Welcome to a new fic of mine! It's going to be adventure and romance. This is going to be long. anyway please enjoy!

Also this is from the new game pokemon platinum comeing out early next year. this is where i got the idea from.


Final frontier: Hoenn style!

Chapter one:

The new battle frontier

It was just another day in a small town of Pallet. A young pokemon trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum was resting with his furry electric mouse companion by the name of Pikachu. Both friends were lying on the soft lush grass while looking at the clear blue sky watching clouds surpassing them by overhead. It has been a year since Ash had travel with Pikachu or any of his friends. A midday breeze blew into their faces while made the weather cool while the sun still made it warm rays on the planet. Ash had just finish the Sinnoh championships last year but sadly lost against his new rival Paul. Paul was a experience trainer who had all so been though Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Ash could still recall the hard core battle. The young boy could feel guilty and disappointment run though his veins.

"If I didn't make that mistake I could of won" the disappointed trainer said ending with a sigh.

Pikachu who had been sleeping for the last hour or two heard this statement and quickly woke up. The little electric mouse yawned and stretched before jumping on top of it's trainer's chest who was looking at the clear blue sky but was easily told that he was disappointed.

"Pika pi?" The electric mouse asked with consideration.

"This is nothing Pikachu" Ash told his furry companion as he turned onto his side which made Pikachu jump off and was now facing his owner's back. "I wound what they will say" Ash told his furry companion without facing him.

This made the little yellow mouse confused. What did he mean by they? The little mouse pokemon walked to it's owner and patted it's back to tell that what ever was in his owners head that everything was going to be okay. The pokemon trainer turned to face his best friend.

"Thanks Pikachu" Ash told his pokemon as he patted his head.

Then suddenly Pikachu's long yellow ears went up quickly. Ash sat up as Pikachu did this.

"What is it Pikachu?" Ash asked his pokemon.

"Ash" A voice called out to the young pokemon trainer. "Lunch is ready!"

Ash knew that it was his mother. His mother Delia was the only parent he knew. She raised him since he could remember. Ash got up from the hill covered by grass and ran to the house. he could remember the first day he was going to his journey. He was ten back then and now five years later his was fifteen. Ash even remember how worried his mother was when he left. He always asked him how was life by your self while your son was gone on his journey. When Ash got to the back door he put his hand on the doorknob and pulled it down and dragged the door towards him and enter himself in with his fury companion on his shoulder. When Ash got into the kitchen he was greeted with a surprise visitor.

"Scott?" The pokemon trainer asked in confusion.

"Long time no see Ash" the owner of the battle frontier greeted the trainer. "How's it been?"

"Nothing really" Ash replied as he got a seat next to Scott. "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to invite you to my new battle frontier in Hoenn" Scott said as he gave Ash a pamphlet of the new battle frontier in the region Hoenn.

"Wait you made another one?" Ash asked in a surprise tone of voice.

"Aren't you interested?" Scott asked Ash.

"Of course I am" Ash said as he got up in determination.

"Well that's nice to know" Scott said ending with a smile.

"So where's he first frontier brain?" The determined pokemon trained asked.

"In Petalburg" Scott replied.

"Petalburg?" The pokemon trainer replied in surprise. "That's where May and Max's lives" Ash thought to himself

Suddenly the cooking of Ash's mother distracted Ash's concentration. Soon Ash sat down again drooling over his mothers cooking.

"Mmm, Apple pie"


"So there is a new battle frontier here?" A young brunette asked her younger brother.

"Yeah and her name is Keito" The young brunette's brother replied.

"Give me that!" The young brunetfte asked as she stretched for the pamphlet her younger brother had in his hands.

"No way May!" May's younger brother refused as he got off the sofa and ran away from his sister.

"Come on Max!" May's called out as she also got off the sofa and chased after her brother.

After a few minutes of playing cat and mouse May finally got her younger brother. She picked him up to her face height and took the pamphlet out of his hands and dropped his to the floor.

"Bully" Max mumbled.

"I heard that Max" May said behind his back. "Now lets see what this is about"


"Keito is the Petalburg battle frontier" Scott explained. "She uses any pokemon she likes but the one she uses the most are her Gliscor, Raichu and Donphan. So far only a few trainers had bet her"

"She sounds like a challenge" Ash replied

"And she is" Scott added. "So when are you going to Petalburg?" Scott asked the young pokemon trainer.

"Tomorrow" Ash replied. The young 15 year old trainer look at his fellow companion. "You ready Pikachu?"

"Pikachu" The yellow electric pokemon replied with sparks ready to be released from it's red cheeks showing it's determination to battle.


"So her name is Keito hey?" May told herself while ignoring her little brother who was jumping to try to get the pamphlet out of her older sister's hands. "And her favourite pokemon are a Gliscor, Raichu and a Donphan" May read aloud as he put he finger under her chin. "I have no doubt that Ash is going to compete in the Hoenn battle frontier. What do you think Max?" May asked her little brother.

"I think you should give me that pamphlet" Max suggested.


Instead of following her younger brother's suggestion she gave her younger brother a no mercy hit on the head. Which caused the young ten year old a lump on the head.

"I hate you" Max told his older sister.

May just smiled at her little brother and started walked away.

"Well I have no doubt that Ash is coming here" May told her brother. "We better get ready for his arrival"

End of chapter one