

The practice was now over. People were milling about the field and talking excitedly to the Gryffindor players about next Saturday's match. And the Slytherins were turning to leave.

Professor Mcgonagall had overseen the practice as a referee. But mainly she was there to prevent the Slytherins and the Gryffindors from getting into a row. She tipped her wand to her throat and her voice boomed over that of the others' from her Sonorous Charm, "Practice is over. Team: go and hit the changing rooms! The rest of you: clear out! After that we'll talk strategy privately."

Mulciber and Snape were coming out of the stands. Mulciber hopped over the benches and jumped with a sure gait. Snape merely followed at a swift pace, down an aisle to the bottom.

Stepping out onto the field, Mulciber saw Mary Macdonald mingling with Sirius and the rest of the Marauders surrounded by Lily and her many friends and admirers.

But the girl was clearly perceptive. She could feel Mulciber's eyes on her and his almost unnatural, unhealthy interest in her. She frowned deeply. For why would she want Mulciber to notice her? Her best girlfriend, Lily thought of him as a creep. And what Lily believed, Mary believed.

She continued to frown at him. Mulciber actually smiled toothily at her, and with the hood currently covering his head, he made a graceful gesture, like he was tipping his hat at her. He was acting like he was a lady's man and he felt amused by flirting with her. He thought he was giving the whore false hopes. When all he wanted was to fuck her.

Mary frowned and turned her back on the boy and ignored him. She didn't want to waste her time on thoughts of Mulciber – she'd rather just forget about him and go back to contemplating if she should take the initiative and ask Sirius on a date herself.

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